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  1. Situation - Currently an Australian Citizen (Jan 2019) but have been PR since May 2013 when moved to Australia with Partner Visa In 2004/2005 I was a Working Holiday maker and earned some super which then sat in the unclaimed super fund managed by the ATO until last year. My current super fund in Australia (AMP) identified this super mid 2018 and asked me if i wanted to transfer it to my AMP account. I said yes, go ahead (Jul 18 - so just a PR at that time, not a citizen). Amount held in ATO unclaimed super fund was $1296. Upon rollover to my AMP fund- $295 was classed as Tax Free, with the remainder subject to a 65% tax ($650). Therefore only $647.50 was rolled over to my AMP fund. That 65% rate seems high for someone who is a permananet resident? If i had departed permanently then fair enough but not when i'm PR. Should i lodge an objection? Thanks for any advice offered
  2. poolprouk

    Citizenship interview Birth certificate requirement

    Correct, the certified copy supplied by the registry was fine. Interview done early Oct, Ceremony on Australia day.
  3. poolprouk

    Citizenship interview Birth certificate requirement

    The email I received with my appointment details stated clearly that they want the birth certificate with parents names. I ordered mine approx 6 weeks out using standard postage and it arrived 3 working days before the interview. You can pay extra to get it sent a bit quicker. Suggest you get onto it ASAP.
  4. Hi there, I have an interview this week, the invitation requests that I bring an original birth certificate with parents names on it. As I only have an original short form birth certificate (i.e. without parents names) i ordered what i thought was a new original from the UK. Lo and behold a birth certificate showed up last week which is a full one including parents names e.t.c. Unfortunately it's a certified copy! I just wondered if anyone had gotten through the interview with a certified copy of their original birth certificate. Regards.
  5. I had a quote last night from Savills for a valuation for tax purposes. It was UKP1200 + VAT. I fell off my chair. :err: Does a valuation for tax purposes really need to be a detailed report? I was thinking someone with a RICS membership could give the place a once over and then simply report a number rather than spending hours drafting a report. Or am i living in dream world....... QUOTE=Andrew from Vista Financial;1936728535]Hi Kirk Taken directly from HMRC FAQ: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/413988/capital-gains-tax-non-uk-res.pdf Q5 Can I use an estate agent’s valuation? How many valuations do I need to get? A5 It is your responsibility to accurately value the property. Depending on the property concerned you may want to use a professional valuer or obtain more than one valuation. You can ask HMRC to check your valuation by using form CG34, however, as this process takes at least 2 months and can only be made after disposal you will need to report the disposal and pay the tax due within 30 days of the property being conveyed (see Q13 below). If necessary an amendment can be made to your NRCGT return.
  6. poolprouk

    money transfers

    just a curve ball, have you considered a credit card such as the one halifax do? It gives fee free foreign currency transactions (and the conversion rate is pretty much the bank rate so even better that you would get at a forex dealer. You can also withdraw cash from an ATM for free, you do pay interest on your cash advances but if you keep paying off the credit card each month the cost is minimal. Far less than what you'd pay in ATM fees for instance.
  7. poolprouk

    Does my wife need to do an Oz tax return?

    Thanks all, Even though there is evidence of bad advice being given I will enquire with an accountant to see if they think she needs to do the return. No ABN's involved thankfully. For the avoidance of doubt I was referring to the Australian tax return. Her UK Income was above the UK personal allowance for 13/14 so I'm pretty sure she will need to do a tax return for the UK (especially given that she still has money left in ISA's over there which hasn't been taxed to date and now that she is non resident should have been).
  8. Hello (again). I've noticed (a few months back admittedly and had a feeling that i should have done something about it), that my letting agent has not deducted any tax from my UK rental income (property was first let 24 April 2013). I have not yet signed up for receiving my rental income without tax deducted. When i've looked into the Non resident landlord scheme i'm a little concerned as it looks like my agent should have been adminstering (and paying tax for) my rental under that scheme and they could be in a heap of trouble for not doing it. Could i be in trouble also? I'd like to fix this situation! I want to pay the tax and had assumed that the time to do it would be my 13/14 UK tax return. I've filled in the form for receiving the rental income tax free but I don't have the scheme registration reference from the agent (i've asked them to look into that. I'm amazed they didn't know about it already) and i guess my tax affairs are now not up to date as I haven't paid any tax yet for 13/14 on that income. Any idea what the best route out of this mess is? Ring up HMRC and plead ignorance and tell them i will pay the tax when it is assessed as part of my UK tax return for 13/14? Cheers.
  9. Situation - Moved out to Oz April 2013 so here for full 13/14 tax year. Wifes income from UK in 13/14 Aus tax year UK employer (Maternity pay) - approx AUD 10K Interest in UK savings accounts - Approx 1.5K AUD Interest in Aus Savings accounts - 50 bucks!!! Taxable UK Rental Income After interest on mortgage + other deductions = approx AUD1.5K So all up about AUD13K There was 5K Baby bonus as well as little one was born here in August 2013. I assume this doesn't count. Therefore I was hoping that as her income was less than what normally requires a tax return i guess she doesn't need to do one? Or does the Uk situation complicate matters? Thanks in advance!
  10. poolprouk

    UK and Australian tax years

    Does this apply when your recieve a final payment from your UK employer after the date when you landed in Australia? e.g. Finished up with employer on 8 april. arrived Australia April 30. Final salary payment from uk employer 10th may?
  11. poolprouk

    Australian resident seeks UK mortgage

    Hi 2and3. Our situation is somewhat similar to yours. We are with BofI on the SVR and on permission to let (just over a year now as we moved out in May2014). I rang BofI a few weeks back looking to switch to one of their BTL mortgages as they've now restarted selling mortgages in the UK after trying to run down their mortgage book a few years ago. I was pretty much told we couldn't change anything, BTL was a no no as we would still need to have another residential mortgage before they consider BTL, nor would they consider a fixed residential while on PTL. Therefore we just have to leave it as it is. The person i spoke to suggested we'd be given Max 4 years on permission to let before they withdraw that permission so we are resigned to selling in a couple of years, hopefully by then the UKP will be stronger against the AUD and house prices in the UK will have gone through the roof! (wishful thinking i know). I guess this doesn't directly answer your question but I just thought i'd indicate that you're likely to get nowhere with BofI based on my experience. I'd be interested to know how long you've been on PTL for? Also keen to stay in touch to share experiences with BofI (PM me if keen).
  12. Hi All, Thanks again for your help. I have an extra question, this should be a bit simpler. If i leave my company on 12 April, arrive in Australia on the 30th of april but am paid my PILON on 10th May (due to payroll running from 5th april to 3rd may) , where will my tax liability lie on the PILON? UK because i earned it before 30th April ? Australia because i received it into my account after the date i entered Australia? Also, if i am liable in the UK, but am only resident until 30th April, how much tax free allowance do i get in the UK? The full amount or 1/12th of the annual tax free allowance. The joy of tax.
  13. Thanks Rupert and to all above who have already responded. It sounds like good news. In terms of the severance being taxable, it's not taxable here in the uk, i was just wondering if it was the case that the aussie tax man was interested in what i earn at the point i am paid severance in the uk he might not care that it's severance money as it's foreign income and demand to tax it. However it sounds like i will get it before i go so it's not something i should worry about.
  14. Hi there, I've known that redundancy was coming here in the UK as my job is relocating to another part of the country, therefore i planned getting my spouse visa on this basis and it's all happening as planned. However i'm confused as to tax liabilities on Severance (normally tax free in the uk) plus PILON and Annual leave pay (i'll get 24 days paid) which are normally taxable in the UK. My payment will fall just into the new tax year in the uk which complicates matters!! My situation is this:- Time with employer 6 years (2.5 weeks for each year of service as severance) Notice period 6 months, will most likely be asked to work 2 months of this so will get 4 months PILON, + i will get paid for the full years leave allowance less any days taken ( i will have 24 left at time of leaving). Given that i'm planning on emigrating to Australia in Late April i am aiming to agree a leaving date of 12 April. Therefore i will receive my severance + PILON + Leave payment in the 13/14 tax year. Now it gets complicated. PILON + Annual leave - Taxable - Given that i will be getting this in the new UK tax year and moving to Australia soon after payment i am not sure where my tax liability on this will be, here or in Australia? (I am hoping here as i would benefit from being taxed at a fairly low rate as this will be the sum total of my earnings in the uk for the 13/14 year.) the aussie tax year runs from July 1 to June 30 how does that impact things? Severance- This will be tax free of course, however i am worried that the Australian tax man will try and claim a portion, i know there is a double tax agreement but will the Australian tax man treat my severance pay as the UK tax man would? I should receive both payments mentioned above before i leave the UK and move to Australia (therefore before the date i become a resident of Australia for tax purposes.....i think....). Any help would be useful. I am guessing i will need to seek professional advice..... Many thanks for any help that might be offered. Regards, Murray