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  1. Hey we arrived in Perth about a month ago we're based in Port Kennedy/Rockingham it is really nice, it has lot's of parks for the children (all areas have a park in each estate) and there are lovely beaches too. There is tonnes of information on this thread it would definitely be worth reading through it and you will also see some timelines too of when things should be happening however be pprepared for lot's of waiting cause nothing happens quickly. I researched schools and areas before coming out so I had idea of what was around however they are very strict on catchment areas so it's best to look at schools in a few areas just incase you don't get the area you want. We are absolutely loving it out here and our children are getting on great too. If I can be of any help at all please feel free to pm me any questions yiu may have. Good luck
  2. Flying with Cathay Pacific, we got a house in Port Kennedy, had been looking all day and seen nothing and it suddenly popped up while Rachael was out. I had to make a decision without her out as you get a 30 minute timer as soon as you reserve it to make up your mind! Luckily its a nice house or I would've been in big trouble!!
  3. We've been busy busy busy, Pickfords came and took our stuff away last week, and today we have just received our travel details. 48 hours stop-over in Hong Kong on the way in what looks like a really nice hotel (too nice for my three kids anyway!!!) and business class flights as promised. We also managed to sort out a house in one of the areas we wanted, busy week!!! Just 5 weeks until we fly now, cant wait.
  4. I am not totally sure when you find out, sorry!! I am a Submariner so we had no choice, it was always going to be Western Australia for us!! I know there are ships on both sides though so you could end up either end i imagine. I'm sure someone else will be able to answer that though? Hope it all works out for you, it can all happen fairly quickly if things go well!
  5. RCplus3

    Form 80 help needed

    Hi, When I filled in Form 80 I had a lot of the same issues, not remembering dates etc. I filled in what I knew and put down approximate dates for the rest, I am in the Navy so had a lot of countries to list, I tended to put down the month eg Jun2006 - Jul2006 rather than an accurate date and there were no questions asked by my CO. For the address parts I listed my future work address and I put down a guy who has been dealing with my transfer as a contact. For Q39 I just put to take up employment in the.............on the date of.............etc, I was as honest as I could be about dates and left the rest blank or put unknown. My CO never queried any of it so hopefully it would be the same for you, I think as long as you are honest there will be no problems, if you don't know the answer don't worry.
  6. Hi, To answer your question the basic steps are these: > EOI and application forms, which you've already done. > Complete the application forms with all the required details and get medicals done ASAP, as nothing happens until they have everything that they need. > Your application will be assessed for experience, skills and qualifications etc and based on this assessment they will (hopefully) offer you a rank and seniority. > At the same time your application will be medically assessed, this can take some time, especially if you are a submariner or there are any issues. > When both bits are complete they will send you a conditions of service, which is basically your contract. From them receiving my application paperwork to me getting my CoS it took 4 months, which is about average I think. This will also have the enlistment date, which should have been discussed with you at some point. > From this point on you can consider having a firm job offer and I would say this would be the first "low risk" point your husband could put in notice. The RAN will apply to DIAC for a Labour Agreement at this time which is a recruiting agreement between the two of them, this allows you to apply for the Visa. Again timings vary, mine took 4 weeks to arrive after they received my CoS. > As soon as the LA is approved you are now in the hands of immigration, who in my experience are not the most helpful, you can then apply for your Visa, they seem to have ironed out a lot of the issues with the online applications, my Visa took 8 months to be approved some people are now getting them in six weeks!!! The application is fairly easy now its all online, its the waiting that is the killer. > When Visa is approved things can move quickly, you will have a confirmed enlistment date and will be given a service number, access to defence housing, and contacted by various people to arrange removals, flights etc. I think you could easily do it in 12 months, as long as you have no holdups at any stage. It all depends on when your husband puts in his notice, medicals and Visas have been the issues for most people who have had problems. Be prepared for a lot of waiting and checking emails every morning!! Hope this helps, I think everyone on here has had a different experience of the process and they change the way things are done quite often so some of what i've said might be a bit out of date.
  7. 10 Weeks today until we fly to Perth........Excited!!! Less than four weeks until the packers come, I have no idea what to do with the house, it's not like moving house normally when you can start to pack things away and take pictures down because someone is going to do it all, its a bit of a strange time tbh! Hopefully going to get some news on flights and stopover in the next week or so.
  8. Hi Andy, You are not the first this has happened to in the last few months, I am a Submariner (CPOET(WESM)) and a few others that I know of have been waiting on medical clearance and CoS and have had Emails to say they have no more vacancies. Couldn't say if it's the same for the surface world, but a friend of mine out there has told me it is a temporary pause as there are too many people in the pipeline for them to train. I think it will stop for a while and then start again later, couldn't say when though. It seems to be that the CoS is the cut-off stage, if you can get that far you are ok. Hopefully you might be able to have another crack in the future. Chris
  9. 73 days now, I can't wait, fed up with waiting!!! Removals are booked for the 10th July, which is only 4 weeks away, and then we'll be homeless and living with in-laws!!! We spoke to the contact at the HC last week, he said will be looking to start booking up our flights in a couple of weeks. Just got to find somewhere to live now, there is nothing at all on homefind, apparently a big shortage of houses in Perth area at the minute, which is a bit worrying.
  10. Hi Debbs, I called the High Commission in London about 2 weeks later about something else and they told me they could see them on the application with a date about 2 days after they had been completed, so ours were pretty quick. I don't think there is a way that you can check it yourself though, probably best to check with the HC. ​Chris
  11. Hi Debbs, I sent an Email back to my CO asking to clarify exactly what she required. She replied to ignore the skills assessment bit as that was for another Visa, it should read qualification and work experience. I sent; my CV, writeups for the last three years, a list of work references and a letter from my DO attesting to my good character and the JPA service certificate that they print out from the UPO. As well as my COS, labour agreement and all the standard bits. I wasn't sure if that was what she wanted but I got the Visa about 6 weeks later. Chris
  12. RCplus3

    New Passport

    Hi Guys, We've had our Visas issued last month but are not travelling to Perth until August, so i'm renewing two of my kids passports in the mean-time. I know i've got to send DIAC Form 929 but it doesn't make it clear who it goes to, is it your Case Officer or is it to the general enquires Email address or can you send it to the Visa section of the high commission in London? ​Thanks.
  13. My top tip for the Visa is to fill in and attach Form 80, it wasn't on the required list when I applied and I got asked for it right at the end, which delayed my application a bit. I would also attach as much as possible to the application, I put a lot on anyway and then got asked for even more by my Case Officer, I had a look at someone elses and they got approved with a lot less, so it seems to depend on your CO allocation. I think the more you attach the more likely you will get approval straight away, I could have saved myself about 6 weeks of waiting.
  14. RCplus3

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all,We had some good news today, VISA GRANTED!!!! Its been a long stressfull road but we got there in the end.For anyone interested we applied in August last year, non DRC under a Labour Agreement, heres how it went;Applied: 7th August 12Acknowledgement : Nov 12Medicals: Dec 12CO Assigned: Feb 13More info Requested: 1st Mar 13Approval: 16th Apr 13
  15. Hi all, Had some great news this morning, our Visa has been granted!! For anyone about to apply, ours has taken over 8 months and that was without any obvious problems!! I know some people have had it a lot quicker but I think its worth getting the Visa App in ASAP to avoid the stress that we have had.So we've now got four months to get ourselves ready to go!!Chris