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  1. Hello, I am seeking a new tax agent to prepare and submit my tax returns in both U.K and Australia, does anyone know any they can recommend in Melbourne? Gaynor
  2. Hello, I am seeking a new tax agent to prepare and submit my tax returns in both U.K and Australia, does anyone know any they can recommend in Melbourne? Gaynor
  3. Gaynor

    IELTS book and 2 c.d's

    Sorry, not available. We moved to Melbourne and it went out in the cull when we packed.
  4. Gaynor

    Everything must go by the 24th of Jan

    Hi, Have you got a picture of the corner sofa and coffee table?
  5. Gaynor

    Where to go and The first few weeks

    Hi, We just moved to Melbourne with 2 kids. We have been very lucky in finding a rental within a week (can't believe it) but for the first 3 weks we found a house sit, looking after a family's animals while they are on holiday, free lodgings and the boys are loving the dogs/cats/chickens. I think if you search on the internet for house sits you might find something. We got to know a bit about each others families over email and sharing photos. Good luck.
  6. Presenting in person at AHPRA. I have had my eligibility letter and have arrived in Melbourne. Yesterday, I presented in person with I.D and job offer letter and proof of address. The lady told me there is just the police check now! I can't work until this is back and cleared and they can not tell me how long this will be. Does anyone know or have any idea? Gaynor
  7. We arrived on 2nd January and are looking for some other peeps to hang out with along with our kids who would love to meet some other kids locally. It seems everyone has escaped the city to go on their hols! We are in temporary accommodation in Coburg, looking to rent in Coburg/Thornbury/Northcote areas. Gaynor
  8. Gaynor

    Reduce the Emigrating Stresses

    Thanks Ali, Lovely post and very welcome as we are moving to Melbourne in 2 days with our kids from Brighton, having lived before in London.
  9. Hi LornaG. So frustrating. I had a similar situation as AHPRA were not satisfied with my transcript. I had to request the NMC to send a course transcript through on top of loads of other stuff my university had provided (but did not say exactly what they wanted!). If I were you, I would ask the NMC transcript department to send whatever they have specific to you and your training to AHPRA asap, just in case. They do take 30 days to process this request. My experience was that once these things were in place, things moved a little quicker, as I too felt overwhelmed and that it would be impossible to get it all done to the anal requirements of AHPRA, but it happened despite AHPRA's terrible communication. Good luck.
  10. Gaynor

    Which visa is better 457 or PR?

    We have just been through the PR process. You can do it cheaper than 6k if you do the agent stuff yourself. Many people have done it alone and managed. We used an agent, but they were expensive and often I didn't know what they were doing, even so as a working mum I couldn't go it alone. I think with all our costs involved (paying for new birth certs, certificates, NMC docs, photocopying, printing, medicals, photos, visa fees, agents fees etc) we paid about 4k UK pounds to get our visa. Not cheap but gives us more freedom when we arrive. Good luck,
  11. Next week we are shipping all our household possessions to Melbourne from Brighton. The mental suduko of what to leave out is mind boggling. We need stuff for winter here as we don't fly out until the end of December, and stuff for summer there to get us through until the shipment is liberated from customs. Then there's work clothes, flight items, stuff, stuff, stuff. Has anyone got a packing list they wouldn't mind sharing with me?:xmas18:
  12. Gaynor

    U.K state pension

    Does anyone know if you remain entitled to your U.K state pension (assuming you have paid the full years) once you have moved to Australia? Also, I'm curious whether people have continued to pay their National Insurance contributions after moving, or held them with a view to top up if you return to the U.K? Oh, the learning curves involved in this immigration process:wub: Thanks
  13. So it looks like the NMC are raising the registration fees to £100 a year. I am approved for AHPRA and plan to start work in Melbourne in January. I am looking for advice on keeping the NMC registration live or not? I have PR in Australia but don't know, like most, if I will live there forever. I have heard that it can be difficult re-registering with NMC, but equally, paying the annual fees to NMC and AHPRA seems steep! Advice or experiences please. Thanks
  14. Gaynor

    IELTS book and 2 c.d's

    Official Cambridge IELTS 7 book with 2 c.d's looking for a home. pm me your details and I will post out to you. Will be glad to see the back of it! Gaynor
  15. Medicines and tablets? I have heard you can not take medicines with alcohol in them..... Homeopathy remedies? Crystals? Batteries, (removed from items)? Kids chemistry set? Anyone know? I think my friends will be fed up with me giving them stuff we can't take every time I see them! Gaynor xx