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  1. Kelbuz

    boys&girls 14 + perth

    wanting to make some more friends in perth age 14+ ))
  2. Kelbuz

    Worried Mum of a 14 year old boy

    Hi, im 14 and ive just moved to perth, we moved in setember this year. Everyone is so friendly here, lots to do. Ive lefted all my family in the uk, it was hard at first but now its fine, i skype with them every weekend and there coming over i jan! if you move here im sure youll like it
  3. heyyyy anyone whos is 13/14/15 years old who is wanting to make friends in perth please reply thanks! xxx
  4. Kelbuz

    Wanna make friends in Perth

    hey im kelsey and im 13,14 this year and im moving round perth area. when are you moving? where are you from? x
  5. Kelbuz

    Wanting To Make Friends In Perth!

    We stayed near Joondalup when we went for holidays in 2007 and 2008. My mum and dad are thinking of going a little higher up now. They have been looking at Butler and Jindalee. How are things with you? Kelsey x:biggrin:
  6. Just Wondering If Cody Simpson Was Moving Back Because When I Move To Australia I Want To See Him Live!!! xx
  7. Kelbuz

    Friends in Perth :)

    Yeahh Sames! well we should get the visa about august time but its my nans 70th birthday so where staying for her b-day then going! do you live in the uk? where abouts? where abouts in perth are you going? xx
  8. Kelbuz

    Friends in Perth :)

    Hey im Kelsey and i am moving to perth hopefully around summer ime this year and i have 3 brothers who are 9,7 and 12. where abouts in perth are you thinking of moving too? xx
  9. Kelbuz

    Moving to Perth around june

    Hey Abbie i am 13 years old and we are moving to perth around august time this year x
  10. Kelbuz

    Wanting To Make Friends In Perth!

    Hi I Am 13 How Old Are You?
  11. Kelbuz

    Wanting To Make Friends In Perth!

    Heyyy I Am 13 I Live In Yorkshire! Where Abouts Do You Live? I Went To Perth And Brisbane On Holiday For Christmas In 2007! I Have 3 Brothers Aged 12,9 And 6 And I Have A Dog Called Sasha And 2 Cats Gordon And Twiggy! Don't Be Nervous About Moving I Have A Lot Of My Friends Moving To Australia And They Love It You Will Make Friends Dont Worry! And You Can Always Vistit England And Skype With Your Family! xxx
  12. Kelbuz

    Wanting To Make Friends In Perth!

    Heyyya I Am 13 I Live In England Yorkshirre And We Are Hoping To Move To Perth By Next October I Dont Know About Schools Yet My Mum And Dad Will Look Into It But Where Abouts Are You Moving To In Perth? xx
  13. Kelbuz

    Wanting To Make Friends In Perth!

    Hey I Am 13 And I Am Wanting To Move Round Mindarie! xx Where Do You Live Now? I Live In Yorkshire! xxx
  14. Hey My Name Is Kelsey And We Are Moving To Perth Next October