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  1. jamesandsarah

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi is any one doing or has done the MRAEL Electrical gap course for a Queensland electrical licence? within the last year? I've already emigrated and I'm carrying out the course but I'm finding the course assessor less than helpful. On certain questions there is no guide to how complex the answer needs to be. If anyone is doing it and wants to swap ideas re answers please feel free to message me thanks James
  2. jamesandsarah

    Car Sales Executives

    Hi I have previous experience in working in car dealerships in the uk for Mercedes, Audi, and BMW and I would be looking to potentially explore this as an avenue of work in Australia. (I land next week)(also a qualified electrician) It states that I would need a motor trade sales licence which I have googled and found the application form from qld.gov, however I'm unclear if I would fall into the salesperson (broker) category or if I would need to sit some other exams (it lists ones that cover selling cars but also parts etc) If anyone has made the move and now does this kind of work and has gone through this process I would welcome any advice. Kind regards James
  3. jamesandsarah

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    We were granted our 189 visa today!! Direct Grant. Good luck to everyone and hope you all hear very soon!!
  4. jamesandsarah

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    We submitted for a 189 on 1/10/16. Front loaded medicals, police checks and forms 80 and 1221. I am so impatient - checking my emails already!
  5. jamesandsarah

    My Health Assessment - Status - Incomplete

    I think there is a glitch on immi site. There is a message on the home page after you log in to your immi account saying something like it will say incomplete but wont affect the medical process.
  6. jamesandsarah

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi Gene, you need to make sure that the course you do is the latest city and guilds course that includes an Nvq which would also include an AM2. This will also issue you with a completion certificate. This would then give you the correct qualifications to register as an electrician with the JIB. The five week courses do not cover enough. It might teach you how to add a plug or an extra light fitting etc but it won't teach you about motor controls, transformers and all the electrical science you need. Once you have this you need to have three years post qualifiying experience to apply for a skilled visa. Then once you have done all of that you then do further training in OZ. My my advice if your looking for a trade to get you to Oz don't choose the electrical one.
  7. jamesandsarah

    Which ANZSCO code for ANMAC?

    Thank you both
  8. jamesandsarah

    Which ANZSCO code for ANMAC?

    Hi, We are planning to apply for a 189. I'm preparing my paperwork for ANMAC but unsure which ANZSCO code to use? I'm a registered mental health nurse but didn't practice- I instead topped up to a degree (Health visiting) and have been a HV for 2 years. Therefore, do I use code RN (NEC) on the basis that HV's don't really exist in the same way in Australia or do I use RN child and family health? thank you
  9. jamesandsarah

    Complex issue with ex partner - mediation woes

    Ive just looked at my original contact order and it does state I need leave from the court to relocate the children. Looks like I will be completing the C100 after all. Im awaiting a call back from my solicitor I used during the last case to give me clarification. Im hoping that now he has finally said Yes - it will be a formality only.
  10. jamesandsarah

    Complex issue with ex partner - mediation woes

    Good news I think!! My ex has now agreed to the children relocating to Australia both verbally and via an email. He has agreed to sign for 1229. He is in Scotland and will be getting a JP to certify his ID. Is there any specific wording needed for certifying? We are also planning to have a statutory declaration drawn up - for my peace of mind if anything. However, I've been trawling through past posts and threads on here and Im worried that 1229 and a stat declaration may not be enough. There is a contact order in place (indirect contact only) and I have residence. Do I also have to have a court order even if my ex has signed the above mentioned forms?
  11. Hi any help please Ford Ranger 3.2 limited manual 15K miles current UK value £16K 63 plate is it worth it? looking at going in a year so value probably around £14K then but mileage would only be 21K miles interested in your thoughts thanks
  12. jamesandsarah

    Complex issue with ex partner - mediation woes

    Thank you!! It is just so frustrating... x
  13. Hi all, We have a dilemma regarding my ex partner not giving consent to my 14 and 17 year old to emigrate and I a) need to rant and b) need advice! Some background; (sorry... its a long one...) I left my ex in 2002 due to domestic abuse I experienced from him. Contact with the children then became erratic. There followed a CAFCASS report which recommended indirect contact between him and the children. an INDIRECT contact order was granted in 2008 stating indirect contact only , 3 times a year (Via MGM) and that he should not make any effort to locate us. We have not heard from him since 2010. My children have not had any physical contact with him since xmas 2004. I tracked him down 3 months ago to ask him to sign form 1229. He dragged it out for over 10 weeks and refuses to sign. Both children have messaged him via Facebook and he still refuses stating he needs to see them face to face to judge if it is in their best interest!!!! Both the girls refuse to meet him. He's even had the cheek to deny all knowledge of a contact order or CAFCASS report. We took legal advice and was advised to attempt mediation. The mediators met with him today and from all accounts he has played the charmer. They then met with the children separately . This is where it gets complicated.... They spent 90 minutes trying to convince the girls to meet with him to reconcile a relationship. I had to step in eventually to say it would not be appropriate. I even showed them the contact order, the CAFCASS report and 6 years worth of legal paperwork. It has been left that both children have to write a letter to him via the mediation service stating their reasons why they want to emigrate! It all seems so unfair. The girls are angry and upset and don't want anything to do with him. I know my ex won't consent despite the girls writing as he has already implied in emails that he won't do it because its what 'I' want. It's a continuation of the emotional abuse and control I previously suffered. At what point can I proceed to a court application? Has anyone had any experience of going through this where an existing contact order is in place?? It seems mad to me that we are being held to ransom by someone who hasn't bothered for over 10 years. Im aware that my eldest is nearly 18 therefore consent won't be necessary but my 14 year old won't be 16 for nearly 2 years - we can't wait that long as want to move over next summer. sorry for the long winded post - any help greatly appreciated....
  14. jamesandsarah

    Consent from absent father

    Hi all, Sorry to hijack the thread - but we are going through the same issues. I have a 17 and 14 year old. Not seen Biological father since 2005. Contact order in place stating indirect contact only (i.e.; letters etc). My ex refuses to consent to me taking the children to Oz. The children are meeting with the mediation service tomorrow afternoon. Any ideas what we can expect? I don't think for a second he'll change his mind though so we will probably have to go to court....
  15. Now you've survived AHPRA Am I right to assume they were satisfied with criteria 8 being met just by your diploma? Also, have you been granted supervision conditions with your registration or any notation?