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  1. reubanz

    how much approx is a single person visa?

    Maybe. I've been told before that's its a kind of unwritten rule that you stay at least a year, maybe two. That's reassuring though, thankyou. I'll maybe just shop around for a job where I can stay only one year and then see what happens
  2. reubanz

    how much approx is a single person visa?

    Thanks I'll have a look. What I mean is, with a proper visa I can go for whatever duration I like. But with a sponsorship, I believe I'd have to agree to stay/work for two years for the sponsor to recoup their costs
  3. I was hoping someone could give me a rough idea of how much money I'd need to get a visa to allow me the right to live/work in Australia. Also do you need a good financial situation to get a visa, even where I'd be leaving a job in the UK for one over there. I'd be able to get sponsored (experienced midwife/nurse) but I'm reluctant to want to commit to being away for 2 years at 34 when I'd ideally like a family. I believe I'd need to agree to around 2 years for the 457. Just looking at life options. It's not easy.
  4. reubanz

    Glastonbury.....ever been, great line up this year.

    Greenman is amazing!!!!!!!!! My fave event of the year!! I'll miss it when I finally get to Oz!!!
  5. reubanz

    Best part of Melbourne to live

    Nope! I went to Errington and Bydales! I live in Kildale just now, but will be Australia bound next!!
  6. reubanz

    Best part of Melbourne to live

    No way!!!!! I'm from Marske-By-The-Sea!!!!
  7. reubanz

    Nurse sponsorship. Savings needed?

    Yes, that's great, thankyou. I'd like to head for Melbourne and stay there a while but would like to do some rural/remote midwifery once settled in a bit! I'm open minded though, will have to see what happens!!
  8. reubanz

    Official nurses thread!

    Thanks Lorna, the agency never mentioned it. Sounds ludicrous!! x
  9. reubanz

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi all, can someone please clear this up for me! I've heard that to be sponsored in Australia (experienced dual qualified nurse/midwife) you need substantial savings prior to going, i.e around £10k. Surely this can't be true?!? I'd be leaving my job here for a job there and whilst I expect everything to be extremely expensive, it's surely not a requirement to have that kind of money tucked away in order to be sponsored??
  10. Can I just check...I'm a experienced dual qualified nurse/midwife. I'm working on my AHPRA application currently and require sponsorship. My agent has never mentioned me requiring any savings set aside for the move over ,is this required?? Obviously I'll be leaving my job here to go to a job there. I'd try to save as much money as possible but am unlikely to have a significant amount. Is this a problem??
  11. reubanz

    Best part of Melbourne to live

    Where in Middlesbrough are you from tashpotato? I'm from there and moving to Melbourne, hopefully January. Hope you're enjoying it, no change here!!
  12. Tom Kelly you can take me for a drink at the Vic when I get there! (and others also!!). You'll only have to wait 6 months!!
  13. Does anyone, or has anyone, ever come to Australia on a holiday, say a long holiday staying with friends/family, and ended up being offered a job and staying on a 457 visa? I'm just wondering if it's possible!!
  14. reubanz

    Nusring & Midwifery

    Thankyou nic1171, makes much more sense now!!
  15. reubanz

    Nusring & Midwifery

    Hi there! I'm soon to begin my AHPRA process. I've been in touch with my University and they will only send my transcriptions of learning directly, when I give them an address in Australia to send it to. I'm not sure where to send it and what I would need to do to inform them of it's impending arrival! I had previously thought that you sent in everything together. Also, I'm confused over this ANMAC thing? Is that always part of AHPRA or something separate!!?