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  1. Hey everyone I received my automatic email from the department of immigration on 18/4/16. I uploaded all my documents and 801 application shortly after getting my 820 visa approved (June 2014) In the email it states that if you have uploaded the maximum number of documents, immigration will contact you if they need any further info. It's been 9 months now, should I be concerned or are these visa's just taking longer than the estimated processing times?
  2. Arees23

    Taking a Dog to Australia with Diabetes

    Thanks heaps!
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering if anybody had flown a diabetic pet to Australia before and did they cope ok? I have spoke to some UK pet export companies and have had mixed advice. I know that the dog will not receive insulin for up to 24 hours and will also not have any food for this amount of time also. I know with diabetes, this amount of time with neither insulin or food can be lethal and lead to coma's and death. I would hate to put my boy through all the stress only for him to die scared and alone in the plane cargo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He is a 8 year old Chihuahua.
  4. Hello everyone I am in the process of filling out my 820 partner visa application online. From a prospective marriage visa 300. And I was looking for some advice from people who have also completed this visa application. The main part that has me struggling is the 'Nature of commitment' part. What did everyone put? So far I have included details about maintaining contact while spending time apart (I had to go offshore for 7 months while 300 visa was processing), being beneficiaries on tax and superannuation and then about our future plans, buying a house, kids etc. This just doesn't seem enough? And should you include every single phone bill/ skype call information etc or just a selected collection from random dates? Also should this part of the application be completed in a third person perspective i.e 'the sponser and applicant have known each other for etc ' or is it acceptable to write it as ' my husband and I have known each other etc'? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Arees23

    Prospective marriage visa to 820 visa

    Thanks for that. He's asking $2000 in legal fee's for the 820 and then there's the additional cost of $114 to post the visa to the relevant department. I just found this quite steep, especially being as we are newly wed and that's a big amount of money to find, as well as the visa fee. Thanks for the advice and information
  6. Hi Everyone I am Currently on the prospective marriage visa 300, and I have just gotten married and will need to apply for the 820 visa. I used an agent for my prospective marriage visa and he was great, but for the 820, his fee is so expensive, and after looking at the forms all being online now it looks pretty straight forward? Is this true? What are peoples experiences going alone? Also Does anybody know If I would have to resend all the evidence of the relationship, i.e joint bills, photo's etc for this 820 visa or would what I sent for the prospective marriage visa cover it? The same with all the form 800s we had completed by family and friends stating that the relationship is genuine, would we need to do all of this again? It seems a bit silly having to send it all twice. Hope someone can help
  7. Arees23

    Two chihuahuas - UK to Brisbane

    Thanks so much that is a big help!
  8. Arees23

    Two chihuahuas - UK to Brisbane

    Hey everyone I am also looking at sending my two chihuahuas from uk to Aus so any price quotes would be very helpful. My 2 guys are 7 next year, is that considered too old to transport? I know chihuahuas can live until 14 so it doesn't seem old, but vets and airlines might think differently.
  9. Hey everyone. I also have 2 chihuahuas I am wanting to ship to Aus so any price quotes you have been gived would be great to hear. How old were everyones dogs when you shipped them? My two are going to be 7 next year, im really hoping this isnt going to be considered too old? I mean chihuahuas average life expectancy is 14 so they have many years left. What do people think?
  10. Prospective marriage visa granted! I finally get to see my fiancé after 7 months apart Case officer was VF, submitted 28/03/13, granted 11/10/2013 Good luck everyone!
  11. Awesome news! Who was your case officer? And which date did you apply? Im on here everyday checking lol, 4th April mine was picked up by London
  12. Good news! Who are your case officers? Is anyone using the spreadsheet anymore? :jiggy:
  13. Hey everyone! I applied for the prospective marriage visa in march, and it got acknowledged by my co on 10th April. I already did the medicals and all the police checks when I submitted my application, as my migration agent advised that it may be granted quicker. However the co advised the 8-9 month minimum wait. I'm finding it really hard now being apart from my fiance, who is still in Australia. How long has it taken people to get their visas granted?
  14. Arees23

    Pet travel company experiences

    Hey! I'm looking at flying my two chihuahuas out to Australia using jets4pets, Has anyone else used them before? And were they a good company? They gave the best quote so far and seemed really helpful. I'm looking at starting the process in the next few days so would love to hear peoples storys, good or bad
  15. Arees23

    Pet export, DIY or company?

    Thanks for that, yeah I like having control over everything too but I'm also worried if I do it myself I might miss something and mess the whole thing up. wow thats pretty worrying if the quarentine stations are so booked up already! Do you know if its possible to book the quarentine before having the flights booked etc? I know that you need to have the permit for them to come into Aus before you can book it but if thats all I need I can get that sorted out now rather than waiting to hear back off different companies.