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  1. Kelandpete

    Automotive Technician _ Sponsorship available

    Hi we are looking to hire a mechanic ASAP in Brisbane !!!
  2. Kelandpete

    mechanic wanted in brisbane

    Still looking !!!!!
  3. Kelandpete

    Reliable car Mechanic needed Logan area QLD

    missed this one msg if your still stuck
  4. mechanic wanted !!! to work in a small but very busy workshop in brisbane west excellent pay (more than any dealer) would suit somone who is time served 15 years min A/c and diagnostic skills a must We need a true A grade tech thanks !
  5. Kelandpete

    Anyone in Brisbane?

    Hi, We have only been here 3mts also a mechanic/ mrs stays a home with the kids its a bit of a mad house (39 and 33+ 2 4 5 and 6)were in jindalee so feel free to give us a shout !!!
  6. Hi , Were in jindalee close to you we have 4 kids aged 2`4`5 and 6 we have only been here 3mts so if you fancy a coffee give us a shout !!!!
  7. Kelandpete

    The shippers are here!

    Will need some luck have not told them as only got our visa 2 weeks ago .... We have 14 weeks left But aged 2 3 5 and 6 so dont need to say yet as dont need the 3000 questions atm :biggrin:
  8. Kelandpete

    The shippers are here!

    hahaha chuck them in as well we havent told our kids yet as we have not said to anyone were off yet ....... Did not think it would take 8/9 weeks hope its quicker to brisbane as we need to close our company and pack our tools !!!! Will look up John Mason and get a price thanks for the advice ...
  9. Kelandpete

    The shippers are here!

    Hi and good luck we have 14 weeks to sort everything out who did you use for your container ??
  10. Kelandpete

    Medical refered...

    visa at last after chasing it up we were it seems forgot about !!!! so after paying for a report happy days but got 15 weeks to get out of this place then brisbane here we come :biggrin:any one have a good company to ship our gear ??
  11. Kelandpete

    Medical refered...

    Well were still waiting bloody still says refered no reqest for more test etc getting bored of waiting still wish someone would just say whats happening feels like we have been put too one side :mad:
  12. Kelandpete

    Medical refered...

    ok just wondering why we are waiting its been 3mts and have not been requested more info just playing the waiting game ........ again Must be a back log the other meds took 6 days to clear :dull:
  13. Kelandpete

    Medical refered...

    Hi, He was showing signs of autism but at only 5 there not sure we sent a letter with the medicals that said that was not the case just needed some help with learning thats all !!!