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  1. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Community too!!!! My husband is community in the UK - hopefully he will definitely secure something before we leave but if not it may be easier on the ground. Wow that's slow re houses!! I think I may try to get some lined up before we get there then! Loads of the houses have been on for ages so turnaround doesn't seem to be rapid! Or perhaps demand! I have booked an aparthotel for 17 days so want something in that timescale ideally! will get hubby onto the car hire ? Cheers ?
  2. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Did you book the car on arrival as thats what we might just do. We are quite flexible with the rental but prefer it to be near work for one of us so we can get away with one car if possible! Sounds great! Did you just call the rental agencies up regarding rentals? I have seen a few I like but too early to do anything really! Prices seem reasonable too. Hope you find something soon! My husband has an interview this week so fingers crossed!! Are you working at the hospital? :-)
  3. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Hi he is a community nurse but happy working in aged care too. Have you arrived yet? Did you hire a car? Looking for companies at the moment. Hope it is going well! Can't believe we will be there next month!
  4. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Thanks Eera - any idea on a timescale to secure a rental? We have a short-term let but would like to secure a rental asap after we arrive. I like the look of Burcasia and had read that about some areas. I will drop you a pm re specific areas too :-)
  5. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Ooooooh exciting!!! Have you secured a rental or are you looking when you arrive? Will be really interested to know how it goes! My husband asks what area of nursing do you work in? We arrive the 16th August :-)
  6. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    There are loads of flights from Brisbane to Mackay so we will fly when time is limited. Quite a few of my friends like the idea of hiring a camper van and doing the drive!
  7. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Cheers Bobj looks great! Hopefully we will get something relatively quickly :-)
  8. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    Thanks Bobj - will tell other half to check those links out. Going to stay in a holiday rental for 2 weeks and have a look at what is available when we arrive. Thats great re commute time for that distance! I am looking at Bucasia as a possible area so assuming that won't take me too long to get to work (south of the river) Cheers
  9. Geordielass44

    Moving to Mackay

    I have accepted a job in Mackay and will be relocating in August. I have read a lot of the threads about the city but they seem to be a few years old so I have a few questions to those living in or around! 1. How easy/hard are rentals to get? I read a few years ago it was quite a challenge but not sure that is the situation at present? Have my eye on Burcasia and Rural View. 2. My husband is a nurse (community for the past 3 years) so would prefer to continue with that area - any community nurses in Mackay? Is the hospital a possibility for a job too? Salary is in the region of $100K all in for me - is that liveable until my husband gets work (I have calculated we should be ok but just checking - there is only the 2 of us plus dog) Cheers PS it looks like a stunning area!!
  10. Geordielass44

    Any special needs teacher had successful skills assessment?

    hi Leah it was a few years ago i am afraid but it did take 10 weeks justabout to the day. I also applied for the visa in the days before you needed an invite. We have had the visa 3 yrs but only heading over next year! Good luck hope your response is positive and arrives quickly, tracy
  11. Geordielass44

    Any special needs teacher had successful skills assessment?

    Hi Leah I successfully applied for the visa as a secondary school teacher rather then through the SEN route. The additional 45 days of teaching practice for SEN meant I couldn't qualify for the SEN teacher visa, Tracy
  12. Geordielass44

    Nottingham to Townsville on a PR - Family of 5!

    That's fantastic thanks for sharing, my husband qualified last year and I have been following your story. We have had the visa for a while but hopefully be heading to Queensland next year. So glad everything is working out. Keep us up to date please. Tracy
  13. Geordielass44


    Congratulations! We already have PR but we have had to wait until my husband qualified as a nurse (last Sept) to start planning the move. We are hoping to head for the Sunshine Coast but not until the end of October next year.. ....Deciding exactly when to apply to Ahpra is proving diffciult! As i will finish at end of school year in July 2016 we want at least a few months to get to Australia - as much as possible overland (daughter will be at Uni in UK so we can take our time) so based on your timescales looks like July this year would be good. Do you have until a specific date in March next year to present or anytime during that month?
  14. Geordielass44

    Special Needs Teacher AITSL cirteria, help please!

    yes it looks like the criteria have changed and there is now no need for the additional 45 days supervised teaching practice which is great news! It was over three years ago i applied to AITSL though!
  15. Geordielass44

    Special Needs Teacher AITSL cirteria, help please!

    Hi to be honest i think they didn't know and had to do a lot of finding out - but they did a lot of work! I also went with them as my original BA degree was from a university in South Africa and they are a company who deal with a lot of South Africans and had secured visas for other friends in SA. i will PM you their details if you want though.