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  1. Saad Bashir

    Job Market for Pakistani CA in Australia-

    Hi Zarwa, I would say it's a tough market for accountants here & all depends purely on your luck. You might have to gain some local experience through volunteering jobs first to break the ice .. I would say focus on getting a local qualification along with volunteering in an accounting firm (small one). I understand living here is not cheaper so you might have to find casual work (odd jobs) to cover your daily living exp. Hope that helps!
  2. Saad Bashir

    Overseas Penal Clearance Certificate

    Hi, My wife had a Green Card which was cancelled due to some reasons (inadequate stay in the USA) in 2007, she hasn't traveled to the US since then, the fact was disclosed to the CO (Aus) with my application submitted with DIAC therefore i guess the "Requirement" was reflecting on the online status page as "Required" since July 2012 till today (not changed). We front loaded the FBI Clearance Certificate in August 2012, but the status did not change and is still appearing as "Required" in the document checklist page, although after several queries from the CO in early 2013 regarding job details etc/Form-80 afresh the CO didnt mention the requirement of Overseas FBI cer through email ever! later we have submitted our medicals and PCC(Home country) and the medical results status is now "Finalized" What should we expect now?, will we be asked to submit the Overseas Penal Cer from FBI USA again now? my wife hasnt visited the USA since 2007 and the certificate front loaded in August 2012 probably has not been seen by CO. Or should we expect a Visa Grant since medicals and PCC (From my home country) have been submitted satisfactorily and meds finalized on January 14th, 2014? Please favor me with your comments. thanks
  3. Saad Bashir

    Waiting Period after Medicals

    , already waited toooooo long
  4. Saad Bashir

    Waiting Period after Medicals

    Hi, Any idea how much do we have to wait after the medicals? and how do we know the fate of the medicals done on 18.12.13?. I had applied in Feb 2012 for 175 Visa Sub class, now the online portal to check the progress of the case is also not working. Please let me know the waiting period before visa is
  5. Saad Bashir

    Timeline 175 Visa

    Further, my friends have suggested to send an email to the CO requesting for the status myself - instead of routing the same through my agent, since the agent is reluctant in sending an enquiry email to the CO, reason "Would end up messing up the case". Please let me know what should i do now??
  6. Saad Bashir

    Timeline 175 Visa

    Nope:( still no news..
  7. Saad Bashir

    Timeline 175 Visa

    Hi, I had applied for the 175 Visa category in February 2012, Case officer assigned in June 2012, Uploaded Form 1022 (New Baby) in October 2012, was asked for the gap periods (Education & Employment etc.) by the CO in March 2013 & April 2013. Since then no news, can any one give me an idea as to what should we expect now? Medicals? when? Please note that the gap period queries were raised thrice for different periods by the CO, not sure whether she is still satisfied with the responses or not!. Can anyone help? Regards,
  8. Saad Bashir

    Job Market for Pakistani CA in Australia-

    Thanks Ali, BTW what are your plans? and what is the status of your application? Rgds, Saad
  9. Saad Bashir

    Job Market for Pakistani CA in Australia-

    thanks !! i tried to visit the site but Chartered Accountant from Pakistan does not get any exemptions for ICAA - any idea about CPA exemptions? -cant find them, neither could i find whether i can sit in the CPA Australia exams online i.e. from Pakistan etc. or do i have visit Australia for this qualification-just trying to get an Australian qualification prior to landing there:) not sure whether ill be able to get a job with my current Qualification!!
  10. I am a Pakistani CA with around 11 years audit experience (Internal/External). I would like to ask whether the Pakistani CA has a job market in Australia ? is yes, which state is suggested ? in case, no-then i am planning to go for CPA Australia will that help and will i be able to get any exemptions on the basis of my current qualification?
  11. Saad Bashir

    External Auditors - 457 Visa Offered

    I have recently qualified CA from Pakistan, and am planning to apply for Australian immigration (visa 175). I have remained associated with Ernst & Young (Pakistan) as an external auditor since 1999 until 2003 and thereafter working as an internal auditor in various reputable financial institutions (Pakistan). My entire career involves local as well as international audits. I would like to be made aware of any further eligibility requirements to be considered suitable for this position with your company. saad.basheer@hotmail.com