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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if teaching assistants are employed in Aussie schools? I am a teaching assistant at a high school and would like to know if there is a call for them down under? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Floball67, If we do get to Sydney (I'm not counting my chickens!!) and you do too, perhaps we could meet up? My husband didn't send his CV to any agencies in Sydney but sent it to an international recruiter called Nigel Franks International, another recruiter is Hays. What is your husbands' specialism? Have a look on the web. Hope this help you. KR Once in a Blue Moon
  3. Hello Bamboozled, Thanks for your reply, it's good to know my diabetes shouldn't cause a problem. My control is good and I don't have any other problems that diabetics can have. Who did you take out your health insurance with, and does your OH see a diabetic specialist to make sure he/she stays in good health? Did your employer sponsor your permanent visa early on or did they sponsor your PR near the end of your 457 visa? How long have you been in Oz and has it lived up to your expectations? Speak soon, best wishes Once in a Blue Moon
  4. Hi Floball67, My husband is also a computer software specialist- Microsoft AX Dynamics. His new employer wants him to start work in the beginning of May; just hope we pass our medicals, I am a diabetic on insulin and son 18 has a visual impairement, luckily daughter 16 is in perfect health. We plan to follow OH the end of June so I can tie up all loose ends and kids can finish studies GCSE's and A levels. We are just starting the visa application with all our fingers/ toes crossed. Has your husband sent his CV to any recruitment specialists, thats how OH heard about and applied for his new job; I hope your hubby can get his dream job!! Are you looking to move anywhere in particular? Initially we never gave Sydney any thought as we preferred Adelaide or Brisbane, but perhaps it was meant to be that we moved to Sydney. Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your well wishes, speak again soon. Once in a blue moon
  5. Hi everyone, My husband has secured a job in Sydney and the company says they will sponsor our visa application which we are just about to kick off. We are looking for permanent residency so is the best way to get this to secure PR sponsorship by my husbands' new employer? Or should we check that they would be willing to sponsor our PR before? All advice welcome, thank you. Once in a blue moon
  6. once in a blue moon

    Can we get keep our daughter back a school year?

    Hello everyone, Can anyone answer our query??......We have a daughter in year 11 (she will be 16 in Feb 2012), it seems very likely that we will be moving to Sydney March/April 2012. Can we arrange for her to stay back a year when she gets to Australia? We know the school year starts in Jan/Feb and that she should be starting year 11, but if we don't get to Oz until April would it be wise to keep her back a year? How difficult is it to arrange this? All comments greatly appreciated, thank you. Sally-Ann
  7. once in a blue moon

    Advice please - 15/16 year old starting school in Oz

    Hi JoanneP, My family are hoping to be in Sydney by Jan 2012. I have a 15 year old daughter who has just started Year 11 back here she will be 16 in Feb 2012. Is your daughter a similar age? If so is she going to start Year 11 in Oz? What school does she go to, I would appreciate an insight into schools in Sydney and finally where about in Sydney do you live? I know I'm being nosey but any first hand intel would be really helpful. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you.
  8. once in a blue moon

    Can we afford to live in Sydney??

    Hello Pintpot, Thanks for your thoughts, we are hopeful that the visa will be an employer sponsored visa, if my husband is offered a job! Our kids are 17 and 15,so I am hopeful that the 17 year old will be able to go to uni and the 15 year old will complete her higher school certificate and then go to uni. Do students in Oz go to uni when they are 17? Speak soon, Once in a blue moon.
  9. once in a blue moon

    Can we afford to live in Sydney??

    Hi Fleabo, Thanks for your reply. A decent lifestyle to us means; Visiting attractions, museums and art galleries. Going to the cinema once a month. Eating out once or twice a month, 2 adult and 2 teenagers. Socialising at a pub 2 to 3 times a week. Running an average size car (Renault Megane). Paying for a $300,000 mortgage. Running a 4 bed home in decent suburb (we live in a semi rural village inhabited mainly by professional people). We need to feel that we will be able to swap like-for like in order for the move to be worthwhile, we don't want to move half way round the world and be worse off. Any other information will be greatly appreciated, speak to you soon. Once in a blue moon. :smile:
  10. once in a blue moon

    Can we afford to live in Sydney??

    My husband has been offered a job in Sydney as an ICT manager. Salary hasn't been discussed yet. I have done lots of research to work out what salary my husband should negotiate. I think that a salary of around $150,000 is acceptable to sustain a decent lifestyle in Sydney as it seems to be very expensive over there. Is this amount of money going to make living and working in Sydney possible?? All comments gratefully received, thank you.
  11. once in a blue moon

    COST of building and contents insurance?

    We are looking to move to Sydney in the next few months; I am trying to gather info on living costs in Sydney. Can anyone give me a rough idea of building and contents insurance costs? Thanks for any numbers given. :animal-cat: