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  1. chrisprice70

    Offshore oil and gas opportunities

    Oil n Gas is dead as it is with mining and it looks to be that way for some time. The boom is over. When papers or expos say they're booming over here and there's a massive skills shortage.... actually it isnt really at all, many of the jobs are filled before advertising but they are required to go through the motions as per law or company policy. You may also find rather than competency, people are hired from who they know or certifications. You have a lot of useless people in positions they shouldnt be in but thats how it is and after a while you will get to know people so its all good from then on. The market place is very small compared to the UK where international opportunities also come into factor. Just compare on something like Oil n Gas jobs or simular. Perth is a small town and the work here in Oz is not massive irrespective of project value. Wages arent too good either due to tax rates. (engineer over 50%) If you have been contracting in the UK then I would say if you like your standard of living then dont bother coming here expecting it to be the same as take home will be less and its more expensive. That said this industry pays OK so you wont be begging but there are so many better places and more interesting to live and work if you work in this industry What a load of tosh this post is. Loads of work offshore, they can't get experienced guys! Lots of projects kicking off here over the next few years. I don't know what 'game' Dusty Road is in, but it can't be Oil & Gas....
  2. Hi, my wife has been sponsored on a 457 visa and we are moving with our two boys (11 & 9) in January. I currently work offshore UK North Sea as a control room operator on Buzzard platform. I've made a few contacts, but have nothing sorted as yet, if anybody knows anybody looking for production guys, would appreciate the heads up! Cheers Chris
  3. chrisprice70

    Centralish Perth...which suburb?

    Can I get your landlords contact details please?? won't hurt to have more irons in the fire!! I have a friend who lives in Quinns Rocks who said he will give any rental properties the once over, so that's an option, although I don't want to be messing him about... Thanks Chris
  4. chrisprice70

    Centralish Perth...which suburb?

    have you been in a holiday rental until you find a house?? we don't know what to do, don't really want to blindly rent, then find out it's terrible and be stuck for six month....
  5. chrisprice70

    Centralish Perth...which suburb?

    Hmm, that's interesting, we're looking at good schools then trying to fit houses round that!! Glad to hear positives re Churchlands. My two are 11 & 9, my eldest son has just gone to secondary school here, but I think will return to primary in Aus (oh the shame...!). to be honest, I'm on imformation overload at the moment, a million and one things still to do it seems! But I'm sure we'll be ok when we get there and get into some kind of normality. Chris:biggrin:
  6. chrisprice70

    Centralish Perth...which suburb?

    Hi, which school have you got into?? we are looking around the Subiaco area, my wife likes the look of Churchlands school, try to get that sort of area, Wembley/ Daglish etc for the first 6 months, get them into school, I have to get a job, then see where we want to be, but by that time schools may dictate. My wife will initially be working in Subiaco, so we wanted to be near there until we get our feet under the table. Still waiting on visas etc, but looking at January.... Good luck!
  7. Hi, although waiting on AIR and MRTRBWA registrations for my wife, we hope to have everything in place with the 457 visa and be in Perth at the end of January for a February start for her. I meanwhile, am working in the offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea, I am working for an oil company and will be leaving this and taking a leap of faith in looking for something offshore Australia. I've fired a lot of CV's off recently and have a few contacts, I work in production/control room and have rakes of experience. Anybody in this game, can give me a heads up or contacts?? Cheers Chris
  8. chrisprice70

    Meet new friends Bundaberg

    Hi Bethnee, my wife has been offered a job at the Friendly Society Hospital, it's in Radiography/MRI. How have you guys settled in? any advice?