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  1. vinny1275

    Room to rent needed in Perth

    Thanks Jules, I've sent you a PM. Thanks, Vince
  2. (I'm going to go through Gumtree and PerthPoms as well, but there's no harm in asking...) Arrived in Perth a couple of weeks ago, and owing to a misunderstanding between my wife and her cousin about how long I'd need to stay in their house, I'm looking for somewhere to live short term. I'm currently looking for a job, but have savings to pay for a room while I find one... About me - I'm 34, non smoker, IT geek by trade. I'm friendly, easy going, house trained, enjoy running. Good with animals / children (at last count, I'm on 12 nephews and nieces, and a great-uncle to another 4)... I'd expect to need somewhere for 4 - 6 weeks, and need to be out of the place I'm in within about a week. Location not really important as long as it's relatively easy to get into the city by public transport. Any takers? Cheers, Vince
  3. vinny1275

    For Sale: 3 bed Detached house in Swindon

    Hi Onks, I'm not I'm afraid - I'm an IT geek.. are you after advice from plumbers in particular, or just the migration process in general? Cheers Vince
  4. As per the title really... Can't find anywhere in the KrisFlyer stuff - if you redeem miles for a ticket, do you still earn miles on that flight? Cheers, Vince
  5. vinny1275

    applying for TFN before arriving in Oz?

    No problems - that's one thing off my to-do list already! Thanks M2M
  6. Morning all, Just looked at applying for my TFN before I head over in January - the beginning of the process says only to do it if you're in Australia - I'm sure I've seen on the forums people getting one before they go. I can use a relative's address for correspondence, can I get it done before I head over? Cheers Vince
  7. Apparently Oz and Germany use the same frequency ranges, so if you can reprogram your set-top box / TV to match Germany, it *should* work - I've not tried this as I'm not there yet, but it's something I've picked up from the forums.... HTH Vince
  8. Hi all, Well, notice is now handed in, and I'm off to Oz in January. So, the house is up for sale - detached house in a quiet area, easy access to the M4, commutable to Oxford / Bristol / Reading / London. Everything in the house is fairly recent - kitchen is only 2 years old, lounge floor only a few months, nothing needs doing, you can move right in. Large detached garage, and parking for 4 cars. Details and piccies here Thanks, Vince
  9. vinny1275

    Love my job hate my employer

    If your application has been submitted, then just send a revised CV with the new role in it. As long as you're changing into the same sort of role, it won't change your chances of getting a visa... If it's not gone in yet, just get an updated copy to your agent... HTH Vince
  10. So, have we decided where we're meeting?
  11. vinny1275

    Help Required!!! ACS skills assessment

    Put in as much detail as you can, including examples of projects you've worked on. A 1 liner saying involved in requirements gathering doesn't tell them anything - software users are involved in that as well as analysts & developers. ACS will assume nothing about your skills and experience, they will only go by what's in your documentation. I wrote my own reference to ensure it had the correct amount of technical detail in it, and asked my line manager to sign it for me....
  12. Claire and I will be out there on our recce to sydney, so we'll be happy to come along. Dont't know anywhere in the city, so we'll be happy going wherever...
  13. Yup, just fill in the form - they might ask for evidence of it, but it'll be no problem. I put in my firearms experience for my time in cadets, and they asked for my military discharge certificates - I explained to them that I was only 14 when I started and sent a link to the cadet website - they took it with no problems...
  14. My sister-in-law would make most men blanch with her habits - farting, burping, picking at stuff, chewing her toenails - once when she was at ours she was chewing her toenails, and unnoticed by the rest of us, depositing the results in an empty cup. They were still in there after the cup had been through the dishwasher (Luckily for me Claire found them..) Bleurgh!
  15. vinny1275

    Celebrity torch bearers

    I was joking about John Terry - a reference to him going up and collecting the trophy after Chelsea won the Champions League, even though he didn't play in the game having been previously given a red card....