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  1. HenryJones

    Ironside or Indooroopilly State School ?

    Great thanks to all of you for your informative comments! Shaz36, thank you for thinking about Corinda HS: we will definitely consider it if ever Indooroopilly HS resists us ;-) Tina2, yes, we do not know the area but we already feel we will enjoy it :-) Pinkk8, will definitely come back to you if needed about Indooropilly HS. In fact, we also had strong recommendation for this school... And now for our little story, we used to live 3 years in Mumbai (India) and our kids attended the DSB International School, whose principal was Australian from Brisbane! He told us that his kids were at Indooroopilly and they enjoyed it a lot! So, the great adventure will start for us in a few days now, as we land in Brisbane on Wednesday, December 21st! Will keep you posted about our first steps regarding school enrolment! Henry
  2. HenryJones

    Ironside or Indooroopilly State School ?

    Hi Tina2, Shaz36, Thank you for your comments! Fish.01 is right: we have been targeting Indooroopilly State High School because of the IB diploma. We think that our kids might want to go back to Europe for the University, so an IB could be useful to them. Also, there must be more international students at ISHS, so the integration in the Aussie curriculum could be easier for 2 French kids. I had a close look at ISHS catchment area: it looks like that there are also other primary schools, like Chelmer (other side of the bridge, thank you Tina2) but also Toowong SS. Any comments on Toowong? Speaking about Corinda HS, the website looks attractive. Do you know if there are many international students or if there is a ESL (English as Secondary Language) department to make the integration easier for non English native speakers, like in ISHS? Coming back to Ironside and Indooroopilly SS, I had an answer from them saying that it is the holiday period and that I should contact them again from January, 16th... So I have a few more weeks to get advice from you before taking the appointments! Cheers. Henry
  3. HenryJones

    Ironside or Indooroopilly State School ?

    Hello Fish.01, Thank you for your prompt response! I am currently trying to contact both schools to get an appointment with the principal to make up my mind. As school holiday is starting tomorrow in Queensland, I am not sure if I will get any reponse before January? Anyway, the harder might be to find a rental (nice but cheap!) in Indooroopilly catchment area... Any tip for that? Have a nice day! Henry PS: If you can read French, you can check our blog about our pre-migration "preparation and travel-around-the-world" http://magicnomade.wordpress.com
  4. Hi, We are a (French) family landing in Brisbane in 2 weeks with a 175 visa. Our 2 oldest children are being enrolled at Indooroopilly State High School but we need to find a primary school for our last son. We heard about 2 primaty schools in Indooroopilly area : Ironside State School and Indooroopilly State School. Does anybody have any advice for one of these 2 schools? BTW, if a family is arriving in Brisbane for Christmas with a 175 visa, it could be nice to get in touch! Thanks. HenryJones
  5. HenryJones

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hey all, I have been wandering around this forum since quite some time. And we got the magical e-mail of 175 visa granted today itself! :jiggy: Thank you so much to all this thread's contributors, and especially Tania: you are doing great job supporting all of us. My details: Name: HenryJones Date of Visa application: 19th December 2010 Nationality: French High/Low Risk: LR Trade/profession: Software Engineer Visa type: 175 Onshore/offshore: offshore March 2011 letter: Yes Post-14th July Category: Cat 4 Medicals submitted: 10th January 2011 Police check submitted: 21th September 2011 Date CO assigned: 20th September 2011 Request of further employment evidence: 21th September 2011 Date visa granted: 22th September 2011