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  1. Sure.. Because it does not affect my immigration status at all and I am in Australia on a valid visa, our nominated celebrant can sign the document.
  2. Aappy

    Emigration baggage allowance with BA to Sydney

    I recently went back to England to visit family and returned to Oz with an extra bag full of xmas pressies, I paid 40 pounds at the airport for this and I got an extra 23 kgs, they couldn't care less that I wasn't coming back to the UK. I still think it's fairly reasonable to pay that considering some airlines charge into the hundreds. Hope this helps I forgot to add that this was with BA and I flew from Manchester to LHR to Singapore and then Sydney
  3. It's ok, I've found the solution, managed to get in touch with someone at the NSW BDM department and they've answered my questions Thanks to all for helping me out
  4. Aappy

    please help!!!

    I know, fingers crossed though that they don't make it hard for you. Good Luck
  5. Aappy

    please help!!!

    Immigration will probably interview you when you get to Oz to clarify exactly what happened and you can then explain what you have just done on here. If you don't declare it on your incoming passenger card and they choose to interview you at arrivals it won't be good for your case as they will think you've tried to conceal it. I would declare it and see how you go. They can get access to your records anyway so they will be able to see that you didn't serve any time.. hope this helps..
  6. Thanks for your reply, just I need an answer on the questions I first asked about the embassy and JP signing my paperwork
  7. That's true, I live and applied in NSW so I need a NSW answer I suppose, so strange how it's different in each state! So confusing too!!
  8. ha ha that last comment made me giggle, my celebrant said we needed a notice of intended marriage and she had this form with her when I met with her to pay deposit etc. It's also on the NSW Birth's Death's and Marriages site, I just don't understand why I can't get a justice of the peace to witness our signatures, it's a ball ache getting an appointment at the embassy and taking time off work to get there when my boss is a JP! So easy! Thanks for your reply, I was making sure that one form is enough and whenever I've called Dept of Immi in the past I've have different answers to the same questions!! ha ha
  9. Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help meout a little.. I have been on my temp spousal visa for almost 2 years now (will be 2 years 22nd November) and then hopefully I'll be granted my permanant spousal visa But my gorgeous partner proposed to me just before xmas and we are planning a November (16th) wedding this year in Sydney. Now, I have filled out a Notice of Intended Marriage but my Celebrant says I need someone from the embassy to witness our signatures (it does not state this on the forms though) and only asks for a consular signature if I am signing outside of Australia which I am not, I live here and have done for the last 2 years and a bit! So I'm confused as to who I get to sign this, and also apart from my celebrant writing a letter to the department of immi regarding our intended marriage do I need to complete any other forms or contact them re my upcoming wedding. I've searched quite a few websites and I can't make much sense. Please can someone help me out or point me in the right direction Thank you 15-NOIM.pdf 15-NOIM.pdf
  10. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know I got my visa granted (Woohoo!!!) 27 February and received the letter on 1 March, this is for the temporary partner visa, the perm one to follow 2 years from 22 November 2011. So I didn't have to wait as long as some (3 months). I applied at the Sydney office via post and I did my police checks and medical after I submitted my application. I didn't get a case officer. I know that some people have waited ages for theirs but I just wanted to share my story and hopefully the 9 month wait they advised me of isn't so long for all who are in the same boat. Cheers and good luck everyone x
  11. Aappy

    AAARRRRGGGGHHHH so much info, so confused

    Dental treatment can be expensive so please prepare yourself for it, it depends on what treatment you require...check ups, fillings, etc you should be able to get a mobile contract, I did and had to show proof of current address, passport, provide my last known address (UK Address) copy of my visa grant letter to show I have a valid visa (I too am on a WHV) and that seemed to be ok with the company I signed with
  12. Aappy

    Travelling inside Australia whilst on BVA

    Thanks for that, I thought that was the case but I suddenly thought I had better check! Nah, staying in Sydney just going for a holiday thanks again
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm having a little worry and thought I'd ask you guys before I call DIAC I've submitted my 801/820 Partner Visa application and my WHV is valid until 7 Dec, DIAC have already granted me BVA for when my WHV runs out and I am planning on going to see my OH's God Son with him on 3 Dec until 18 Dec and we will be flying to the Gold Coast from Sydney to see him...my question is do I have to tell DIAC I am doing this? Am I ok to fly within Australia on my WHV/BVA as long as I take my letters from DIAC as proof? This is probably a straight forward yes or no answer but thought I'd just check as the time is looming!! Thanks everyone :biggrin:
  14. Aappy

    WHV to permanent..?

    You'll fall under the any other visa category and will need to pay $2960 plus extra costs for your police checks for any countries you have lived in for a total of 12 months or more and a medical/health check. If you can prove you have lived together as a defacto couple for at least 3 years then you may get granted permanant residency straight away but if not you'll be placed on a 2 year temporary visa whilst they decide on you permanant residency (it takes them 2 years to decide) see note below: Applying for temporary and permanent visas You apply for both a temporary visa and a permanent visa by completing and lodging one application. If you meet all the legal criteria for the grant of the visa, you may be granted a temporary Partner visa (subclass 820). This visa remains valid until a decision is made on your permanent visa, which is usually two years after you initially applied for your visa. If you still meet all legal requirements when your application is considered after the waiting period, you may be granted a permanent Partner visa (subclass 801). However, you may be granted a permanent visa without having to wait if you can demonstrate one of the following: at the time you apply for the visa, you have been in a married or de facto relationship with your partner for three years or more at the time you apply, you have been in a married or de facto relationship with your partner for two years or more, and there is a dependent child of your relationship your partner was granted a Protection visa or a permanent visa under the humanitarian program and you were in the relationship before the visa was granted and this had been declared to the department at the time. Have you downloaded the partner migration booklet from the website? It's a good starting point and answers quite a few questions http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1127.pdf Sorry if you have and I've waffled on!! Also why not try and get joined up with a recruitment agency - they may be able to find you work in a job that you are qualified for and you can work up to 6 months with each employer so you may get 6 months work or a few months here or there whilst you're on a WHV. How long have you and your OH been living together for if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Hey guys, I am just about to get my onshore partner visa application sent off and I've hit an obsticle: my OH is struggling to get documentation to prove his 2 years in employment. He has proof for 2011 which is great but for 2009/2010 he played rugby league in England where we met and he can't find a copy of his contract. The club he palyed for are being less than helpful in returning calls and emails about him obtaining a copy for the visa application. Now I am unsure what to do. Should he write a cover letter explaining this and provide their contact details for immi to contact them or can someone suggest something else please? Bit lost. I have everything else ready to go and I don't want my visa being rejected all because someone in their admin dept can't be bothered to reply to us By the way he doesn't have access to his ex British Bank account that he was paid into so can't access old bank statements, but I'm not sure that would be enough proof anyway.. like I said really can't think of anything else and any advice would be awesome Thanks