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  1. I completely agree that the 457 visa is temporary and not an ideal one for families and it is subject to change. However in the current global economic climate not everyone has the luxury of waiting for PR or perhaps have been unemployed for so long they don't qualify or simply couldn't afford the process etc. Many of the 457 visa holders earn a very modest income and simply cannot afford this fee. There must be very stressed parents in WA at the moment who simply don't know what to do, go home or stick it out. I think the state govt were very irresponsible to announce this fee in the Budget without having ironed out all the details. My head understands the logic behind it but my heart goes out to anyone who has to find this money and the stress this must be causing.
  2. I was wondering the same! If I decided I wanted to go and visit my parents then I would. My husband wouldn't even dream of stopping me and wouldn't be able to anyway as he isn't in charge of me. I packed up a 4 bedroom house with a baby and a toddler while my husband was out here before me and it was no big deal.
  3. littlebluecar

    Melbourne vs Perth?

    Thanks for that. Thats interesting re house prices. For a decent area with decent schools in Perth you would be looking at around $600k for a house that needs work. I think its worth considering a move!
  4. littlebluecar

    Melbourne vs Perth?

    Thanks Petals. Should have said I have been before and did really like it.
  5. littlebluecar

    Melbourne vs Perth?

    Has anyone any experience of living in both Perth and Melbourne or anyone out there living in Melbourne. I'm trying to figure out if there is much of a difference in living costs. I am in Perth at the moment and considering a move to Melbourne, as a compromise to going back to UK! Any advice welcome!
  6. littlebluecar

    Major Decision to make!

    I dont think you will ever regret spending some time with your daughter but in years to come you may regret not spending time with her! She will really appreciate in years to come that you loved her enough to follow her here. Its only natural to have doubts and want to keep your old life. Nothing has to be forever and if you don't settle here as well as you would like you are very young and can easily return to the UK.
  7. littlebluecar

    Migrate to Canada or Australia??

    Have lived in both and Canada wins hands down for me. In Australia I really feel isolated from the rest of the world but in Canada you feel part of life! Obviously depends on which part you are in. Cannot believe how cold I was in the house here in winter. Hot water bottles and fleece pyjamas. In Canada I was always baking hot inside in winter.
  8. I think she is talking a lot of sense, especially about the teaching positions!
  9. littlebluecar

    Unable to fully comit to a proper decision

    What do you WANT to do? Where do you WANT to live? You will find positives and negatives in any country! I wouldnt worry too much about the baby picking up bugs in creche, seems to be par for the course with small children in day care. Have you seen how they put all the toys in their mouths and share them around! On paper from what you have written it seems you would be better off long term in the UK. I completely understand your concerns about skin cancer with two small children myself! Its wonderful to have the heat but not so much fun with little kids that need to be kept indoors from 10 til 4! I hope you can come to a decision soon!
  10. littlebluecar

    Whats 3 things you'll miss/wont miss about Australia

    Will miss: Automatic car, big car spaces(but plan to get a funky little hatchback so not really a big issue!), large pump bottles of shower gel/shampoo(will put quite a few into the container)! Wont miss: The heat & the sun (have two toddlers so leaving the house at all is a bloody nightmare), the crap morning television and crap television in general (give me Phil and Holly any day) & the 3 monthly rental inspections(cant wait to get my lovely house back!)
  11. littlebluecar

    I want to go home so much... Husband wont.

    I am so very pleased for you. I followed your original thread and it very much summed up how I feel myself. Can you please come back on here when you get home and keep us updated on how you are getting on? Best of luck!
  12. littlebluecar

    Removals back to the UK

    What kind of time frame were you given LojaChica? For the container to get from Oz to the UK?
  13. littlebluecar

    Anyone returned to Ireland?

    Thats not an ideal situation to find yourself in. I refused to come if DH found a FIFO job!! I would have been better off at home! They say it can take up to 2 years to settle but you sound like you know in your heart you dont want to be here. Best of luck with the move back, hope it works out for you.
  14. littlebluecar

    Anyone returned to Ireland?

    You are right to go back if you are that unhappy here. How long have you been here? Do you think you would have settled better had you been able to work?
  15. littlebluecar

    Anyone returned to Ireland?

    A friend of mine applied for a small mortgage recently, both in permanent full time jobs and they were refused, another girl I know just returned with her doctor husband and they were told by bank not a hope of getting a mortgage for a long time. I think there were only about 10000 mortgages given out in the last year. My DH works in construction and apparently a lot of people are working below cost just to get work. Its a ticking time bomb. With the child benefits cuts and increased taxes to come in next few weeks I wonder what it will be like for people in the new year. We are here in Oz and taking it step by step as I have work at home to go back to. It will be a difficult decision. I agree Oz is so expensive and I cant stomach the thoughts of trying to get on the property ladder here. What to do oh what to do!!!