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  1. Karenphil67

    Thyroid people - Eutroxsig?

    Hi paisleylass, Hmmm I'm a bit confused now. I spoken to 2 drs at work separately and they both said that it's the same. I also looked it up in the MImms and that states that it is sodium thyroxine (the same as home) and that I would be prescribed the same dose as I'm on in the uk. I suppose just see what ur blood tests say and be guided how you feel.
  2. Karenphil67


    Pits a pain to read in the sun though. We have a kindle and an iPad and there's no competition when you are lied by the pool :-)
  3. Karenphil67

    Thyroid people - Eutroxsig?

    Hi paisleylass, interesting reading your post. I'm on thyroxine to and take 250mcg a day. Thankfully my gp back in the uk gave me 6 months worth before I came out here 7 weeks ago. I'm on the gold coast and a nurse and I work with a couple of uk dr's so I will have a chat to them and get back to you. karen
  4. Karenphil67

    to medicare or not to medicare?

    My partner and i have read this in to completely different ways. I read it as get ambulance cover if you live in any state other than queensland as QLD is the only state you are covered in and he reads it as you will get it in any state apart from QLD......sorry could you confirm. We have just moved to the Gold Coast and we got Private medical insurance because we were told we had to but some people have said that they cancelled it as soon as they got here. We pay $182 per month which to be honest we could do with out as it is just me working at the mo. Karen
  5. Karenphil67

    Flights With Singapore Airlines

    Its only 40kg if you are on a permanent visa but in saying that we phone up and said that we had been led to believe that we would get the 40kg and we managed to negotiate 25kg each! It's not great but better than 20kg
  6. Karenphil67

    Leaving for Brisbane.....like.....NOW

    We are staying with friends in Carina for the moment but heading to the gold coast soon. Where are you?
  7. Well the time has come and we are off to the airport in about 30 mins!! I kind of fell relieved i think. See you the other side guys and gals :jiggy:
  8. Karenphil67

    anybody going to oz in nov?

    Hi We are leaving for Brisbane tomorrow morning arrrgggghhhhhh!!!! We are staying in Carina for a couple of weeks but then going to the gold coast as i have secured a job there which i start on 21st November. Just have to secure a rental around that way. Its been such an emotional week and I cant wait wait to get on that plane now. Its just me and OH coming out and hopefully my grown up daughter will follow soon. Good luck to everyone xxx
  9. Karenphil67

    Certifying docs for a 457 Visa application

    We used a Notory for APHRA as they wouldnt accept a uk solicitor and sent the documents back but we just used a ordinary solicitor for our Visa documents. I had to get a letter from my school stating that i had attended there and that i had be educated in english as i couldnt fine my exam results either. A word of warning though.....ring about as we had quaotes from £5 per document up to £50 per document. There doesnt seem to be any guidelines when it comes to prices and solicitors seem to charge what ever they want!
  10. Karenphil67

    Cold Feet Syndrome!!

    From what i have read these feelings are completely normal. We are due to leave on wednesday morning and i have never had such an emotional week in my life. I have wondered what the hell i am doing today. I am sure that this is the same as all saying goodbye to loved ones and i am hoping that once we are there i wont look back. Go for it i say.......dont regret what you do do, only what you dont! Its not an irreversable decision if its not for you Good luck
  11. Karenphil67

    Leaving for Brisbane tomorrow!!

    Great info...thanks! we arrive in Brisbane on Thursday so will definately come in handy. I may be picking your brains for more info if thats ok Karen
  12. Karenphil67

    How did you feel......

    Thank you all for this......we fly on Wednesday and i was begining to think i was going mad. I have cried every day on more than one occasion. I feel completely emotionally drained and just want to curl up and sleep until our flight. Its so helpful to know that these feelings are normal!! Im just on my way over to visit my mum and say goodbye and i know thats going to be so hard. I love the idea of telling her that we are just moving house though :biggrin: Roll on Wednesday is all I say.....its tougher than i thought it was going to be.
  13. Karenphil67

    Leaving for Brisbane tomorrow!!

    Good Luck......I know exactly how you feel. I left work yesterday, leaving party was last saturday (i dont think i have ever cried so much) We Fly out from Heathrow next Wednesday and arrive on Thursday 3rd!
  14. Karenphil67

    Leaving partys ~ Tell me about yours

    Well we had our leaving party last night! It was a good night and the turnout was amazing. It made me realise how lucky I am to have such special people in my life. Its also made today one of the hardest days of my life as i said goodbye to so many people. I have spent today telling myself that its not goodbye just see you soon but the reality is I may not see some of them again as some of my aunts and uncles are elderly. Dont be mistaken its not easy having a leaving party but just be thankful you have people who care enough to want to say goodbye.
  15. Karenphil67

    What bank to go with?

    We opened an account with commonwealth online while in the UK. Easy, hassle free and no charges