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    What to do with UK money?

    We were in the same predicament as your colleague. We've ended up bringing over the minimum deposit required and got a mortgage that lets us pay interest only for 5 years. After the 5 years it reverts back to repayment mortgage but by then house prices and the exchange rate hopefully have gone up and we can either bring the rest of our money over or sell the house and do a bit better on each one.
  2. Danmon


    Same with me Goldyshell, I applied 22nd October, got the confirmation email in a few minutes and nothing since.....
  3. Danmon


    Anyone here applied from Bunbury WA? I applied at the end of October and got the confirmation email on the same day but have heard nothing since. Danny
  4. Danmon

    Health insurance Question

    I've just been stung for an extra 34% on the policy for my family. I was on a 457 from 2012 until 2014 with a reciprocal agreement. We had private health which I just found out didn't include hospital cover, everything else except hospital cover. Just went to upgrade so we are covered and have been told that where I didn't obtain hospital cover in the twelve months after I was registered for Medicare I will have to pay the Lifetime Health Cover loading of 2% for every year over 31 years of age even though I've only been in the country for 4 years. I'm 46 and my partner is 49 so it averages out at an extra 34%. Quite a whack when you add it all up. Just another way for the government to get money from you.....
  5. Danmon

    Advice on UK Flights

    We've just came back from the Uk. We flew via KL with Malaysia Airlines which were great. Had a 380 airbus on the long leg from KL to Heathrow which is why we chose it. Managed to get in the upstairs economy section which made boarding and getting off easier.
  6. Danmon

    Junior Rugby Bunbury

    Hi all, Are there any Rugby Union coaches or budding coaches wanting to get involved in the local Junior Rugby Club for this coming season in Bunbury. We are the Bunbury City Bulls Junior Rugby Club and have age groups from under 7 to under 17 and are looking for people to get involved with us. We are a very friendly, forward looking family orientated club and would love to have you on board. If you are interested please let me know and I can give you more information. Thanks Danny
  7. Danmon

    PR from a 457 what now?

    Hi everyone, I've just got my PR after being on a 457 for two and a bit years and I was wondering what I have to do now. Are there any Gov agencies or departments I have to notify? I have two kids at school so was wondering about Centerlink, ATO and Medicare etc. I'm from England so I'm covered by the Medicare reciprocal agreement but do I need to notify them I'm PR now? thanks Danny
  8. Danmon

    Down Under Live Expo - Help!!

    I went to an expo in London but only because I knew that there was a company in my field who were there. If there were no companies there that would take on someone with my skill set then I wouldn't have gone. I met the company reps with my CV and ended up having a theory test and interview there and then. Shortly after I was offered a job and relocation package. In that respect the Expo was excellent as I don't think I would have stood a chance if I had just emailed them. Being able to speak to someone face to face was a lot better for both me and the company. If they weren't there or I didnt know they were going to be there I wouldn't have bothered going just on the off chance...
  9. Just heard today from an unofficial source that the school fees will be post phoned until 2015. Good news if its true..
  10. Danmon

    No bank cards for 457 visa holders

    I opened a Westpac account while I was still in the UK. I called their London office and they were able to send my EFTPOS cards to me at my UK address. Might be worth giving them a call.
  11. Danmon

    HR license

    I think it depends on what classes of vehicle you have on your UK licence and when you got it. I had groups B,C and D on mine, never driven them in my life but they were on my licence as you were allowed to drive them after you passed your test in the UK. All I did was I went into the Department of transport office in WA with my UK licence and swopped it over to a WA category C licence which covers you for normal cars. I then did the online theory test (the answers are on the wa dept of transport website) and got my HR learners permit. It was a very easy process. I did a two day course with the test at the end and got my HR licence. I did mine in Bunbury and there were a few lads who had come down from Perth to do the HR course here as there was a big waiting list for courses in Perth. It might be wise to make a few enquiries with some training schools just to see what the waiting time is. hope this helps Danny
  12. Danmon

    Linesman Trade Test

    Ive pm'd you mate.
  13. Danmon

    QLD police fines

    In England if you've committed an offence (no matter how minor) the Police have the power to ask your name date of birth and address. This is so you could be summons to court at a later date. If you fail to give any of those details or the police are not happy with the details you give them then yes they have the power to arrest you until they can determine your real details. Yes they can drag you down the station kicking and screaming. I'm sure it's not too dis similar in Qld, otherwise people could do what they want and not have any comeback...
  14. Danmon

    Family Tax Benefits

    I arrived March last year and did my tax return via a tax accountant. I didn't have to declare any UK income and only declared my Australia income from the day I arrived. They said as I hadn't been a resident of Australia before I didn't have to declare UK income. If I had been a resident previously I would of had to declare it which would have been very difficult. They specialised in tax and know what they are doing and I didn't get any queries from the tax office. hope that helps..
  15. Hello, would anyone know what if any financial benefits there are for having PR rather than being on a 457 visa. The reason being is that with the loss of lafha it has become more difficult to live and I'm debating asking my employer if they would change my visa. Thanks