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  1. domestic goddess

    Hope Island

    I live in Coomera one exit up from hope island. My son has a friend who lives there, fab houses as said before mostly gated communities I have seen residents going around estate in golf buggys. Not many schools on that side you'll defo need your wheels pronto! ​All the best on your journey over to your new life
  2. Hi Gwen, I'm on the GC but are you on the Facebook page Irish families in Brisbane ? Just shout out where you are hopefully someone has same age kids
  3. domestic goddess

    Schools, House Rent, Cost of living

    Were on Genesis in Coomera been here on the Gold Coast since January we live it here. Sydney was ok but my kids didn't settle there. Up here is more like home. My boys play for runaway bay football.
  4. domestic goddess

    coomera waters

    Hi Thorpes There is club called Youth in Ormeau on a friday night 7-9.30 for teenagers, they have skateboarding, handball, ya can bring your own scooter, loud music sometimes a live band. Loads of kids from all over go to this including my own. Were on Genesis est it takes less than 10mins on the back road. If your son is wondering there is plenty of talent up :wink: lol
  5. domestic goddess

    Just a usefull Goldcoast link

    Pity the Gold coast event hasn't been updated it's still on 2011 but heres another one http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/t_standard2.aspx?pid=7450
  6. domestic goddess

    Schools, House Rent, Cost of living

    Hi Noob, We are a family of 5 and live on the Gold Coast but where in Sydney first. we paid $620 per week in Sydney for a large 4 bed house, but here we pay $520 large 4bed bungalow. Water usage is all you pay for not rates. Shopping will vary on size of your family were averaging 250-350pw. Australia is expensive but it's all relative when you work out your earnings in $$ and stop thinking in pounds or euro's, but ya will still compare. You will need a good few bob at your back to get set up over here I wish you and your family the best of luck. Yvonne
  7. domestic goddess

    Friends required

    Cheers Rudi I'll defo look it up I'm leaving behind a great bunch of friends I met through pomsinoz hope I'm lucky second time around
  8. domestic goddess

    Friends required

    Hi all moving up to Coomera on the 16th Jan from Sydney so at the minute the house looks like a bomb hit:wub: I should say were Irish I have 3 kids 15,13 and 10 So if anyone fancies meeting up for a cuppa or lives in Genesis or surrounding areas give me a shout:biggrin: Yvonne
  9. domestic goddess

    Fee paying schools in Helensvale / Coomera area

    Hi Roxaroo Were moving up to the Gold coast and we've decided to put our kids into Livingston Christian College we've heard great things about it from strangers. Religion really doesnt come into it if your paying as most kids in private schools over here aren't of the religion for the school as long as you don't mind them learning it.
  10. domestic goddess

    Starting to feel a bit like winter now!

    Were heading to the Gold coast for xmas do you think I could bribe the sun to come out by then??
  11. Ours took over 2 weeks from the time it arrived in Sydney, it depends how long customs decide to take and you have xmas coming too. fingers crossed you get it before the new year.
  12. domestic goddess

    Starting to feel a bit like winter now!

    Well this is our 1st christmas here and to be honest I can't get into the mood at all and I love xmas!! The tree is up, santa barely done. I'm watching people going around in shorts,dresses etc and singing xmas songs and I feel like I'm in a time warp:eek: Suppose it will just take some getting used to fingers crossed next year will feel better.
  13. domestic goddess

    Lafha to be abolished 2012

    Hi all my OH brought this info home about LAFHA so anyone on a 457 read on. Changes for Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) 01-Dec-2011 The Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA), once a lucrative incentive for highly paid migrants to linger in the twilight zone of temporary rather than permanent residency, has been reformed in a controversial government move to prevent tax fraud. The Australian Treasurer, Wayne Swan, confirmed the changes to LAFHA on 29 November 2011. The allowance, claimed by many 457 holders, provides for cash payments to cover the costs of living away from home, interstate and overseas travel. After reports that some foreign workers were receiving up to 90 per cent of their salary tax-free, and as part of the budget-cut program, the government decided to reform LAFHA to specifically prevent overseas workers from claiming back tax. In order to continue claiming the LAFHA one must maintain a home for their own use in Australia (rather than their home come country) from which they are living away from for work. For example if a 457 holder owned a home in Sydney and their company sent them to Melbourne for work. In addition individuals claiming the allowance need to demonstrate their actual expenditure on accommodation and food beyond a statutory amount rather then simply claiming “reasonable costs” as is currently the case. Some possible effects include: - highly paid skilled overseas workers/senior executives may be deterred from working in Australia if there are better tax incentives from other countries; - more 457 workers will now be attracted to become a permanent resident as there is no more tax incentives for them to remain a temporary resident. If you are currently holding a 457 visa and claiming the LAFHA for tax reasons and wish to now apply for permanent residency contact your migration agent in order to set the ball rolling. My apologizes if I've posted under the wrong thread.
  14. domestic goddess

    daughter's changed her mind 2 days before we fly

    They were travelling on the 12th I'm sure jetlag and finding there bearings has scuba occupied. I hope all worked out for them.
  15. domestic goddess

    Ugg boots

    Where are you living? If your near the city in Westfields has a UGG stall in the centre most shopping centres have these. The UGG name was sold to an american company so they won't be much cheaper than home.