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  1. Steve n Mel

    New to oz - western suburbs

    Hi Neil how you are you guys doing? 7 weeks in you must still be in holiday mode I guess which is great, we've been here somewhat longer but just a little north of you guys in St Clair, were late 30s with a 5 year old son
  2. Steve n Mel

    Campbelltown and Penrith - Bad reputations?

    Ah Maryrose has given me a giggle we were the same always living in the city or northern beachs for years we also went with the westie jokes until visiting a friend who lived out west, so quiet and friendly, as always theres good and bad but hey we made the move out west to st Clair and for the first time I have great family friendly neighbours that are all just great a super quiet street with a good plot and big house and half the price of what we had in the city. ​its not all bad out west lol
  3. Ah feeling re-vitalised by pio, just picked up again after an email from an old thread. ​We are west sydney in St Clair with a 5 year old and love the area, but after reading a few pom lines missing the old friends again so if anyone's up for a meet up when we have some more newbies count us in.
  4. Steve n Mel

    Cost of living in Sydney suburbs - a mums perspective....

    I think that shows how much I don't read invoices lol, but your right it is pretty good when you consider how much time they spend there. ​
  5. Steve n Mel

    Cost of living in Sydney suburbs - a mums perspective....

    Hey Cal, I must admit gymnastics does seem to be more expensive our little ones paying just under 400 for his 10 weeks, think its the insurance cost maybe? Oops and a sorry to Bridget for spelling her name wrong earlier, I'm bad, oh wolves youl find some deals the same way but I must admit on our last uk holiday it did feel much cheaper back there, which was why I jumped in not sure if it was a perception or reality?
  6. Steve n Mel

    Cost of living in Sydney suburbs - a mums perspective....

    Hi Bidget, Firstly welcome to Oz, certainly from our perspective a family of three we pay out around the same, but wondered how do you find the comparison to the uk now? we've been here 10 years so a little out of touch after only going back to the uk in holiday mode. We actually lived out by you when we first moved to Oz, great for family and actually pretty easy to get around from, highly recommend hills area to new family's. hope you continue to enjoy what oz has to offer ​
  7. I think your right that there is a shortage of good mechs, but as an employer (not bike mechs) the type of position would be hard to employee a site unseen employee that's probably going to take atleast 3 months to get over. For me it's usually the time factor, however I would say I do like working with people that make a big move knowing how hard it is us that have gone through it tend to have good work ethics, so I often interview even if the CV doesn't jump out for anything else, can find a few gems.
  8. Steve n Mel

    Glenmore Park

    Hi there not been floating around the PIO site for a while and come across your Glenmore park post, we did look around the area a little while ago and seemed a very nice spot we ended up still out west in quiet suburb St Clair which is pretty close, was just a little easier for commute to work. Hows your move going any further updates, happy to help out where we can, there are some more Poms in west syd which I am sure can give some advise too. Steve & Mel, oh and Mikey (4)
  9. Steve n Mel

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    Thats all good mate, we can remember how crazy it is the first couple of months, just drop us a line when you up to it. Steve
  10. Steve n Mel

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    Some great advice from Mark, really is valuable to spend time with the agents so they know what you want and they will give you a good wrap to the landlord, and the domain sites etc is good as a tool to see the approx rental cost but mostly the properties are on so late they are gone. So where did you end up Mark? youl be in wait of the shipping now then? not fun watching the tracking screen of where all your belongings are in the world and having an empty house. Steve
  11. Hey were crazy late 1pm but thought we would get lunch anyway anyone still here
  12. Well we should be there all being well, have a sniffly 4 year old at the mo but hopefully will be over it by Sunday, if I could get a contact number or two would be great to find you all. cheers Steve
  13. Hey all, we still on for Sunday????? 11am
  14. Steve n Mel

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    Hi Mark, Great that everything is smooth so far, one of the worst things is getting a good rental as there is a shortage and a lot of investors don't keep properties up to date, but there are some good ones out there. I hear that Starr partners and proffesionals ( st Mary's offices) do a fair amount of the rental management in st Clair. As for a BBQ and beer for sure mate let us know when your free. Steve
  15. Steve n Mel

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    SOOOOO did you arrive in one piece, still jet lagged???? I think you brought the sun but also some cold nights