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  1. Hello, just wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on a timeline, my son is engaged to a Filipino girl, they have applied for an offshore visa, was their only option, it is now a year ago, she is at the moment on a visitor visa and it is running out soon it has a no further stay on it, I know this is a UK forum but does anyone know the current processing times for a defacto visa for a partner from the Phillipines. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Nassim, The AOS has to be lodged with the Commonwealth Bank, and you would have to make an appointment and call in but some of their branches are open on Saturday and Sundays for a few hours, I just rang them and got an appointment. The interest rate is 4.10%, because I got the first statement from them recently and that was the rate they applied to the AOS. Mine was lodged last July. I got the Permanent Residency in January of this year. You might want to look at the correspondence you got from them because there might be a timeframe on when you lodge the AOS and it could hold up your visa. Best wishes, Fran.
  3. Hi Ginny, sorry for the delay had to find the letter from Immigration my application was received on the 27th May 2014 and they replied by post on the 30th May so I reckon thats the same as receipting the 1st Val and with that letter they asked for the AOS to be lodged in my case it was $10,000, and there is a charge of $300 for opening that account, which is a bit much I think, but the only upside is that the interest rate on the AOS is 4% which is fairly decent.
  4. Hi Ginny, I applied for the 143 in June last year having held my 173 for 18 months, I was awarded the 143 in December, and I was in Ireland on holidays when I got the email asking for the fee and giving me 28 days so I contacted immigration and they were ok with waiting till I got back in January. Best of luck . Fran.
  5. summerdaisy

    Advice on Partner visa

    Hi Freesia, thank you for that, could you tell me where this is as I have searched this forum and cannot find it. Thanks again.
  6. summerdaisy

    Advice on Partner visa

    Thank you so much Killara, her situation is that she is on a MRT visa being denied for graduate visa after a student visa, the case is set for 25th August and has been advised that it is a guaranteed loss, she is from the Philippines, would this have any bearing on the time span for the defacto visa. I really appreciate your help.
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    Advice on Partner visa

    Hi All, just looking for a bit of advice, my son is looking for a partner visa for his girlfriend, they are looking at defacto, they have registered their relationship 9 months ago, they are living together 10 months now but are in a relationship since October 2013. They have been to see a Migration Agent who says they have to be in a relationship for 2 years and living together for one of those years. From what I have seen myself on the internet this does not seem correct, it only needs to be one year but they are anxious about lodging in case the agent is right and it would be refused. Could anyone clarify this for me, I would really appreciate it.
  8. Hi Blueray, I sent off my application from 173 to 143 on 3rd May, paid my AOS around July. I haven't heard anything yet.
  9. Hi Blueray, I dont know anything about VEVO, but I validated my CPV 173 in January 2013, have now applied for 143, I have been working in Australia since I arrived, the CPV has unlimited working rights.
  10. Hi, I applied for the 143 visa about 5 weeks ago, I have the 173 and my son got mail from WA PVC this week to lodge the AOS $10k within the the next 14 days, am surprised I thought that request would come just before grant of the 143.
  11. Hi I have just applied for the 143, I already have the 173, it was $17,000 up until around March of this year to upgrade to the 143 and then it changed to $19.420, it doesn't usually go up until July but it did this year and it was a huge hike. I heard its about an 8 month waiting period and I am taking it for granted that you can stay in Australia even if the temp 173 runs out before the permanent one is granted.
  12. Thanks for that Andrew, really disappointed the fee to change from the 173 to the 143 has gone up $2,420 and was not due to change until July was hoping to get in before that hike. No real issues with the cost of living, but I'm working and the wages are good here so it balances out. The big thing here is the rent, but I'm lucky enough at the moment am living rent free with my son. Have been lucky too to have met some of the other people from this site and made good friends out here. Thanks again.
  13. Hi just wondering if anyone could help with some information. I have the 173 visa and planned to apply for the 143 in June before the price hike in July but I have seen somewhere that the fees went up last week. I cant find anywhere how much they have increased. Would be grateful if anyone came across a link or anything that would help. Best of luck to you all waiting, its hard going but you'll forget all the grief and worry once you get here, its a great life.
  14. Thanks so much for that Val, applying for the 143 soon but just in case its a bit later in the year that takes the pressure off. The three of us are looking forward to you coming back, will have a bit reunion day out.
  15. I am a bit confused myself now, I thought the 173 was valid for 2 years from date of entry into Australia not when it was granted. Could anyone else clarify please ?