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  1. This is the same for us my sister set it up last night from UK and it was coming in $300 less and rate hasn't moved, I'll speak to her later but wondering are there hidden costs bit annoyed as I recommend moneycorp after reading on here!
  2. Libbysmummy

    GCSE schools and college age 16

    Being on a 457 visa wasn't a problem my son was offered an apprentiship in year 11 when he started school that was in Qld. I think they are getting rid of the OP thing anyway and if the kids get a low score they can do a year at TAFE to get into uni so same as Ali said don't worry too much know matter what you decide and whenever you come to oz your child will be able to do a course to get into uni
  3. Together 20 married 18, as my better half says would of got less for murder lol, off to work have a good day or night everyone x x
  4. Libbysmummy

    GCSE schools and college age 16

    There is TAFE but if your on 457 it's international fees, you don't pay for public schools in qld, my son was in his final year in uk and we come over jan he started year 11 here, they do year 11 and 12 for their op which gives them a score to go to uni etc they can also do an apprentiship through school one day a week starting year 11 all free, my eldest started school mid march, he graduated in November from public school no problem with a high op, good luck x
  5. Libbysmummy

    New toowoomba bypass

    The Higfields state school wil be off polzin road and mary mckillop next to the primary school site on highfields road, we have just got a new aldi at the corner of Griffith street and new england highway so saves a trip going into town My sons friend has just had a new home built in meringandan we go to he butchers down there thats really growing too lovely area
  6. Libbysmummy

    Teenagers not wanting to leave the UK

    I'm assuming your male as is something my hubby would say! My eldest is 17 at 6 foot 2 hes still my baby, 16 year olds may be aloud by law to do things but their not mature enough in my opinon although i remember thinking i knew it all at 16 haha
  7. Libbysmummy

    Teenagers not wanting to leave the UK

    I really feel for you its hard with teenagers but at 16 they are still children and dont know whats best for them so as parents it our job to make that decision for them, whether it turns out to be right is part of the learning process as unfortunately children dont come with a manual on how to raise them, which is such a pity! Good luck with your plans im sure she will settle and make friends and when she becomes an adult it out of your hands and the time comes for letting go
  8. Libbysmummy

    New toowoomba bypass

    couldnt agree more Highfields is fab we love it here and are going to build here this year, there are 2 high schools being built this year too its growing very fast, wish they'd sort out the train though that would be faster to get to brissie as to drive it a 1 hour 50 mins! The south of toowoomba is growing too Kearney springs the houses are flying up!
  9. Libbysmummy

    ........welcome 2014......

    Happy New Year may you all remain safe and healthy and lady luck smiles down on you x x
  10. Libbysmummy

    Highs and Lows 2013

    the worst losing my nan yesterday and unable to fly back for the funeral the best knowing the kids love it here and thank us constantly for bringing them here life is most certainly better for us!
  11. Libbysmummy

    UK to go Plastic Bank Notes

    yes they do rip but seem to survive the washing machine, which i can vouch for several times over!!!
  12. Libbysmummy

    Do you know what today is ?

    my daughters birthday! always say a prayer for those who have passed, bitter-sweet day
  13. Libbysmummy

    Is your child gifted?

    my daughter started here in 1st grade as she should have done for her age after 2 months they asked if they could give her an iq test which they did and they have bumped her up a year but in the class that accommodates advanced kids, her new school friends are almost 2 years older than her! Impressed with the schools here, not sure it would have happened in the uk, although my eldest 2 were classed as gifted and talented' I think they only moved her as she was becoming a teacher aid instead of pupil!!!
  14. Libbysmummy

    ASK FM Needs Banning

    Those poor children and their families, sent the link for it to be banned to family in the uk, cant believe people can be so evil! Hope there's a way for the comments to be linked back to these people and have them prosecuted or something!
  15. Libbysmummy

    Fast Track British Passport Processing

    we did ours a few months ago took 11 days via auspost they come from the embassy here, very suprised by the time but the price is stupid!