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  1. carol123

    Medical and Police checks for 309/100 partner visa

    It was a long and arduous journey but I'm here now with my 2 UK born boys and married to an Aussie. Mind you, having said that I'm an Aussie now! My citizenship was granted last year. Stay strong. It's not easy. Aussie immigration don't make it bloody easy!! X
  2. carol123

    Medical and Police checks for 309/100 partner visa

    Yea. The case officer will let you know when and where to have all your medicals done. And also, just so you don't start to worry, if anything doesn't fit into their exact tick boxes they ask for a second opinion off the doctors at immigration. My example being my height to weight ratio isn't correct. (Ok. I'm a bit fat!) so they needed to look into it more. All fine though. It was just the way they work. The tiniest thing and they need a second opinion. It's all red tape and nothing to worry about. And it doesn't hold up the grant date either. Just thought I'd mention this as I know it's a very testing time. Been there, bought the T-shirt as they say and any minor hiccup can seem disastrous! Good luck!
  3. carol123

    Lancashire Cheese Delivery?

    Well thank you!!! Now I'm craving Lancashire cheese.. or Cheshire cheese? Nom nom nom.. Been trying to describe the delish cheeses from my home country to my Aussie hubby but making do with imported cheddar.
  4. carol123


    Coffs harbour! beaches, sun, humidity, sharks (hey! But they're everywhere, right?) A brilliant base hospital and community nursing for our aging population. Aged care nursing is what attracts the most interest here. And people who still say "gu'day to passers by.
  5. carol123

    Coffs Harbour

    Yep. Agree with all the above. The base hospital is one of the biggest employers (catering, nursing, allied health etc.) but other than that coffs has an aging population so aged care is always a good'un!
  6. carol123

    Visa update

    yes gill. i am!! (going through the same thing) my application was received 13th sept at high commission in london and we all go for medicals on the 20th. like you, i am here in the northwest (sale) and my 'beloved' is in oz. (nsw). Was told yesterday by my case worker that " due to the high volume of applicants for the PMV "we are looking at 8-9 month wait. Came as a bit of a shock to me coz on the official website it states a waiting time of 5 months! oh! and we have a wedding booked!! (have you?) ( just being nosey!! ) but was told we may have to cancel the date and re-schedule. :cry:. let me know, if you have time, what you have been told or if you have been contacted at all, please. XXXX
  7. carol123

    P.M.V dilemma

    just getting all my bits and bobs sorted for application for a PMV. one thing i am stuck on is taking the children with me. do i? or don't i? (just kidding!! :yes: ) me and my ex hubby share parental responsibilty for them, yet he has signed a statutory declaration and had it witnessed by a solicitor that he is in total agreement to me removing the children permanently from the UK. now then.........? is this enough???? i have read the guidelines set down by the aussie embassy and they state a court order OR stat dec but has anyone else been in this position and what was the outcome? like, do i need a court order anyway even though he has signed an official document recognized by law.? :wacko: .
  8. carol123

    Coffs Harbour Area!

    yea. i see what u mean about the visa process. we haven't officially started it yet and my brain aches! my partner moved to Nambucca when he was about 19 so didn't go to school there. one thing i am finding it difficult to get any info. on is are myself and two kids entitled to medicare once we enter on the PMV and are the kids free then to enter the local secondary school? how have these things worked out for your partner with these things or similar? i am aware i am entitled to work, which is good but like i say what other entitlements would we be eligible for on the PMV? it sounds like i am asking "what can i use Australia for?" but that is not it. it's just that without medical care and schooling for the kids, we will have to rethink our plans. how, i don't know. but there you go. i just want to enter, marry, work, pay my taxes, respect the country who have 'adopted' us and have the facility to provide care and education for my children like i do here. carol xxxx
  9. carol123

    Coffs Harbour Area!

    yes. he is an aussie. was born in sydney but moved up to coffs as a young bloke. where abouts in the uk is your partner from? i'm from sale, cheshire. i'm going to regret asking this but how did the visa process become a nightmare????. :sad: XXXX
  10. carol123

    Coffs Harbour Area!

    not there yet but hopefully will be moving to boambee/toormina/ sawtell/south coffs area soon. have a house with my partner (he's an aussie i'm a pom!) in boambee at present but are looking to live further towards transport links schools etc.. i'm not in Oz at the present time. over here in miserable england sorting marriage visa's out to move over permanent. will be back over there in 9 weeks. just got back here after 3 months. my two boys are older than yours at 12 and 14 but just to let you know u r not the only pommies in the area and i think the coffs coast area is the best place to live! XXXX:rolleyes:
  11. carol123

    a waiting list????

    won't be 'til next year now and my partner lives in coffs harbour, NSW. really missing him though. :daydreaming::daydreaming::daydreaming::daydreaming: will be back for three months though: mid december until mid march. :biggrin::biggrin:
  12. carol123

    a waiting list????

    :jiggy: thanx 4 your reply! now i'm happy happy happy!
  13. carol123

    a waiting list????

    going through the process of applying for a PMV and all's going well, i'm pleased to say. trouble is, someone scared the life out of me the other day by saying " once u r granted the visa you go on a waiting list to enter and get married" NOOOOOOOOOOO! please tell me it's not true. also if it is true how long is the wait at the moment? does anyone know? oh! another question: how long do u have to 'wrap up' your affairs/arranging the move etc..between u being granted the visa and the date u can enter? and is there then a time limit between the date u CAN enter and the date u actually do? lots of questions. !!!