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    well , im building a house and apparently there is a shortage of brickies in wa!! ​
  2. the answer is yes , we had a ticket in jan for parking in disabled but didnt have a badge (even tho we was in car and my disabled mam had gone toilet ) we appealed and they told us next time bring her badge with her
  3. lornarees

    whats butler like

    i never meant that butler was full of brits in a bad way ! its good if u dont know any1 cos u will get to meet easier i am from port talbot so not too far from where u are , and we have settled really well good luck if u need any help pm me as i aint getting involved in the arguments
  4. people look to this forum for advice , if u have never been to australia it can be helpful ..........u come from one of the most beautiful places in the uk ! if im correct your profile says swansea , not every1s cup of tea but there u go every1 is brought up in diff places and what some people love other mite not and ye your right some people get angry when people slag off other places because some people are brought up in areas and have no choice, im sure if we had choices we would all be in the nicest areas with the best schools where life is hunky dorry.........life s what u make it people !!!
  5. lornarees

    whats butler like

    pau 1evs wats wrong with port talbot ???
  6. lornarees

    whats butler like

    butler is known as little britain as there is so many brits here you can get a train from clarkson into joondalup in 5 mins and by car its prob about 15 , but to be honest most places u go u have to drive so its not much diff driving 5/20 its gonna be down to personal choice at the end of the day , im from the uk but butler is a bit too far north for me
  7. hi claire , we spend a lot of time at rotary park in joondalup i am meeting up with some friends at lottery west park in kings park next week if u want to join us we live in banksia grove lorna
  8. hi kirsty , we have been here just over a year so i can relate to how u would be feeling right now we are from port talbot which is between swansea and cardiff how old are your girls ? u can email me on lornarees@hotmail.co.uk if u want to have a chat lol
  9. my lil boy goes to good start creche and it costs $63 a day , if your on pr visa u get half 2wards it
  10. you can do a bank account before you come , most banks have a cashpoint in each suburb tax code when u get here and also a phone , can't help on the hostels tho
  11. lornarees

    NOR new friends

    where a bouts are u , we live in banksia grove and come over in december , I've got 2 boys aged 7 and 3 we are from wales how long u been here ? how u finding it ? lorna
  12. lornarees

    Relocation expenses, how does it work?

    we had a relocation package and they booked and paid for everything we didn't have to arrange anything
  13. yip how r u finding oz ?
  14. ha ha im 20 mins the other way
  15. where a bouts are you ? lorna
  16. lornarees

    Any FIFO people??

    well I'm just saying wat I've heard , it seems its not for evry1 but i can assure u if my oh was on 4-1 i don't think id stay here id go back to the uk , works for sum but not others
  17. lornarees

    Any FIFO people??

    well just to clarify i think 4-1 is a long time and personally i couldn't have coped with 2 kids on my own for that long , on the plus side the week off is more family time if in the uk both os us dud be working and not getting much family time but mu oh does 8day on 6 days off any other rosta and i wudn even entertain u , and ye i heard 4-1 has got the highest divorce rate
  18. lornarees

    Any FIFO people??

    hiya scottish stacey my hubby does fifo but only a 8day on 6day off roster, tbh i like this shift pattern but by the end of the 8 days I'm ready for him to come home but by the 5th day off I'm ready for my space again ha ha , we come in dec and i only knew one couple so had to get out and meet people as the couple we knew had been here 3 yrs so already had their circle of friends I've got 2 boys aged 6 and 3 and they keep me busy and I've met quite a few people on here and perth poms so theres always sum where to go it is hard at like easter when every where u go its families but u have to take the rough with the smooth i guess any questions pm me and ill give u my email lorna
  19. hiya im not in ellenbrook but I'm in banksia grove which is near joondalup , my hubby is also fifo and I've got 2 boys do u drive maybe we could meet for a coffee one day this week , i usually meet up with some friends at least 1 day a week if u want to come along ill pm u my email n number x lorna
  20. hi pubs how long u been here ? im in banksia grove lorna
  21. lornarees

    moving to mandurah from NOR

    dont u think if hubby is going to the mines maybe u shud stay nor with people around u how long is his shift pattern ? lorna
  22. im in banksia grove , near joondalup its a stressful time for u now then x good luck we been here since dec my hubby is fifo we love it here x lorna
  23. hi winkle100 where a bouts in perth u heading ?
  24. hiya sara, where a bouts are you ? I'm meeting few people in neil hawkins park in joondalup 2moro at 11 if u want to come if your not too far away lorna
  25. lornarees

    family new to perth

    Hi Sarah , ye I got 2 Boys 6 n 3 I put a post on Perth poms bout a meet up in go bananas in joondalup on tues if u want to come or is tha to far 4 u to travel lorna