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  1. johny1946

    movers in tomorrow!!

    hello all, well the eve of the day the movers come is finaly here!! are we ready? u no way!! there seems so much to do still. i have a question though if anybody can help. we are putting clothes in the vac bags from argos(great by the way)you can get loads in and they go so small,but how much weight will the packers put in one box? i can make these clothes bails big but they get very heavy. any help would be great johny
  2. johny1946

    4 seasons in 1 day!?

    :daydreaming:hi we are also moving to melbourn in march 2012 and looking forward to the seasons, but reading your post made me have yo listen to the crowded house version!brought a tear to my eye (good memories)so thanks for that alone :wink:
  3. johny1946

    Dead Bird found in Salad

    well every little helps!!!!
  4. johny1946

    1st Quote from shipping company

    Hey woody, thanks for putting this up,it is very helpfull,we are also looking to ship at the start of dec. i have dad a few quotes now also,some fore sole use and some for groupage. johnmason gave me a quote via email but the wee over £1000 cheaper than any other price! so i have got them coming next week to have a proper look at what i have got and see what they say then.dont know about you but im finding this the most stressfull part,it is only 4 weeks until we go and i just need this stuff booked on a boat!! best of luck johny
  5. Thats sound like a great start to a new life for you guys, we are leaving in dec and going on a trip around southeast asia and wll get to auss in march,we are heading for melbourn as thats were my partner has family. i am feeling very lucky as we managed to get the 100 visa.:notworthy:
  6. no way! well done,how good does this feel,:arghh::twitcy::unsure:glad you got yours today as you were a few day before me in appliyng,when do you intend to go?
  7. YES yes yes!!! got that lovely email when i got home,with a big fat visa stuffed inside!! i am so happy,havent even told my mrs yet as she is still working,but had to let it out!! :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: think i need a drink!!! thank you guys,yours are coming real soon johny:hug:
  8. congratulations MM2MELB,im sure you are disapointed only getting a 309 but at least you are in,wont take much to get the 100 when you are there, realy happy for you though,well done:wink:
  9. hi chesterbelle, no reply as yet,dont expect anything today as it is a bank holiday in auss i think,and im sure the embasy in other countries get the same days off, so they will be closed today so fingers crossed for fri!:goofy:
  10. hiy all, another day in the waiting game than! i was just wondering how many others were still waiting from the june 2011 application mob?:twitcy:
  11. that is a good answer! many thanks for that. my only other probblem is i purchased the car some 5 years back but it was a reck so i paid very little for it,a few hundred pounds to a local farmer to move it. since then i have spent the last 5 years restoring it to its former glory. have you any idea how this would be valued at the australian end/,would it be on the purchase price or what you have spent on it? also can you recoment a roro service from southampton,and is this something you could deal with? many thanks in advance johny
  12. hi iron chef thanks for all the info up here on the thread, but i dont see much about shipping classics over? i was looking to bring my austin van 1957 with me to melborn but i am abit woried about it not having seat belts fitted? do you have many dealings with classics? regards johny
  13. hi chesterbelle, our visas are so close together i just looked and mine was put in 24th june,and my co is wp aswell!! if it helps i thought we would get ours on monday as thatt was just over 4 months,but nothing so i emaild wp on friday for a little nudge and i got an autoreply saying wp was away until monday!! so i think next week we get it,i realy hope.
  14. me to!! hope we get it soon as iv booked the flights! we applied june 26th still waiting! good luck to you
  15. Thanks for that,maybee i will send an email then,going insane just sitting here waiting, good luck with your move regards johny