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  1. I'm an accountant - there's a fair amount of jobs available, but just realist that the recruitment for these positions tends to be quite slow. Worst case you could probably pick up a job in audit for a while?
  2. Try the search feature, this has been discussed before. You should only apply for SS if you intend going to the state that will sponsor you.
  3. Dono

    Accounting work experience and 189/190 visas

    Hey there, Im a CA and I also applied. Whatever the assessing bodies say, the DIAC considers skilled employment to be from when you graduate from your degree and start working in full time, paid employment. Full time paid employment must be at least 20 hours a week and in your field.
  4. Dono

    Freedom of Information act: IELTS

    Zionking, I've gone through your post and highlighted all your mistakes for your convenience. I hope my language is simple and concise enough for you? Rather than typing up such a vitriolic reply, why not be supportive. Yes the OP was a bit arrogant, but he makes a good point - it seems unsual that so many people miss by just 0.5 in one band.
  5. Dono

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    I have no idea how you manage to spend $700 a week on food. Even if you eat beef twice a week, chicken twice a week and fish once a week then eat out I'd still battle to see how you can spend so much. Do you maybe have a shopping list you can show?
  6. Full time work is defined somewhere on the DIAC's web site as any paid employment that lasts for more than 20 hours a week. Who told you that they don't count articles as towards your work experience? I'm not sure it's the same in RSA but we work as auditors from day one... although it's a practical training contract, you actually do all the work of an auditor. By the end of year 3 you're basically running an audit team as a senior. Anyway Good luck. They definitely counted at least 1 year for me since I needed that to apply for the visa at all (I finished articles at the end of 2011).
  7. Why didn't you get your skills assessed by the ICAA? Just wondering...
  8. It's similar in RSA - you do your BCom degree, then an honours degree. Then you work full time by a recognised training office (usually one of the big four firms) for 3 years. During those 3 years you must pass part 1 and part 2 of the qualifying examinations - only after passing both exams and completing the training contract successfully will you be awarded your CA designation. The DIAC considers your work experience to be from the moment you complete your university degree and start working full time. The awarding of the professional designation doesn't reset the clock for your work experience (whether it was called articles or not) as long as it was full time.
  9. Dono

    PR before and after student visa

    If you qualify for PR, that is always first prize. Rather go that route.
  10. I am from South Africa so I did my articles through the SAICA training programme, I they counted all 3 years (ie, from when I completed my honours degree and started working full time). I didn't need the points for 3 years work experience, so I will never know if they counted them or not, but you could always ask the ICAA (Australia's CA authority) to confirm your experience. Good luck!
  11. Dono

    SS declined by NSW

    I'm not sure where you saw that NSW is sponsoring electricians - http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/5788/STNI-Update-List-of-Occupations-22.09.11.pdf Thats their latest list?
  12. Dono

    Status "MET"

    It means that the docs you provided have been assessed as meeting the requirements that apply to them - eg, if your proof of skilled employment is met, it means that whatever you provided to claim those points is A-ok
  13. I'm sorry for your divorce Your visa and right to live permanently in Aus isn't changed by the divorce. Same for your children.
  14. Dono

    198 visa info

    You could include your letter and payslips, then also do a statutory declaration/sworn oath on what your duties etc are.
  15. Dono

    Occupation ceiling announced

    I think you missed my sarcasm