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  1. can anyone kindly recommend reliable but not expensive air freight companies? I got a quote from Easy Freight which was very different to the other quotes - I'd like to send domestic stuff about 100 kg in six boxes - it wont fit in the 20 ft container and it's stuff I'd like soon as I get back. Loved living in Perth but the work visa has expired and have missed my sons, and of course it is ridiculously expensive here - including airfreight charges. cancan
  2. cancan

    shipping to perth 20ft container

    Hi, The price you've quoted is similar to what I was quoted for 20ft container UK to Perth, everything included. Our stuff was wrapped and packed 5/6th Sept and we got it last Thurs. We were predicted 8 weeks door to door but it was 12. There were big delays at this end, apparently down to customs, who've been getting behind for the past 3 months. I have just unwrapped everything and I would say the important aspect of this move has been that the china/glass delicate stuff, arrived unbroken, one lamp stand and a desk with spindly legs were inadequately wrapped - this is down to the training and experience of the individual packers. Once the stuff was containerised, there was a big lack of communication from the UK move company (who actually sub-contracted to international shippers, and used an independent container company and of course the import/customs clearance firm is another separate company) So these are some of the things which took me by surprise! Best wishes for your move, Perth is a great place.
  3. It's the usual conundrum of Time v Money, My 20ft container left home in Bedfordshire 6th Sept 2011, has just cleared quarantine and will be delivered here, Perth, tomorrow, that's about 12 weeks. There was a two week wait before it got loaded on a ship, then there was a two week period between the ship docking and container being discharged from the port area. Apparently there have been Customs delays in Fremantle for the past three months, and it's now starting to be an even busier time and there will be Christmas holidays. This west coast area seems to be expanding relentlessly up the coast, who knows, maybe customs will decide to take on extra staff, train them and scorch through the backlog, or maybe they wont and the delays will stay the same or get longer? My UK moving company was unaware of the delays here. Your best bet may be to seek out a shipper who has an ear to the ground here. If you can afford to not have your tools for what could be a minimum of 6 weeks but in my recent experience is 12 weeks (or more), then the less expensive option is container by sea. best regards Cancan in Perth
  4. cancan

    oz side container hardly moving

    It's over 11 weeks since my goods were packed in the UK, and I was told "8 weeks door to door". The importers have been in touch with me - they'v asked me to tick a couple of boxes on the AQIS form which I missed when I filled it in, they must have had this form since Sept or Oct, but they're only now checking it. The Uk shippers have come back to me and their excuses for delays are 'customs', 'busy summer season', 'backlog has developed'.
  5. cancan

    oz side container hardly moving

    Thanks Cadas, it now makes even less sense that the UK shippers told me 8 weeks door to door, anyway, today I've heard from the importers here with a customs query and my stuff is all ready to be inspected by quarantine so we're definitely moving along now. Any tips on how to feel Christmassy in all this heat? and how long or is it indeed possible to get a tan using SPF 30?
  6. cancan

    oz side container hardly moving

    ah ha , Cadas, do you know what is the significance of 'gate out full' ? 'cos this was on the tracking website, dated 2 weeks after arrival of boat with my container. Good on you Kate with your optimism! where did pessimism ever get anybody? hope you do get your stuff for Christmas.
  7. cancan

    Shipping a keyboard/digital piano

    Hi llessur I sent an electronic keyboard UK to Perth last March by air, it was in it's original box and with the legs wrapped tied/strapped to the outside, about 17kg. It was one of a consignment of six boxes so can't compare to your price, but I can recommend transglobalexpress.com you can enter all your dimensions, weight, origin and destination post codes and see quotes for price and speed from about 6 different couriers, like DHL, UPS. You need a printer for the Airwaybill, Invoice, Customs/AQIS forms - information about insurance - is all on the website. Once it's been picked up you can track it. The prices on the transglobal site are better than, say, interparcel.com. Used UPS in March and DHL in October and November this year - UPS delivered one of the boxes several weeks later than the rest, DHL were very fast - less than a week. best wishes, cancan
  8. cancan

    oz side container hardly moving

    HiCalNgary an Scarby thanks for your suggestions and kind commisserations. I tried the line'its not doing the osteoporosis in my spine any good sleeping on the floor' last week to the UK company. I don't know whether they can do anything at this stage, I guess the hold ups were a couple of weeks ago. But regardless of who caused the delay, not one of the three companies that I know are involved in my shipment has had the courtesy or professionalism to contact me with a revised delivery date. But isn't it great to have somewhere to have A RANT even though we can't name and shame?
  9. forgot to mention the customs invoice ! you will need to declare what you are sending; make a list of the items you are sending and their value, again there is info about how to do it on the website. good luck!
  10. Hi, For an air shipment from the UK- try transglobalexpress.com - you can go on their website, enter the origin and destination postcodes, the length, height and width in cms of your box or boxes and the weight in kg, and then you will see a list of quotes from various companies such as DHL, UPS... who will collect from your specified address. They state how many days the box will take to reach its destination. For Oz you need to fill in the customs/AQIS form but you can download it from the site, you will also need a printer to print out the airwaybill labels which you stick to the box. insurance cover is up to £1,000 per shipment, if you want more you pay a higher premium - its all on the website. We shipped 6 boxes in April with UPS and they all arrived, (eventually) and one last month with DHL which only took 5 days including a weekend. I also sent four boxes to Canada with DHL and they were fast. regards
  11. Nothing much has happened since my last post. Back in Sept the UK removal company advised me that the door to door time for my 20ft container would be 8 weeks, it docked on time, but its now 10.5 weeks and it's only just been checked by customs, and there's been no suggestion of a delivery to me. I have deduced that, because the import co-ordinator who was handling my case left the company last month, (they are advertising the vacancy) the remaining staff are now overworked, making mistakes, (today I was sent somebody else's customs bill) everything gets behind... The UK removers are ignoring my emails asking for updates. What I have learnt from this is that I should not have paid the full shipping fee up front, and if there's a next time I will use a larger company who may have more influence over the overseas agent. And, certainly, ignore claims of caring,' we'll do it all efficiently and take the stress out of your move' as proclaimed on the glossy websites of the UK company I booked through; the company they sub-contracted to and the Oz import agents! Personal recommendations are the only thing to heed.
  12. cancan

    slow container ?

    Our container docked 2 and a half weeks ago, the container tracking website says 'gate out full' 8 Nov - can anyone translate this into non-docker speak? The only info from the agent here is that they're waiting for customs, is it typical to have this length of time between docking and customs/quarantine clearance, delivery? as the agent is so unforthcoming does anyone know of any other way to get info on the progress of my container? I'd be interested to hear of other peoples experiences.
  13. cancan

    container shipping extras

    thanks very much for your reply and info.
  14. I have a 20 ft container of personal household stuff arriving Nov and although I've paid nearly £4,000 up front to a brit remover for door to door packing, unpacking etc. I'm now being asked by the Aus agent for 'quarantine inspection' charges of over $400, can the agent know in advance of the container arriving that it will get a quarantine inspection? could I decline to pay their charges and clear it through quarantine myself, how hard can that be? any other info about this would be greatly appreciated.