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  1. Hi if you are seeking some support from others living in Darwin please join our FB group.https://m.facebook.com/groups/251221781722760?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fgroups%2F251221781722760%3Fref%3Dm_notif
  2. Saraloo81

    Mums/families in Darwin?

    Is this thread still active? If so did any of you get together for a meet?
  3. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    To all my full name is Sarah Waldram look for me on internal mail or make attempts now I you know how the NT Govt emails addresses are laid out. Don't wanna get told off for putting emails up here. Good luck to all wereever in the process you are it's an exciting challenge Sarah
  4. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    Hi cal123 if you search on seek.com.au you will come across the different agencies recruiting on behalf of the nT govt. each agency offers a similar relocation package which generally consists of flights, shipping of furniture/belongings, temp acomodation., short term hire car and visa application cost covered. You need to have some PQ child protection experience I think it's about 6-12 months, be Gscc registered and other than that you go through a normal interview process either via phone or face to face and then about three months later you will be on your way if you get the job. As far as choice you are given some preferences to make, it doesn't mean you will get it though. I haven't sold my house, we rented out. The housing market was so bad when we left it just didn't seem worth it. All in all, I turned up to an interview signed some forms and the rest of the stress was handled by the recruitment company and the NT govt workforce team. I was recruited by sugarman. Hope this helps Sarah
  5. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    That's sounds fine by me, it would be nice to meet up. Go luck with the move. Sarah
  6. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    I think this time of year jobs like that are a little less accessible but come the wet season things like that may change. I don't know for sure just going off what i have been told. There are a couple of special needs schools and some special needs residential facilities. The work for us is fr different from the UK is some ways because of the lack of systems and protocols and old fashioned legislation. I like it though, I am onto the challenge and looking forward to the many changes set for the NT. My case load averages about 20-25 how ever we hold a mix of family support, case management and CP. it's nothing like my case load back home juggling court, investigations, conferences etc. The pre training is a good introduction to the NT and Australia and I think you will take some valuable resources away as well as meet some other people. Good luck Sarah
  7. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    Hi Raptz 1981, it's all go I imagine, I too only had a week before starting but have managed to see so much. Every weekend we have drive out and gone somewhere different with the family. Its lovely weather at the moment, very bearable in fact most locals will say its cold. Not to a Brit though, it's just right. Dependent on what your other half does I am sure there will be something out there, buy the local paper on a sat once you get here that's where they all are as well gumtree and career one. Good luck with it all Sarah
  8. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    One suggestion is either all or nothing, we have lived for three months with just a suitcase each, the govt houses are well equipped and have everything you will need for the time waiting for belongings. You won't need a lot of clothes or shoes flip flops are standard dress. You will not need any winter type clothes...lol maybe a few cardigans as the office can get quite cold from a/c. Its hard to say what is a must, if you have it and it will fit in the container bring it. Electrical goods are cheaper here than the rest of oz as its so close to Asia. But we have sent our contents over and it due to arrive anytime now.
  9. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    We live I'm Anula in temp accomodation but moving to Brinkin this weekend into a short term let, my daughter attends nighcliff primary and we too hope to end up there after this let. It was just really hard finding somewhere to rent but that is due to it bring the dry and every body wants a piece of Darwin at this time of year. I thInk that every where is liable to potential flooding. Just a pitfall to living in the tropics. The weather since we have been here has been amazing so at least there is some guarenteed of beautiful weather aside of the tropical downpours. Mum hasn't really looked yet, she has a NZ passport and contacted a recruitment agency maybe the one you said they just told her to get in touch in August time and they will keep her updated with possible jobs. It's a stressful time I know, but all worth it on the end. X
  10. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    Ohhhh how exciting, my Mum is an RMN and is also coming out in October. I think this place is for people with an open mind, it's a bit like marmite (other yeast based spreads are available) you either love it or hate it. Most I have met love it, not suffered a wet season yet. But I believe it's survivable lol. You will arrive just in time for the well talked about "build up" Good luck
  11. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    As far recruitment goes for the others, I too used sugarman and they were very supportive. You work in a air conditioned office and have air conditioned cars so half the time at work you don't realise how hot it is out side. We have had no issue with high costs in fact we have saved quite a bit since being here. Busses are free for all students, so both my kids get on free. There are a few water parks scattered around that are either free or cheap and very good. The kids have loved it. My son has just walked into a job and will be starting college this week, lots of opportunities he never had at home. The only thing we have found to be expensive is eating out and drinks whilst out so we just stay at home and BBQ and go out once in a while there are the free bbqs all over and at the beach front so you are never short of a new place or new view. The work is different I spent the first few weeks saying " it's not like that back home" but have settled into it better, it's trying at times but what CP role isn't. Lots of things are changing here in the NT which is a good thing. There aren't as many brits here as other places, although its nice to hear a familiar accent now and again and there are a few here at work. This is the real Australia lots of indigenous Australians and a huge variety of other nationalities. It's an interesting place to live. Hope that helps Sarah
  12. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    Hi lychee not from wolves but lived for the past 7 years, lived on the Stafford rd in ford houses, my partner is from there and he is true yam yam. Send me your email, it would be nice to keep in touch, I am based at casuarina. It's a nice little team. Look forward to hearing from you. sarah thanks your reply. I think I'm going to be based in Casurina or Palmerstone, not sure yet. Are you orignially from Wolverhampton? thats where I'm from! Small world!!! We only have a few days before we go but would love to keep in touch once I'm there, who knows we may be working together? Im happy to message you my email address if thats okay? Lychee
  13. Hi stu and lou how did you get on? An update for you, should you still be thinking about it. We finally arrived in may and now work for child protection services here in Darwin, I like the work, it is an amazing experience.. We all love it, very family freindly lots of free things to do and it entertains all ages. Rent is high but there are still reasonably priced houses out there. We move into a 4bed house with pool next week by the sea 600 dollars a week. Let me know if you are still considering it. Sarah
  14. Saraloo81

    Social Workers moving to Darwin in 2012/13

    Hi lychee123456Hope your well, it is a big move but I can assure you for us it has been the best move ever. We moved out to Darwin in may. I too secured a post a dcf through the uk campaign. I am here with my partner son 17 and daughter 10. Do you know what team you will be on? Tell me a bit about your family dynamics and will let you know if I can relate any info back or just ask me specific questions and I will try to answer them.Good luck with it all, Darwin is a great place and is surrounded by beauty, it's blooming hot mind!! But we are coping well.Sarah
  15. Saraloo81

    Job market in the NT

    We arrive next week, I have a job but my other half and son will be looking for jobs. Thanks for advice will get the NT news bought on arrival. We are really excited now. Need to get schools sourced too, it will be a busy week or so on arrival. How long have you been there now j9blossom? HAve you settled ok? We will be staying in Alura initially and I will be based work wise in casuearina. thanks sarah