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  1. littlefoot


    I actually applied in March 2019 so my timeline isn’t very helpful as a reference point. I had to postpone a couple of test dates then COVID happened. It’s been a long wait.
  2. littlefoot


    Went for the test on 21st December in Melbourne, and citizenship was approved today! Now waiting on ceremony details.
  3. littlefoot


    There’s your answer, then.
  4. littlefoot

    Citizenship application approval

  5. littlefoot


    Glad I'm not the only one waiting for approval. I did my test in Melbourne on 21st December. Still showing as 'received'.
  6. littlefoot


    Finally took the test in Melbourne today. Application date is irrelevant really, it's been postponed more than once. Application still showing as 'received'. Where I live the council are resuming in-person ceremonies from January, smaller in number, and every 6-8 weeks. So I'm not expecting an 'Australia Day' ceremony which is fine by me. I don't think that particular day is worthy of celebration.
  7. littlefoot

    Just a general chat on visas

    This isn't strictly true. Most Australians live in places reasonably considered coastal. The issue isn't proximity to the beach, but proximity to cities where most of the work is found. The further out you live, the more affordable your expenses will be, but the less likely you may be to find work. There are many affordable places near much nicer, wilder beaches than you find close to the city, but your commute will be horrific or your work will pay less. It's a fine balance, but don't be discouraged. Many do make it work.
  8. littlefoot

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    Agreed, Perthbum. Australia goes backwards yet again, largely thanks to Queensland.
  9. littlefoot

    Homophobic protests to go nationwide

    A storm in a teacup. These lunatic religious types pop up every now and then. They don’t represent the wider community.
  10. littlefoot

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    It's possible to apply yourself - many people do and are successful, but at some point you're probably going to want some help, at the very least to calm your nerves about getting it right. The issue then becomes - where do you get your advice from? Somebody else in this thread thought it was a good idea to share a video made in 2016 to help you decide. Therein lies the problem; migration policy and law changes with such regularity, especially within the last year or two, that relying on 'armchair agents' on forums online is a deeply flawed strategy and could easily lead to a failed application and the loss of all the time and money put into it. Getting professional help from a MARA registered agent is definitely the safest way to proceed, and I doubt anybody would argue with that. So it's about whether you want to spend the extra money to secure that safety. I'd recommend contacting a few agents and getting a feel for them. Try Emergico - a family we know who secured their visas through them swears by them. They're popular on the PIO Facebook group. Make sure the agent is clear about what they will and won't do for you, and offers you a contract to sign before you pay anything - one that obligates them as well as you.
  11. littlefoot

    Visa 190 Moral Obligation

    That is dangerous advice I hope nobody takes.
  12. littlefoot


    So does anyone know if you can submit police checks after you apply? The system flashes a warning that all docs should be attached before submission, but if this isn't strictly necessary, we'd like to get our applications in today. Police checks are probably about a week away.
  13. littlefoot


    Yes, there's a specific request for UK police checks in the document request screen. That's only because I've spent over 90 days in the UK. If you haven't done that, I believe you'll only need AFP checks, which Immigration will sort out directly.
  14. littlefoot


    Hi all - quick question. I've recently become eligible to apply for citizenship and noticed I needed police checks from the UK. Do I have to attach them before I submit the application? Or can I attach them at a later date?
  15. littlefoot

    Sort Out My Visa - Are these still going?

    Are the Visa Bureau even still trading? When I enquired about a visa a few weeks ago I got a email off them saying their not taking any more business. Sounded to me like a company on the way out.