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    Secondary schools for Mentone

    Hi Ruth, My daughter attends MGSC and she loves it,it is a very good school. We live in Mentone, Parkdale end and it's 10 mins drive away. Parkdale Secondary college is mixed and seems to be fine. A friend's son goes there and no compliants. Within Mentone, Parkdale, Mordi and Aspendale you'll find decent schools. I agree with Petals that as long as kids are happy in school they will learn. As for Primary, I'd recommend Parktone PS which is in Parkdale. My youngest attends and she's encouraged to get involved in anything and everything. The teachers are very approachable and all kids seem to thrive there (in different ways). Hope this helps. Kx
  2. Hi, I have two girls, my 13yo goes to Mentone Girls Secondary College. She started in Jan. She was 12 when she started and should have been in year seven but went straight into year eight. Her enrolment was straight forward and completed while we were still in the UK as much as it could be. Many emails and calls with the school staff but I wanted the reassurance of knowing her enrolment into a good school was underway. I manage to complete a lot of the paperwork from the UK Oh, I had heard about the school from friends and then started my own research. When we arrived in Nov we visited the school, copies of passport were taken and that was it. We needed proof of address and references which we provided twice _ short-term accomodation details and longer-term rental.
  3. KazzKing

    Parktone Primary School

    Hi, My daughter goes to Parktone and loves it, she's five. I find the teachers totally focused on the kids and ensuring they have a well rounded education. I managed to get both my daughters enrolled in their schools from the UK, visited as soon as we arrived and completed the essential paperwork. It wasn't easy but can be done. PM me if you'd like more info. ​K
  4. Hi all, I'm new to Victoria, live in Mentone and I'd love to visit some wineries over the next few weeks. I don't like dry wine (Chardonnay a definite no-no) and don't do reds (probably because I don't know enough about them and the ones I've tasted are too heavy - and I'm guessing good quality :biggrin:). Whites I have liked have been Sauvignon Blanc's and I like most Rose wine as they have been light and fruity. So can anyone recommend some wineries I should visit considering I'm a novice? I'm good at drinking certain wines but that's about it. Any recommendations much appreciated. Ta K
  5. Hi, Thanks for arranging another meet-up munchkinpie, we couldn't make the last one (me, hubby and two girls, 5yo and 12yo). We're in Mentone but happy to travel up to an hour (in whatever direction) so count us in. Will keep an eye on this thread for further details. Ta K
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    Victoria Wineries - nearish to Mentone and Bayside

    Hi dmjg, Thanks, that's great. I love strawberries and champagne so Sunny Ridge has to be added to the 'day out' list. Thanks again. K
  7. KazzKing

    Victoria Wineries - nearish to Mentone and Bayside

    Hi, Petals - thanks, I've checked out the Dan Murphy website but it was more about getting out to try wines and learn a bit more. Will check out the locations you've suggested. DBC - thanks, I will definitely look out for some tour deals, the horseback tour would be great. Also happy to have some days out and hubby can do the driving as he doesn't drink anyway. Thanks again K
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    My story 3 months in....

    Thanks for the update, glad you're all settled and happy. Kx
  9. KazzKing

    Life is so short......

    Thinking of you and your family. K
  10. Hi, My hubby and our 5yo daughter arrive in Melbourne on Sunday (28th Oct) and we need to sort out childcare for her asap. Initially they will be based in Mordialloc, and she is already on the Kingston council waiting list for their main childcare centres. She starts at Parktone Primary School in Jan (Parkdale) so will attend the Camp Australia sessions during term time. She'll also attend the summer sessions they have, but what's required is care during November (until the 22nd to be precise). Does anyone have any thoughts on Camp Australia, and also any ideas for childcare until 22nd Nov? A couple of places have been suggested but these have no spaces (Kingston Kids, Mordialloc Community Centre). Thanks K
  11. Hi Fowler Family, Re: getting my 5yo into school, I researched all the schools in the area, and then started contacting my favourites (via email first then phone). A lot of paperwork had to be scanned and sent to complete the application process, but after a fair few phones calls and the emails, she was enrolled (we have PR visas). She starts the transition classes in Nov, and then Term 1 early 2013. A couple of days after they land in Melbourne, my hubby has the official school tour and meeting with the principle etc, and luckily when I'm over (3rd week Nov), we'll both attend the school's formal parents information evening about uniform, fees, books etc so the timing has worked out well for us. The school looks great on the website and after speaking with the principle and assistant principle (a few times) I'm confident my daughter will be happy there. It's not an easy process to do the enrolment from overseas but it can be done. Good luck and keep in touch! K
  12. KazzKing

    Cold feet!

    Hi, You'll be fine and as others have said, you're not alone and how you feel is totally natural. My hubby leaves with our 5yo on the 26th Oct, and then I'll join them along with our 12yo in March next year. Luckily we have a holiday booked in Nov so that breaks up the time for us. Other than that it's Skype all the way. Best of luck with everything. K
  13. KazzKing

    Its all happening!

    Hi Jo P, Good luck with everything. My husband and 5yo leave in two weeks, then I'll follow with our 12yo March 2013 (we have a holiday to validate visa's in Nov). We're hoping to be based in Parkdale or Mentone long term, but have also considered Berwick. It is a v scary time but also v exciting and you'll find the little one will cope fine. As long as Mummy is ok, I'm sure he will be (and he'll have his favourite toys at hand which always helps). Try and remain calm and get that checklist ticked one by one, it seems endless but you'll get all the jobs done - look how far you've come already! Best of luck with everything, keep us posted with your progress. K
  14. KazzKing

    Holiday Genie

    Hi all, Quick question - has anyone booked flights only from London to Oz using HolidayGenie? Most reviews aren't great regarding their customer service, but they are affiliated with the major governing bodies. Prices are better for flights from what I've seen (than booking direct with airline), and they show up in searches via skyscanner etc. Thanks. K
  15. KazzKing

    Templestowe / Templestowe Lower

    Hi all, Firstly apologies if this has been asked recently, but are Templestowe and Templestowe Lower good areas for families? From the info I have (which isn't much) they seem lovely - nice houses, good schools and shops etc. My family (hubby and I, and our two girls, 5 yo and 12 yo) are thinking of moving there. We'd be renting, $450 - $500 pw for at least the first year. Are the areas culturally mixed or prominently white? I'm asking as we're a mixed-raced family, but to be honest it doesn't really matter (we'll get on with anyone :smile:). Any opinions on what the areas are like would be much appreciated. Ta v much K
  16. Hi all, We're a family of four (two girls five yrs & 12 yrs), validating our PR visas later this year. I have a great job which pays very well in the UK, hubby doing ok money-wise but could earn more in Oz while actually doing what he enjoys within IT (there's no career progression for him in his current role). We've decided that hubby and 12 yr old will stay in Oz (so she can get enrolled into school asap), while youngest comes back with me where I'll continue in my role earning good money and tying up loose ends. We'll all be together for about three weeks which is when we'll sort school for eldest, Medicare, bank accounts/cards, rental, car, TRN, etc. We see lots of pro's and one major con - the family will be split up for a fair few months. I'd welcome any thoughts - is this a good idea or utter madness? Have any other families had to live apart, how did you cope? I guess Skype will be a godsend! Thanks v much K
  17. KazzKing

    Splitting the family for 6+ months. Can it work?

    Thanks everyone. Caramac - thanks for your detailed reply. Apart from the obvious, two of us in the UK and two in Oz, what's troubling me as well is how things would be once all the family are back together again - especially between hubby and me. Would we slip straight back into our easy way with each other? Scary to think that we wouldn't. The girls are good buddies but there's a significant age gap so maybe that's a good thing (some time apart as the little one annoys the eldest quite a bit lol). The eldest is pretty strong-willed and v confident, she wants to be allowed to get on so that's why we'd thought she'd be better off with her Dad in Oz, starting school etc. But the more we talk about it (with family and friends) and reading comments on PIO, maybe she should stay in the UK... We'll get there but still lots of thinking to do...ultimately we'll do what's best for our family but your comments are appreciated. Thanks again K
  18. KazzKing

    Splitting the family for 6+ months. Can it work?

    Thanks all, valid points all round and it is very hard. We do worry how the younger one will react without her big sis, but thinking of the longer-term and she's a little trooper, both kids are. As for me / hubby - will we be ok, that remains to be seen. No firm decisions made yet, so we'll see... Thanks again K
  19. KazzKing

    Richmond area - what's it like?

    Thanks for that katherined0, glad you're enjoying your time in Tas. Can't wait to get there! Thanks again K
  20. KazzKing

    Richmond area - what's it like?

    Hi, I'd like to finalised a list of 'potentials' for areas that we may move to later this year. We're still deciding on either a reccie trip first or the big one-way move... Please can those in the know tell me what Richmond is like. Current favourites are: - Blackman's Bay - Taroona - Kingston Is Richmond like any of those - facilities wise, good schools etc? I urrently live 35mins from Edinburgh and Glasgow cities (Scotland), so a similar commute to Hobart CBD would be good. Thanks v much K
  21. KazzKing

    Richmond area - what's it like?

    Hi, Thanks rogero, will add your suggestion to my ever growing list of reccie routes lol Ta K
  22. KazzKing

    Emigrate Show - SECC, Glasgow. Should we go?

    Hi, Thanks David. Yeah will give it a miss I think. Ta K
  23. Hi all, We've got our visas and off to Tasmania later this year :biggrin: From people who have been, is it worth going to the Expo? There's so much great info via this forum, I didn't want to spend money on tickets and then not get much from attending. Any comments much appreciated. Ta K
  24. Hi, I was wondering why people end up where they are in life - sometimes it's opportunities, sometimes planned... So I'll start: I'm in Scotland, been here nearly seven years and came because of work (lots of travel to Scotland from London). I'm moving to Tasmania as it seems a great place to start the next positive chapter of my life story. It may not be the place I ultimately end up, but it's my next place and I can't wait. Your turn :biggrin: K
  25. KazzKing

    Where to Moveto in Tasmania..

    Hi, Would be great to find out how you all get on. We're also moving to Tassie later this year (family of 4), probably Sept/Oct time. Current thinking is Kingston / Blackman's Bay area, and working in Hobart but this may change lol. Keep in touch. K