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  1. Sahara77


    No always live in the same city, but instead of Melbourne processing our applications it looks like they where processed in Queensland.
  2. Sahara77


    Cheers Regional Victoria, however I think we got processed by the Brisbane office as when I changed my address in immi i received and email from this office requiring me to upload more documents. Cheers
  3. Sahara77


    Hi All We applied for citizenship on the 4th Feb 18 and we are both sitting our test on 1st Nov 18 so nearly a 9 month wait.
  4. Sahara77

    British passport for Child born in Oz

    You can apply online, I have just applied for a renewal, here is the link https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports It might be different for a new one. be aware that there is a big delay in the uk for passports at the minute also.
  5. Sahara77

    Yorkshire Pudding ........

    2 eggs 100g plain flour pinch of salt 300ml of milk i use the Bero recipe with an extra egg, good luck
  6. Sahara77

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Great news well done
  7. Sahara77

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    I would guess its because you aren't in Australia, if need to make sure you are registered to teach in NSW ALSO, good luck.
  8. Sahara77

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi tigerstripes you will need to upload both transcripts and certificates for your degree and PCGE as proof you have 4 years of tertiary study. You need to prove you completed as well as passed. I hope this helps. cheers.
  9. Sahara77

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    For those looking for jobs in Victorian state schools this is where to look http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/careers/pages/advacssch.aspx you need to also be VIT registered and have 4 years of tertiary study. i teach science and a little maths in victoria in a state school and my husband teaches English and media in an independent school. happy to help with info good luck peeps.
  10. Sahara77

    Boarding school experiences

    I work in a girls boarding house at a school in Victoria, we also have a boys house. Boarding schools in Australia don't seem to have the same clintel as in the uk. A lot of our students are from rural locations and education wise this is the best option for them. This is my 1st experience of working in a school and I absolutely love it and our 70 girls. I loved it so much I am about to finish my teaching qualification. If you have any other specific questions I will try and answer them.
  11. Sahara77

    Camping with kids - help!

    We live in Victoria and just went on our 1st family camping trip last week to Mildura. We stayed in a Big4 which have great facilities for kids (mine are, 9, 6 and 3yrs). It was hard work as it was our first attempt with a few set backs but we will defiantly doing it again. We have one of those little stoves and it was great really quick to cook on.
  12. You will find it very difficult to get a biology only teaching job, I am nearly finished my grad dip for teaching in Victoria (iam from the uk) most science teachers are expected to teach maths and another science. Good luck
  13. Sahara77

    Redundancy and moving back to the UK?

    We got our 187 PR IN 4 weeks and also hadn't been working for the employer for 2 years. So it s possible.
  14. Sahara77

    English Section in the supermarkets

    Couldn't live without Irn bru, the best hangover cure !!
  15. Sahara77

    Where do we start?!?

    You really need to decide where you want to go as in victoria you need to be VIT registered to teach my husband was also a deputy head teacher and had a job to come to but as a teacher, he may need to work his way up the ranks again even with all that experience. We came 18 months ago with our 3 children without ever being to Australia or doing a reccie. We also still have a house in the Uk that we rent out with no issues. It's worth looking on the TES site for jobs in Australia that's where I saw my husband job. You also need to have 4 years of university to teach here so a 3 year degree and a 1 year post grad as a min. I hope this helps good luck.