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  1. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    More mis-information. The founding fathers didn't create a 2nd amendment based on weapon type - it was created to support the right of self-defense, resistance to oppression and as a civic duty to defend the States themselves from foreign invasion by oppressive countries. It is a basic human right.
  2. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    Well, I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment - and we are not criminals or rednecks! I have a very clean record - not even a parking ticket have I ever gotten - never been arrested for anything. I do believe that there is a social problem, (unrelated to weapons), where people fail to take personal responsibility for their own actions. We live in a world where people are used to blaming inanimate objects (i.e. guns), other people and circumstances for their own failures and bad decisions. Point in case, there is something wrong with you on personal scale, if you go around shooting other people who haven't done anything to you - you have to agree that the problem is not with the gun itself, but with the mind of the person who engaged in this type of crime. So ask yourselves, why did this person go ahead and engage in this type of criminal behavior? As far as I know, the killers who were involved in these shooting tragedies were all on anti depressants and came from irresponsible families - sorry, but that's the truth. And let me add that you don't need AR15's (which is just a fancy rifle), to commit mass murder. Timothy McVeigh - another loony, the 9/11 tragedies, and the London bombings (7/7) are a few examples were mass murder was committed without the use of guns. So what should people do in those cases? Ban buildings, buses and trolleys?? It's amazing the line that some of our liberal politicians use, "Oh we care so much about the kids" - complete and utter BS. If the kids were an issue, they wouldn't be using drones to basically assassinate innocent citizens overseas. And another thing - the governor of New York, Cuomo, who introduced the SAFE act because "we care so much about the kids" acted hypocritical just a few months later, when he signed a piece of legislature, "Women's Reproductive Health Act", that allows pregnant mothers to abort their unborn children after even 24 weeks of pregnancy. Tell me how is that "caring about the kids" when a child can survive outside of the womb at 24 weeks? Clearly, there are ulterior motives for desires to eliminate parts of the constitution.
  3. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    I agree and I think it's sad. I remember a movie by the name of "This is England" - where some racists were trying to promote national pride. At the end of the movie, the main character, a little boy, throws the flag of England in the river. I thought that was so wrong! A few jerks shouldn't take away from feeling pride in your culture! But sadly, pride in your culture and nation - for some reason, is seen as a racist thing, but it really isn't. In the near future, it will be wrong to be proud of being even a man, or a woman.
  4. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    I've always wondered what's wrong with waving a flag. I have spoken to a lot of Europeans and British who don't think that's proper. But why? Call it a cultural difference, but I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone wouldn't be proud of the country their from. If an Aussie wants to wave a flag, say, "piss off, we're full", or whatever else, I say, let them - good for them. I see it like a man loving his masculine qualities or a woman wanting to be as feminine as possible. I don't see anything wrong with being who you are - as long as you don't hurt me, I don't mind.
  5. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    That is such a nice thing for you to say. But, in normal economics, you want your wages to be kept in par with the low cost of living. Inflation or hyperinflation comes out of this. (Now, I'm not saying that the US won't go through its hyperinflation for its bad economics, but for now, while things are cheap, people should take advantage). As for your comment, if someone is making $100 minimum wage but has to pay $100,000 in a monthly rent, where is the grace in that? If anything, it shows that the country's currency is going the way of the Wiemar Republic, Argentina's and Zimbabwe's! What happens if you lose your job? The dole will not be able to pay your $500 a week rent, so what should one do in that case?
  6. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    There's nothing wrong with flag waving - people should always feel proud of who they are.
  7. Sol2Oz

    Texas - Pretty bl**dy awesome!

    lol, I made the opposite mistake. (I am american), and when I went to the Gold Coast to validate my visa, I sat down at some restaurant and ordered the regular foods that I order at home (including my favorite all time beer). Well, when the invoice came, I nearly fell out of my chair - I thought there must be some mistake, could I be paying for someone else's tab?? I just could not believe the price - especially for the beer. I only pay $1.50 for the stupid bottle here at home, but in Oz the damn thing was more than 5 times the cost. Oh man, I almost crapped my pants. Anyway, about the gun culture, it's not so bad once you're educated in handling them - most people use them as a tool. The problem is with too many people on mind altering medications - usually anti-depressants. As for a 4 week vacation - nope never heard of that - the only people who get four weeks of vacation are those who work in schools including universities or private business owners.
  8. Sol2Oz

    Very complex scenario ( unsure what to do)

    Hey Chellegirl - just read about your situation and I am so sorry that you have to go through this. This may not help, but it is a general observation from my own experience - maybe people will agree, maybe not. But, I think that some of us have the tendency to give our partners 100% undivided attention and we kind of isolate ourselves from our friends in doing so. I really don't think that your isolation has anything to do with your character, just that you gave your all to your ex. When I was married, when weekends came around, I didn't want to go out with anyone except my husband. Well, fast forward 10 years later, and when he suddenly pursued a love affair at work and left me as quickly as I found out about it, (the whole leaving process thing took a month - leaving me wretched in pain and confused) I felt very lonely and I became aware by how alone I felt. It was a truly horrendous time for me. Anyway, what strikes me about your story is that I found myself in a similar situation: no support of any kind - except for my family who are scattered across the country and who weren't really available due to their own lives. This is part of the reason why I applied for PR, so that I can start another new life. Well, just wanted to give you something interesting to read about me :biggrin: But, I am resolved never again to give 100% to any human - I will be more balanced and try to obtain a support system with a variety of people - with or without a relationship!
  9. Long story short, I was raised where debate is a healthy part of conversation, however, people seem to take offense when you disagree with them- especially online. Point in case, someone posted a view and opinion on facebook regarding some recent news. Well, I disagreed with them about the view, which by the way, has nothing to do with them as a person - just on the news topic in itself. Well the person took offense and basically sent me a private message telling me that why am I not standing with her on her views and that she has always stood by me. Then she started bringing up topics where she disagrees with me (first time I heard of it). She also added that facebook is public and that I shouldn't disagree with her on it. I couldn't believe her message as I wasn't disagreeing with anything on a personal level just on her opinion as to why something happened in the news. Has this sort of thing ever happened to you and how did you respond?
  10. Sol2Oz

    Islamic riots in Oz

    complete and utter lies. I am a baptized Christian and I don't go to church nor do I identify as part of a religion. Anyway, lets get back to topic, please.
  11. Sol2Oz

    Islamic riots in Oz

    Pious? It's not about works, but what's in your heart. This is a common misconception about Christianity: Too many people believe a Christian has to be affiliated with organized religion. Organized religion controls people based on what the "men on top" believe. A true Christian is a believer above all, and a person who abides by the words of Christ. End of story. I'm sure many people will disagree with me, but it is what it is. The reason why I quoted the bible text is because (for the people who believe), that is what should be gone by - Not beheadings and stonings. There is a big difference between true Christianity and Muslims. Also, when you read the old testament, you should read it in context - not take two or three verses and derive a conclusion based on it.
  12. Sol2Oz

    Islamic riots in Oz

    I think you're confused. There were no Christians living in the "Old Testament" days. All modern day Christians must abide by Jesus' rules: "You have heard that it was said, `Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:43-48, NIV) This is the core of true Christian behavior and anyone who doesn't abide by that is simply not a Christian. I can call myself President and CEO of Goldman Sachs, but if I don't work there and receive a paycheck, I'm nothing Goldman Sachs - same with true Christianity.
  13. Sol2Oz

    one month in brisbane and want to go home

    Well, if you are unable to go back, think about the positives. Like the fact that your husband gets to come home earlier than he did while in Ireland, it means he gets to spend more time with you. But also, the situation in the EU doesn't look well at all. What's happening in Greece and Spain will eventually spread to many of the EU countries. I don't think you'd want to be there during that time.
  14. Sol2Oz

    work environment

    I know this is a general question, but how is the work environment in Oz? Every time I speak to an Aussie about work, he or she is always complaining about the oppressive atmosphere, being worked to the bone, and not being appreciated enough. I can name company's, but won't do so at this point. This is not to mention the people who are on 457's and who feel abused. Can anyone share an experience - do you enjoy working in Oz more than you do so in your home countries? Do you notice a different work environment - either one more laid back or harsher?
  15. The problem with coming back is that you leave behind a good job and may not get it back when you return. You lose out on your seniority, etc, and may not only have to compete with the unemployed, but may also have to take a lower paying job. Needless to say, I think making the move would be a great adventure, and it beats being old and asking what if and what could haves, etc. Money can always be made, so as long as you don't care about losing money in the process, I say go for it. I have the same risk questions, but I'm still going to go ahead with it