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  1. Hi Ruth, clare and I are definitely up for a manly bar crawl on Saturday. Good choice of venue as we live just round the corner. See you there at 7pm. Dan
  2. Evans D

    Sydney drinks?

    Hi Melissa / pete, locked onto your post as you mentioned you were based in Manly. Clare and I have recently moved here from Reading, into sports / outdoors life and the odd beverage or 3! Would be keen to meet new locals so get in touch if you're up for it. Cheers dan
  3. Hi Tracey, Clare and I are in a similar position. Recently moved, in our late 30's and enjoying the different life Manly offers but struggling to meet like-minded people. We're into sports, drinks out, outdoor life and have our own barbie! It sounds like there's quite a group of us and we'd be keen to meet up with everyone. For instance, anyone keen on watching England hopefully stumble to a win on sat in the rugby world cup?? Cheers Dan