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  1. LisaRich

    uk driving ban

    we know we would need to declare to the insurance. basically could be due to have a 12 month ban and need to be able to drive due to work. so could he just take the wa driving test and get a new licence that way or would he have to wait until ban is up before being able to drive at all?
  2. LisaRich

    uk driving ban

    Hi, does anyone know if u have a driving ban on your uk driving licence can you just sit a australian driving test and apply for an Australian license? Thanks
  3. LisaRich

    Wee have a case officer!!!! :)

    We got assigned our case officer today also!! Took us 10 weeks to get one. :biggrin:
  4. Hi , Just wondered how much you are paying in total to get your lovely Boxer over to oz?? We have a Boxer and hoping to go next year to Perth. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa
  5. LisaRich

    Where to get Medicals done?

    out of interest how much did the medicals cost?
  6. LisaRich

    190 skilled migration visa logged!!

    Yes we have paid the application fees x
  7. Hi everyone, So happy today as our 190 skilled migration visa has been submitted. State sponsership was applied for on 21/6/13 and approved 26/6/13. EOI submitted 26/6/13 and invited to apply 27/6/13!!!! Can't believe how quick that was and we've managed to beat the 1st July fee increases!! Just got to sit back and wait to get our case officer now!! It's been almost 2 years since we started this whole process and had many set backs along the way but we are almost there -yey!!!!! We finally feel that we are getting somewhere and we can start to plan our move to Perth hopefully in June 2014 :biggrin:. Has anyone else managed to get there EOI accepted in time?? Regards Lisa & Rich
  8. LisaRich

    Technical interview for carpenter Help!

    Hi gary, we are looking at perth, whats it like in rockingham? Hows work out there at the minute? We have looked at rockingham also. He has borrowed someones text book to recap over stuff so hopefully shouldnt be too difficult. Thanks lisa x
  9. Hi everyone, Its been a while since posting but been waiting months to hear back from the skills assessment. my oh recieved an email today from our agent asking if he could do a technical interview in 10 days time. Has anyone on here done this who could give us some info on what it was like and what they asked. How long after that do you know if you have passed the skills assessment? Thanks Lisa x
  10. LisaRich

    Ielts 3rd December

    My Oh got his results today. Needed Just 7's in all sections. Listening 8.5 Reading 7.0 Writing 7.0 Speaking 9.0 Glad its all done now and on first attempt.... so happy! Skills assessments has gone off to Vetassess today so now another long wait! Thoses who didnt get their points keep trying it will all be worth it in the end!!! Lisa
  11. LisaRich

    Free child care for 3-4 yr olds

    Thanks for the info, i am looking to work 2-3 days a week so will need to put my son in child care for these days as my OH will work full time. That costs dont seem too bad as it is only a few days a week i suppose.
  12. LisaRich

    Free child care for 3-4 yr olds

    Hi there, Just wondering if australia is the same as the uk in providing so many hours free a week for nursey care for 3-4 yr olds before they start school? Any info wiuld be grateful. Thank you
  13. LisaRich

    First Time Buyer Mortgages

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some idea of how the first time buyer mortgages work in australia. We will be renting to start with but hope to buy after a few years. We think that our budget would be $350,000 maximum, do banks offer deals with only a 5% deposit?? Hope someone may be able to shed any light on this. Many thanks
  14. LisaRich

    TRA skills assessment - help!

    Hi Dani, My other half has only done his level 2 carpentry but he has over 10 years experience. Our migration agent said that this would be fine. Are you going with an agent?? They may be able to help you more. Lisa
  15. LisaRich

    TRA skills assessment carpenter

    The migration agent we are using said they don't use vetassess, so not sure!? Maybe you can use either?