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  1. Darius Kedros

    Reduce the Emigrating Stresses

    Nice one Ali, all very informative si thank you. We've done a lot of homework and have narrowed it down to two schools that have been highly recommended so should be ok fingers crossed. We land on 2nd Jan!
  2. Darius Kedros

    Reduce the Emigrating Stresses

    Thanks for the encouragement Ali. We've got a house sit in Coburg for 3 weeks when we arrive, and we're looking to find a place of our own in or around Brunswick / Coburg before the boys start school at the start of the school year in Feb. Where abouts do you live?
  3. Darius Kedros

    Reduce the Emigrating Stresses

    Excellent Ali B. We too are in our early 40's, and have lived in Brighton with our two boys (Hove actually) for the last 6 years and are about to arrive in Melbourne on 2nd January 2013. We do love our family and so missing them is our biggest worry, but have committed (to each other) to two years in Melbourne minimum to give it a proper go, and with the intention of staying forever. So thank you for this post. It helps. Happy new year Darius PS have found myself saying "i'm not dying, just moving to Australia" to sooooo many peeps. x
  4. Does anyone know how stringent AQIS will be about bikes being shipped into Melbourne via sole use container. I've had all 4 of our bikes jet washed and there is no mud or dirt on them other than greasy old chains & cogs. Obviously the grease is a mixture of dirt & grease, so will the AQIS peeps be sending me a cleaning bill? Thanks in advance for any prior knowledge being shared here. Darius
  5. Darius Kedros

    Which shipping company is best???

    Amazing!!! Very entertaining & enlightening. Thanks for the saga length account, glad i bothered to read it.
  6. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Thanks Jo, much appreciated
  7. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Thank you Bobbsy, Much appreciated
  8. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Thanks Bobbsy So do you know if there are different rules for business equipment? Say if you are a freelance self employed carpenter, do you need to declare your tools separately as business related tools, or what? Cheers
  9. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Does anyone have an idea about the rules on shipping/importing my musical equipment into Australia? I have a home recording studio full of equipment & instruments, and as i am a sound engineer i guess it would technically be regarded as business equipment, and not personal effects. Any ideas on where i stand with this please? Thanks
  10. Hi PIO people, My family & I are moving from Brighton, UK, to Melbourne's central northern suburbs in January 2013. Does anyone have the lowdown on government co-ed secondary schools in the Coburg, Fitzroy North, Brunswick, Thornbury, Fairfield areas please? My boys are not quite that age yet, but we're attempting to take their secondary education into account when choosing what specific area(s) to move to, or to avoid. We have been advised that the primary schools are generally very good in these areas, but the secondary schools are more varied. What might be really helpful to hear about is secondary schools to avoid, and schools to aspire to. Thanks in advance, Darius :happy_face_outlaw_s :animal-bat:
  11. Thanks Craig. Your time & advice much appreciated. Darius
  12. Hi Chef, We are a family of four moving to Melbourne in January 2013 and currently have two cars in the UK, which we need to whittle down to one to ship, or trade them both in in order to ship the replacement…if you see what i mean?… So if you could assess both of them for us please: SAAB 900 S Turbo Classic 1991 1985cc petrol engine, manual gearbox No aircon 68,000 miles - good condition Front wheel drive 5 door, sun roof Aussie Red Book Private Price Guide $1,400 - $3,100 UK price guide £1000 Renault Megane Scenic Privilege 2001 1870cc diesel, manual gearbox Aircon Front wheel drive 95,000 miles 5 door, 2x sunroof Aussie Red Book Private Price Guide $2,800 - $4,200 (for nearest model i could find which was petrol) UK price guide £1800 Your help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Darius