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  1. DeeVin

    Truth or BS?

    thanks ya. Think its safety alright. Was worrying cause it appeared to be the only way over without a457, so happier now. The whv is a non runner for me as I'm over 35. I wouldn't mind but the first advice I got a year ago was to get this e visitor via and go over and I've tried every other except the right one. Starting to book tickets now a lot happier. Could really do with a few solid contacts in Perth first though. Any one knoa of positions available for cad manager, site manager or QS at the moment? Thanks. Dv. =gerry22;1330351]try a working holiday visa .. the whole 457 visa takes lots of time and you need everything photocopied to hand ie certs etc. the other thing is that the employer somtimes has to be eligible or meet certain criteria before they can take on foreign trades persons..be careful. as i said try working holiday visa to get foot in door...my employer used NATIONAL VISAS, they also deal with all the paperwork side ,but if confident you can do yourself DIAC is the goverment immig dept. my whole thing went for around 3 months from interview in uk to paperwork being gathered, then the 457 was loged on 23rd dec 2011 and i had it by the 7 th of jan 2012....the paperwork gathering was a nightmare as it was bak and fourth via email and the hardest thing was time difference....as i said try working holiday visa tht should get you landed if u aint got a sponsor but DONT LIE AT IMMIGRATION they r trained to smell a rat....i was worried when i went through and i had the 457.....need help,adv message.
  2. DeeVin

    Truth or BS?

    Thanks for the advice - found through a link that I have to get an e-Visitor Visa - online visa for business negotiations. This way, I declare that I am going for an interview, (but not to START work yet). When the 457 visa is then approved, then I can either wait on and start work, or go home to pack the kit & kubudle and haul plant to Oz. This does seem to be the way, and better than getting a Holiday visa - thanks for the advice guys. DV
  3. DeeVin

    Truth or BS?

    Thanks Guys, Found link to Business visa - but need to know more and if I qualify for it. Dont get me wrong - its not my intention to go to oz on a holiday visa and work - this is a reccie trip to see what the lie of the land there, and see the place, sight seeing all in, but not to work. I only want to go there when legit on a 457 - cant take such a risk with family in toe! doh! Has to be legit. So, can any one advise me on whats the correct (or best fit) visa for me to travel to oz on? Maybe QLD, Perth,or ACT - no bothered just yet. Solid founded advice welcomed! Thanks.
  4. DeeVin

    Truth or BS?

    Thanks guys. If there is a better way, great, I need to know. Dont really want to be "telling porkies" at immigration, but apparently (according to the First Visa agents I spoke to) people do this all the time to physically get out there on the doors steps and get work. - how true this is, I dont know, but sounds plausible:mask:. I do not mean that I want to start work on a holiday Visa, but only to get there to speak with employers, then return home and wait till a 457 app can be processed and then full family travel after with legit papers. I heard of a 'Business Visas' yes, but when speaking to the visa agent outfits, they all say that I don't qualify for this....? I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor (3 Yrs Since 1998) with 10 yrs + AutoCAD and 8 yrs Site Management Experience, so pretty much open to offers in the Perth area. (Not looking for FIFO work! Very much a family values person:no:) Recruitment agencies say that I'm so close to qualifying for a position, but my lack of 'local' oz experience is letting me down. :-( At this stage, its gambling our last savings on a determined trip to "go and get it" for all or nothing, so have to make this journey on solid facts if possible. Any help and solid advice is much appreciated.:biggrin:
  5. DeeVin

    Truth or BS?

    Immigration Control Questions: Advice please.... Going to Oz in a few weeks on a Holiday visa, because we need a 457, and cant get one cause we cant get work from Ireland in spite of 100's of emails and several direct phone calls. So plan is to land on the ground in Oz and knock on doors till I get a job with 457 approved employer. Then, apply for the 457 and wait the 4 to 8 weeks (?) and then we all go over and start a new life. Now, when immigration ask, what am I going to Oz for (on a Holiday visa) do I tell them the truth? which could be misconstrued as lies in an honest way. or do I just bull**** them, and say I'm here for the sunshine, beaches and a few weeks in the sun. 1 month return flight ticket in me hand. What to do. Of course, If I could just get some one to give me a job (from Ireland) then I wouldn't have this problem - the 457 seems to be very very hard to get. Any advice offered on this? Thanks in advance. Also: 457 Visa - do we need Medicals and Police checks for this type of visa, or what do we need. DV
  6. DeeVin

    Graphic design jobs Adelaide

    HI. Interested to follow this thread as my Wife is a Graphic Designer and I am a construction design manager. Wife is exp in Newspaper layout, advert design and general pre-press production. I am exp in Timber Frame - off site construction design & manufacture and site management. IF any one knows where we might get work in the Adelaide area so we can get a 457 visa, or a RSMS visa we would be much appreciated. Many thanks DV
  7. DeeVin

    457 Likelihood timeframe?

    HI In short, Family & I want to go to Perth, but it looks like we need a 457 visa. I searching for employers now, but am afraid that if I do actually find an employer who is intere4sted in my CV, they wont want to wait till Jan/Feb 2012..... Do you think I should approach companies now (Sept 11) or wait till Dec/Jan to apply for the roles that suit. Design Office Manager with 10 yrs Specific experience in Timber Frame Fabrication and Roof Design and Construction. Any one in Perth area know of any companies who would be looking for some one like me? Thanks for your opinions. DeeVin :wacko:
  8. DeeVin

    Seeking employment links (457's)

    Hi Family of 6. Yes, I am in the same dilema - intend to travel on a 457, but there appears to be no-where where you can just get a list of job vacancies from companies who will sponsor you. It seems you just have to apply for the jobs, and let them know that you require a 457 and take your chances. - The company needs to qualify for the sponsorship routes - dont know if thats a hastle for them, or if they are part funded to get the employee in, but there is No clear way of finding out that I can see. Please, please, if I am wrong in this - and some one knows where to locate such a list, Please do reply with info on same. Cheers DV:wacko:
  9. DeeVin

    Seeking employment links (457's)

    Hi Lynne. Yes, sounds good - I've tried some thing similar, applying on job sites, but there s no clear definite way to see if a company hiring would consider some one applying for a 457, I dont think so any way. Perhaps if there is, thats the answer I'm looking for ie: "457 Applicants seeking work- go HERE" type of thing, or just wishful thinking..... Best of luck though - were the Skype interviews long? 30min type thing ? What sort of work does your OH do? Cheers DV:radar:
  10. Hi. I'd imagine this info is here some where already, but I cant find it yet...? I'm starting the immigration process only, I'm getting some documents together in prep for meeting immigration advisor's (as haven't a clue which way we will qualify) but before we start paying any money to advisor's, it would be great to find a link to a website where there are a list of jobs; especially sites that would be for 457 visa holders/applicants? Maybe there is no such site, but if any one can give guidance on this approach I would be very appreciative. Cheers DV :radar: