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    190 visa lodged June 2014

    Hey Em, thank you! I am sorry to hear though about the wait you have going on hopefully any day now, fingers crossed! Thanks Santy
  2. scotsaway

    190 visa lodged June 2014

    Yay!!! Just got the golden email! what a rush good luck and all the best to everyone!!
  3. scotsaway

    190 visa lodged June 2014

    woohoo! that's awesome Santy!!! less than two month they are working pretty quickly now! I am in Adelaide so I am can say that you will have a great time once you get here, good luck!
  4. scotsaway

    Scottish Independence

    I am so disappointed that I am not able to vote in this referendum, such a huge event in Scottish history and I won't be able to say I took part I used to be mildly for independence (grew up in the highlands with a strong SNP influence) then I went to uni and made a lot of English friends so I became mildly more union as I felt it had anti-English sentiment but now I am back to hoping that there is a YES vote as I really don't believe that this is an anti-English move. Hell we are all a mish-mash of nationalities anyway if you went back far enough, but I do think it's frustrating that some people are taking it that way and feel insulted that Scotland would consider standing on it's own two feet and would be brave enough to take the risks that will come with it. Someone said that "if we are better together then why aren't we already better together?" I think that sums it up quite well. Lastly Piers Morgan's “OK, Scotland, you’ve had your fun. Now just quietly vote ‘NO’ and we’ll say no more about it" quote is definitely only going to get more YES votes! It's exactly that kind of pompous arrogance that does flame nationalistic anger and make Scotland feel like the long suffering wife of England who has been told she is too ugly and useless to be on her own far less wanted by anyone else!
  5. scotsaway

    Information On International Transfer Funds

    I use currency fair. they are very cheap and quick!
  6. scotsaway

    190 visa lodged June 2014

    exciting times! I will be beyond stoaked if I can get it all done in less than 6 months! fingers crossed for everyone
  7. scotsaway

    upload doc to immi account

    can't help you with that one sorry.....am sure someone else will know though!
  8. scotsaway

    upload doc to immi account

    If you mean by form your visa application then yes you have to submit that and pay before you can upload any docs
  9. scotsaway

    SA 190 Visa Lodgement date 12th June

    Do you mean you have actually lodged your visa rather than the EOI? If you have lodged your visa and paid for the visa application then you can upload documents whether you have a CO or not, the links to upload documents are there when you log into your immiaccount. You also arrange medicals through your immiaccount to get a HAP ID (there should be a link). That's the number you use to arrange a medical through emedical. This thread is for people who applied in July but may be useful for you to follow http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/216173-190-visa-july-lodge-gang.html
  10. scotsaway

    190 Visa -- May Gang

    Hi I don't really remember having to bypass a message, I have seen that info on there saying not to go for medicals until you have got a CO but most people just go for them. So yes I would bypass it and get your HAP ID!
  11. scotsaway

    Please Help Urgently.....

    Hi, If you explain to them that the 45 days you spent in Sydney were just for work (I assume that's what they were for?) but that you consider Vic to be your home then I reckon you should be ok. Your best show of a commitment to the state is if you have a job already there or one lined up, include the contract/offer with the letter. I would also say why you love Vic and why it is home, give examples of how you have integrated into Vic and how settled you are there eg commitments other than work. Good luck
  12. scotsaway

    190 Visa -- May Gang

    Hi, I definitely went ahead with my medical and I don't have a CO yet!
  13. scotsaway

    Health insurance confusion

    Hey I have just been stung on this one! I had private health insurance to come out on a 457 then got rid of it as I had reciprocal health cover being from the UK. Then I got hit with the medicare levy surcharge so I took out private health insurance but didn't take out the reciprocal cover (didn't realise I needed that additional cover to be made exempt from the surcharge) so I have paid out for private health insurance AND I will get hit with the surcharge again this year! So if you are going to take out private health insurance and you want to avoid the surcharge make sure you get the additional reciprocal cover! If you are under 30 your premiums will be cheaper so that is a reason to get it. if you still have doubts about being under the threshold then perhaps see an accountant so you can perhaps salary sacrifice some income too, the cost of seeing an accountant is tax deductible too.....every little helps I reckon
  14. scotsaway

    Vetassess Processing Time,July 2014

    Chances are it will be 12 weeks!
  15. scotsaway

    190 Visa July lodge Gang!

    the immi site is the obvious place to go, look under document checklist http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/190.aspx