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  1. I am coming over for a holiday in aug ( hoping to move over in the next few years) and was wondering where would be the best place to visit in Perth. Was wanting to rent a house and go c lots if things with the kids so somewhere near the beach an wildlife parks . All advice appreciated!
  2. Kay

    Where to stay in Perth

    Flyin to oz in aug an was wanting to stay in Perth . I have two small children an was wanting somewhere near the beach with lots to do ( I won't be hiring a car). All suggestions welcome as I havnt a clue! X
  3. Kay

    Where to stay in Perth

    Going to Perth in Aug with two young children. What areas would be the best to stay? Would like somewhere near the beach with lots of things to xx
  4. Going on holiday with the two young kids an was wondering what areas of the Gold Coast an Sydney were good to stay?
  5. Well I have done it and booked a hol in aug for 16 days to oz! I eventually want to move there but wanted a holiday first to check it out! I'm going on my own with my 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter. After the year weve had the holiday of a lifetime is just what we need! A bit panicked now though as to where to stay an transfers and so on. I'm flying into Sydney and back from perth( although if pos would love to squeeze in the Gold Coast for a few days). Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! Kay xx
  6. Hi there Im coming over in April for a holiday to Perth to test the water. Uve wanted to move over for ages but as I am on my own with two kids I have decided to come over for a holiday first to see how I get on. I would live to meet up with a few people and families when I'm over. If anyone is around let me know and we can organise it! I have a daughter aged 6 and son aged 3 x
  7. Kay

    Moving on my own??

    My friends sister lives in Perth an I lived there for a year when I was very little but not really. I think that's why it is a bit daunting because I have my children with me all the time I don't want to feel isolated. I have just started my NQT year part time so looking at between December2013 and July 2014 at being out there. I work part time here and would love to do the same in aus. It's scary but just always wanted to go an feel it's the right time my son is nearly 3 and my daughter 5 . I am looking at going for 3 weeks in April for a holiday first xx
  8. Kay

    Young single parent of 2

    Hi Im a single parent wanting to move to aus. I'm a bit worried that I may be a bit cut off from everything when I get to aus . I am going to Perth for a holiday in April to get a feel for the place. Any suggested areas to stay? Would love to meet a few people when I'm there xx
  9. Kay

    Moving on my own??

    Hi there Im a single parent of two and a newly qualified primary school teacher. I have always wanted to move to Perth and I'm thinking of making the move late next year. Am I crazy for wanting to move on my own with two young children or will Perth give me the outdoor social family life I have craved??
  10. Hi just spotted your post. Were in the muddle of doing our visa and been reading about all the people struggling to find plastering work in Perth. My partner is a plasterer/renderer etc and starting to get a little worried there's not to much work around for them! Was originally wanting to go to Perth but not to sure now!
  11. Hey me (24)and my family are in the middle of doing our visa! Thinking about Perth any advice on where in Perth?? My partner (25)is a plasterer and does rendering also and I am doing my pgce in primary school teaching we have a little boy2 years old and girl 5 . Just a few questions any advice would be brill Can you do your nqt year in Aus?? How much roughly is childcare?? Which area is best to move to for family life and jobs?? Is it as good moving out as everyone says? Xxxx