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  1. BrownEyedGal

    Job market in Brisbane (healthcare)

    Hi Ozblueskies I am thinking with a similar view to yourself about moving to Brisbane. I'm currently working casual as hospital admin and know that the skills are transferable. I think Brisbane may a different lifestyle to Sydney. I actually want to enjoy doing things, not feeling so tired that I spend my free time at home. Yes, I would definitely value some insight form our PIO members. BEGal
  2. BrownEyedGal

    Australia; Always Carry A Stick.

    Love that Bobj Mr Adams reflections are certainly current and I found myself chuckling!! Although I don't carry a stick, I always have a can of flyspray at hand. But maybe a good stick would be better. BEGal
  3. I still cry at sad movies:(

  4. BrownEyedGal

    Opting out of the housing market

    That is actually really interesting. I'm travelling back to the UK in a few weeks and usually suffer really bad jet lag. So the melatonin tip is great - I'll look out for some tablets. Yes, I use vaseline, Vicks vapour rub - put that all over, especially my chest and arms as well as a really good moisturiser or the nappy rash cream, Bepanthen. My skin gets so dry on these long haul trips. I do eat most of the onboard meals but leave the snacks and alcohol out. May have to cut back on those. I don't eat anything on the stop-over, just drink water and do lots of walking around. Unfortunately I don't get use of the airport lounges:(
  5. BrownEyedGal

    Opting out of the housing market

    Ooh seriously that's awesome news..congratulations on the dream job. I probably would have gone for Finnish as I know a tiny bit of Hungarian and apparently the languages are linked..but yay EU citizenship will be a great outcome! So how do you manage your jet-lag?
  6. BrownEyedGal

    Opting out of the housing market

    Oh no BadgerLady! I am seriously going to miss your daily writings. I am in awe and envy of how you manage to achieve all of this. I've been looking into buying camper vans and seeing what jobs can I do..unfortunately nothing seems to marry up at the moment. What's happening in Finland? Do you speak/know any Finnish? Will you come over to the UK for a visit? Questions, questions.. I really hope you keep us updated. BEGal
  7. BrownEyedGal

    Opting out of the housing market

    Yep. Its the most annoying thing. I agree, I usually get, 'where do you come from?' or 'I meant, where do your parents come from?' as well as the 'where do you live?' I find it amusing at times, so I generally give a vague answer or the weirdest and strange response just to mix it up a little. Personally I find a person more interesting if they don't ask those questions, as it means that they don't need to 'pin' you anywhere on their mental map and come up with a stereotype in my opinion. I guessing you have travelled a fair bit with your dad as being a practical nomad seems to suit you? BEGal
  8. BrownEyedGal

    Opting out of the housing market

    Hi BadgerLady What make of campervan do you have - reading your daily updates, I imagine its fairly robust? I'm enjoying reading your posts. BEGal
  9. Thank you for the update McJim. I too am looking to move to Brissie in the future, so it's nice to see your outcome. Lets us know how you do in a few months time. Take care...BEGal
  10. BrownEyedGal

    Jobs for mature ( older) people

    Can't say it enough..CHILDCARE..if you can get the relevant paperwork/certificates together, you can look into running a family day care OR offering pick up and collect services for working parents, taking children to extracurricular activities - there's so much there that parents would like some help with. This is something I do, as well as working in the industry. I just love it. You can do volunteer work as Pom Queen said, and start networking your relevant skills. There are so many things that we are time poor with that to find someone who can help you move or pack or look after your pets..any of those things that you think, if only I could - hence airtasker etc. Happy hunting..BEGal
  11. BrownEyedGal

    Need advice, thinking of heading home

    Oh dear Emj, I'm sorry you feel this way. I feel you should try somewhere else. Although I have never lived in the Goldcoast area, I do know the heat and mozzies would drive me insane. Not knowing your line of work or your partner's - is there a chance you can transfer your role? Making Australian friends can be very difficult and for me even now I can't count any on one hand. However a majority of people I met and deal with everyday are nice and solid citizens. So far, I like where I am but recognise there are areas of Australian life I just don't get - I just put that in my 'too hard basket' and move on. Just from reading your post, I think you said it - that area is not for you, the country girl - try somewhere else. Get opinions from members on this site as to actual locations that may be more suitable and then make informed decisions. You can go home anytime and know you gave it your best shot. Wishing you the best.
  12. BrownEyedGal

    Opting out of the housing market

    Hi BadgerLady I'm really interested in your report. Its interesting your actions and the acceptance of a PO box too. How does that work for voting? I will look forward to your next report..BEGal
  13. I originally made a decision to travel here for a holiday in 2004. I tried every which way to get over here but at that time the restrictions were too hard. I fell in love with Perth and had a great time there. A couple of Australian boyfriends and several years later, I am here. I enjoy it and the lifestyle. I do miss home, (UK & Europe) badly, but I try to go back every year for 6 weeks to 3 months, except for this year as I am going to NZ. I don't see myself going back anytime soon but I won't be buying property here, I can buy something small in the UK, much more affordable
  14. Hi All Just wanted to yell from the rooftops that I passed my Citizenship test today, Monday 20 April 2015 at Sydney Immi. I had a little practice at the weekend and just before the interview, using the government and some of those free test sites, (if anything you become used to the format of the questions). I was lucky as I rang the Citizenship line to see if I could do it earlier and wow instead of a month wait, I did it today - pretty cool. So today, I sat in front of the nice man at counter 6, gave all my ID as per online application for my interview. Good thing I bought extra ID as he wanted more than was required, apparently more ID helps with the background processing. All paperwork done and off I went to the test room. Another gentleman signed me in and yes 42 seconds later, computer said "Congratulations...you passed ...100%". Involuntary scream of joy:) Collected my things from the locker, had another jovial chat to gentleman at counter 6 and off I went, out into this English style stormy weather. Once I get the all clear letter re police and background checks, I can wait up to 6 months to do my Citizenship ceremony. But the good thing is I can travel abroad once I get that clearance letter, so I'm pretty happy. It has been a long haul from my dream in 2004 of living here. My final step will be getting my Australian passport - so wait for the loudest scream ever when that happens...lol!! BEGal
  15. BrownEyedGal

    Bank account

    Hi Stacey When are you here and where will you be staying? BEGal
  16. BrownEyedGal

    Hooray - passed my Citizenship Test today

    UPDATE I received my letter this week to invite me for my Ceremony and Pledge, in less than two weeks at Lane Cove...yeehaa!!! Almost 6 months but very happy. BEGal
  17. BrownEyedGal

    'If I could turn back time."

    I would have stayed on to do my A levels and complete a teaching degree. I would also have worked harder at staying with my boyfriend, (my first love) at the time and having children. Oh and maybe have travelled sooner too. Scottish Stacy..I laughed so much at that!! BEGal
  18. BrownEyedGal

    Motor Vehicle Accident Sydney - Advice on Solicitors

    Thank you Bungo, Marisa, Pom Queen & Parley Thank god for these forums. I never imagined the day I would be ever involved in a car accident. So this is me walking or rather limping around in the dark for information. Yes I have seen those adverts and thought that I had to go to a solicitor so thanks Marisa for the link. I have many concerns at the moment but because I am paying for private treatment here in the UK, I am wondering if I can still claim, some or a portion? My Osteo will be providing me with a letter to state what's happened and I have one from my UK Dr. I am going to try walking in the swimming pool today and I have 'encouraged' myself to do lots of walking but only around my building or with family and friends. I feel so freaking fragile, and extremely anxious of so many things. I don't like these feelings and sometimes they take over and I end up just staying indoors. I never realised how fast people go! and I'm afraid they will knock me over. Like you PomQueen, I just want to be 'put right' - not interested in the money, only what it can provide for me medically and employment. I was due to work as soon as I arrived back home in Sydney, but no childcare centre will take me with my issues. So I've lost definite and potential work and we know without an income, life is hard.
  19. Hi All I'll keep this brief. I was knocked over as a pedestrian by a vehicle attempting an illegal u-turn. This was in Chatswood in July - several hours before I was due to fly to the UK. I am just asking for opinions and advice in undertaking a civil suit as the police state they have no further involvement as no bones were broken. Yeah right, my body and mind are in wreck mode and I have a hairline neck fracture. I can barely walk with the pain and am taking codeine by the handful. I'm seeing the Drs here in the UK, (and not having a good time of it I'm afraid) and am having private osteopath sessions. Some family reunion I'm having. I have the driver's details and he admitted guilt to the police officer. The officer stated that he will be given infringement notices - I don't know what these are and am assuming they are like charges? Any recommendations, help, advice would be appreciated for legal matters; but what would be even better is advice to help with the pain, I can't take codeine forever. Thanks everyone - I have kept this short. BEGal
  20. BrownEyedGal

    Motor Vehicle Accident Sydney - Advice on Solicitors

    Thank you Country Vic and Skani The information is much appreciated...BEGal
  21. BrownEyedGal


    Yep. Huntsmen etc are the usual suspects. Under slides, in sandboxes, in the sheds, on the walls, etc. But spiders aren't the only insects to be concerned with. A fascinating thing happened one day..the children noticed some weird insect flying, crawling up the wall. After calling out to them in a loud, (but not scared shitless voice), I got them to move away. Why are kids never scared of these things? Anyhow it turned out to be some kind of massive wasp carrying a 'dead' baby huntsman spider up and down the wall looking for the air brick. Yuck..it tried for ages to get the thing dragged down to its hidey hole in an air brick. But the spider wasn't dead, it had been paralysed by the wasp. My god those wasps are strong, it would not let it go and tried every which way to get it into a hole in the airbrick. Very determined as this went on for most of the morning. Fascinating but ugly. There is one child who will be the next David Attenborough - he loves all types of insects - I wish I was a brave as him...!
  22. BrownEyedGal

    Moving to Sydney with a young family

    If you live North Shore or Northern Beaches, then its an hour or more commute either by public transport or ferry. Areas are varied but Avalon, (which is Northern Beaches), or Manly. Upmarket and maybe a tad expensive - you have to think trade off for beach areas. Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Clovelly, DeeWhy - just some names for you to research. I'm sure others will give more info.
  23. BrownEyedGal


    Urgh..I am no fan of spiders. Just tonight for the first time ever, there were 2 - I think - baby huntsman right by my front door. They got sprayed, after I rushed in petrified. When you work in childcare, you are forever checking every piece of equipment for spiders, with the childrens help - cannot afford for a child to be bitten.
  24. BrownEyedGal

    Moving to Sydney with a young family

    Hi Gillybelle I think we will need more info to help you. Where in city is hubby working; does he want to travel by public transport or car? There a heaps of buses to city but if he works odd hours then buses may not be good I imagine. Parking in the city is the pits. Maryrose02 is pretty knowledgeable on areas - but I have a feeling if you want a good beach area, then there aren't many train stations. BEGal