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  1. Toussaint

    Moving back to England ruined my life

    Will you you ever stop?
  2. Toussaint

    What's a liveable wage in Southeast UK?

    So I take it from that bold statement you have spent time living in both places?
  3. Toussaint

    A visit changed my mind....

    Im im sure ignorance does come into it, but I believe resenment, rejection and jealousy play a major part. My own brother has ignored all attempts at contact for the last five years, for no good reason I can see.
  4. Toussaint

    A visit changed my mind....

    The he usual words of wisdom from Quoll! I can relate to this thread, first to the OP, we nearly chucked it after 18 months, back in 2009. We came home for three weeks and I nearly didn't return, so miserable was my first 18 months in OZ. But, by a quirk of fete myself and my daughter got very bad ENT infections and couldn't fly, I not only didn't enjoy my last week of couch surfing and wanted to get "home" to OZ , we decided we we would stay for citizenship and in The ensuing three years life took off for us and we started living the life we were expecting. We came home, UK, again in November / December 12, this time I realised things had moved on too far, and I had been deluding myself in my pining for England, I didn't like it one bit and made up my mind that we would never return to live, and returned to Australia with a new zest. Not long after that the wheels came off, details I can't go into here, one year later we found ourselves back in the same house we had lived in for eighteen years prior to emigrating, and now I am working with the same people I worked with ten to Fifteen years ago! It can be really depressing ( no well meaning advice needed at this juncture thanks), I can fully concur with Quoll, you leave scars, and a lot of resentment, we saw more of family and friends in our two visits home than we have in the eighteen months we have been back, and as for my colleagues still talking the same drivel now that they were 15 years ago, now that is depressing. Once more for good effect ... No advice please!
  5. Thank you for all your responses, she is a bit restricted as a single mum, she is also approaching 21, the move back has disrupted her education somewhat. What is infuriating is the government will throw a lot of my money at her in the form of income support, housing benefit and tax credits should she choose to claim them all as she is in low paid work, but there seems little in way of helping her towards financial independence. There has been a lot of recent discussion about her / us returning to OZ for this and other reasons. My youngest will be ready for UNi in two years, it's less than half the cost in oz plus you can normally stay at home and commute.
  6. Dual citizenship, we were not expecting to return anytime soon.
  7. Toussaint

    sledging has nolace in sport.

    I'd pay that price!
  8. We moved back to the UK in February 2014, we were in Australia for 6 years. My daughter has been refused student funding and places on apprenterships and just everything else she has tried. She has had her WACE assessed as 4 A levels grade C or above, ( it costs quite a bit to have them assessed more accurately) , she was awarded a place on the degree of her choice but then the wheels came off, the problem stems from living out of the country, she is now considered a foreign student, therefore liable for full fees and not eligible for a student loan. This is despite us keeping our house, bank accounts and other interests in th UK and being long term tax payers. Has anyone else encountered these issues and does anyone know of a solution? She is desperate to start moving her life forward. thanks
  9. Toussaint

    What will the Government mess up next?

    It it certainly would be a shock, and it would definitely shock the asx and it would shock other developed economies and not in a good way. The greens influence in the Gillard coalition just about derailed the economy in the middle of a huge boom. I actually think rather than being behind the rest of the world Australia leads a lot of thinking, the rest of the world is leaning to the right of centre with conlict, tension and the constant threat and actual terrorism, Abotts foreign policy is much admired oversees. Just my opinion, and you are of course entitled to vote for what you think is right, and I don't mean that to be patronising. I voted for Abbott, but in my opinion he was always on a sticky wicket following the previous wasteful regime.
  10. Toussaint

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    Me neither, sounds like a biohazard
  11. Toussaint

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    I'm sure it empties out pretty quickly when you arrive:wink:
  12. Toussaint

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    Being good is a completely different discussion, this discussion is / was concerning the standard of living / comparative cost of living. There are many wonderful things about living in Britain, but standard of living isn't one if them, unless you got your feet under the table a long time ago.
  13. Toussaint

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    I feel you are also.
  14. Toussaint

    Are we kidding ourselves ?

    Lucky you, but petrol is still the same in pence as it is in cents, therefore half the price in Australia , irrespective of your personal fuel economy.