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  1. scuffythetugboat

    Win Lotto to get your teeth fixed!

    Aaaaaaaaah...................... living the dream.
  2. scuffythetugboat

    Win Lotto to get your teeth fixed!

  3. scuffythetugboat

    Win Lotto to get your teeth fixed!

    Does the story in the news today mean that you now need to win a lot of money to get your teeth fixed in Australia? The syndicate winner can now afford braces for herself even though she has (now had, maybe) a government job.
  4. scuffythetugboat

    Moving money to UK paying tax?

    It's not income so it's not taxed.
  5. scuffythetugboat

    Premium Bonds

    As an Australian Tax Resident you are required to declare all your income from the known universe. Some people don't declare it and have so far escaped justice.
  6. scuffythetugboat

    Mortgage blind spot

    Apparently the bones of bank managers are being dug up alongside the bones of the Triceratops.
  7. scuffythetugboat

    .............I'd like to live......

    Unfortunately both Little Venice and Camden cost the same as most parts of London where a one bedroom flat commands a starting price of £370000. In contrast, we looked at a one bedroom flat yesterday in middle England and the figure was £27,000. Bonkers!
  8. scuffythetugboat

    Car finance on 457 visa

    I was working in Perth back in 2013 for a company that laid off some people on 457 visas. One of them had a car on finance that was only a few months old. He drove it to the Airport then flew out leaving the car in the car park.
  9. scuffythetugboat

    How are my clothes packed when being shipped??

    Remain calm. We've shipped clothing 4 times now and no harm has come to any of it. Larger items can be hung up in a wardrobe type box which is then sealed up with the usual packing tape. Other clothes are folded and placed in the standard shipping boxes and taped up as well. No special protection required. Our last lot that arrived back here in the UK had a box of clothes, inside which we placed some chocolate bars. The clothes were fine but the chocolate had melted with the heat.
  10. scuffythetugboat

    457 visa changes from Saturday.

    Good. About time.
  11. scuffythetugboat

    Lodging your tax return early

    You are supposed to lodge a final return whether you are due a refund or not but usually most people get something back. The size of any refund is immaterial as it all depends on your personal circumstances. You can lodge a return either before you depart Australia or afterwards. If you do a paper return it will take 10 weeks to process. Look it all up on the ATO website.
  12. scuffythetugboat

    3 weeks to go and feeling pretty rubbish ......

    We have moved twice in each direction with and without children but I must say that if either of us was feeling the way you are at the moment, we would certainly have put the plans on hold.
  13. scuffythetugboat

    Shipping golf clubs

    We flew back with Emirates back in September and we had a golf case without the clubs in it. When we booked we noticed that the 30kg baggage allowance no longer applied to the cheaper zoo class seats. We paid for the next level up which was cheaper than their excess baggage fees.
  14. scuffythetugboat

    Sending Tea Leaves to UK

    Think it through. You are going to send "tea leaves" through the post. You will have to declare exactly what is inside your parcel/package on a sticker attached to the parcel/package. Probably all the red flags on the Australian and UK customs systems will be activated. Is it worth it?
  15. scuffythetugboat

    Lump Sum Tax free payment

    Assuming that your wife is an Australian resident for tax purposes she must declare all income from anywhere in this world whether it has been taxed at source or not. By not declaring any income you run a risk of getting into serious strife with the ATO which can result in heavy penalties. Look it up on the net or ask an accountant before you decide what you want to do. Depending on each persons circumstances the tax (if any) bill may not be as bad as you think. Personally, I like to sleep at night