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  1. Anotherfinemess

    New Friends

    Ha ha yes Evonne it's me. I think you should have us all round for a pool party instead! :-D
  2. Anotherfinemess

    Living in a different city than Canberra?

    Go for it. Worst case you get kicked out! We didn't risk it. Nealy here the 2 years now. There was a recent story on the news here about a scottish couple getting deported because they lived 4km from where they were meant to live on a regional work visa
  3. Anotherfinemess

    Visa Type 176 state sponsored

    Citizenship not 4 yrs?
  4. Anotherfinemess

    Good places for fitness classes

    All the gyms will make you join i think. Check out Evolutionised on facebook "https://www.facebook.com/pages/evolutionised/521530771210609" My wife is about to start doing some of these boot camp classes
  5. Anotherfinemess

    New Friends

    people are very biased towards whatever suburb they live in. We decided before we moved that we wanted to live around this area and when our lease ended we moved just across the road to forrest (right beside manuka) & no regrets so far. We love the amount of pubs/restaurants & cafe's that kingston & manuka have. Other suburbs have their own areas which all seem nice aswell so it depends on who you ask. I would consider kingston & manuka to be a younger area as there are less houses and more apartments so more couples and less families I suppose
  6. Anotherfinemess

    New Friends

    Hey Everyone, I posted a message like this almost 1 year ago when we just arrived in Canberra and it resulted in meeting some fantastic people/couples whom we now consider very good friends so I thought I'd post again as we're always looking to increase the size of our group of friends to go for a few drinks with etc. So if there's any youngish couples (I'm 31 wife is 29) who are not quite at the havin kids stage in life fancy meeting up for a few beers give us a shout. We all live around the kingston/manuka/griffith area and usually head out around those spots. Cheers Steve
  7. Anotherfinemess

    12months later and I hear about this site.

    Fair play to ya moving here and not using this site. Dunno how we'd have settled without it as we've met most of our friends through it.
  8. Anotherfinemess

    Places to live in Canberra for a 30's something couple

    My wife (28) & I (30) chose to live in Kingston when we came over in October last year & love it so far. We live on Giles Street close to Canberra Avenue which is right in the middle between the Kingston & Manuka shops, cafe's & Bars. The Kingston Hotel is a 2 minute walk for a pint/food & the new East hotel will be opening soon. My wife gets the bus into the city every day and just walks 5 mins to wentworth avenue to get either the 4, 5 or 200 (Red Rapid) service into civic. She is never waiting long for a bus. We have met a few young couples who all live in the area and regularly go out for dinners/drinks with them as everything is so close. Rent is a bit pricey for what you get but your probably used to that based on your post. I couldn't recommend it enough Best of luck Stephen
  9. Anotherfinemess

    Liverpool ** fan clubs/meeting places in Canberra

    Not sure what channel it's on but won't it be on at 5:05am here?
  10. Anotherfinemess

    Where to live in Canberra?

    Around the Woden area would probably suit you then. Not far from weston creek & there's buses into the city (blue rapid i think) but not sure how long of a commute that is. We live in kingston which is about a 10-15 minute drive to weston creek & about 15 minute bus into the city. It's a more expensive area but very good for socialising as there's heaps of Cafe's & bars there & in Manuka across the road.
  11. Anotherfinemess

    Short term furniture rental

    There's also Mr. Rental (http://www.mrrental.com.au/stores/region/canberra) & Radio-rental (http://www.radio-rentals.com.au/Canberra) aswell depending on what you need
  12. Anotherfinemess

    Heading Back as can't get PR

    The other option is to apply for PR under the skilled migration program but my job is not the list Your job is not on the list for melobourne but what about any of the other states?
  13. Anotherfinemess

    Canberra BBQ meet up

    Definitely up for this
  14. Anotherfinemess

    Was Canberra your first choice ?

    Canberra wasn't our 1st choice......or 2nd, 3rd or 4th! We had lived in Sydney before so we had planned to go back there out of familiarity. I'm glad we're in Canberra now as it's not a place we'd have chosen ourselves. It was good that the deciscion was taken out of our hands. I sometimes wish we were in sydney instead (usually when I'm sitting on a beach up there at the weekend) but when we come back to Canberra I'm always glad that the "rush" of a big city like Sydney is over :-)
  15. Anotherfinemess

    What's not good about Canberra?

    We've been here 7 months and love it. We've met some great people & have never found ourselves bored at any time. The only thing that really annoys me about Canberra is the price of flights to and from it's airport. They seem to be more expensive for some reason (prob cause it's a small country airport?) I have a sister in perth & I keep looking for flights to go visit & they are much cheaper from sydney which is frustrating. Even when I do find flights that might be ok.....they fly to sydney anyway and theres a 2 hour lay over. Thats my only complaint thought & it's not really a knock on the place itself