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  1. Angekins

    190 processing times

    Congratulations cjenky and happy birthday! Wow, bet you're having a great celebration now!! Fingers crossed Pommie679 that your visa comes through soon x
  2. Angekins

    190 processing times

    Hi cjenky & Pommie679 I also applied on Feb 7th and had my 190 visa granted this week - happy days!! Full details below. Hopefully not too much longer for you guys to wait - I know what you mean about checking emails!!! Good luck and fingers crossed they'll come through soon xx
  3. Angekins

    Happy Days - 190 granted today!!

    As the title says, woke to an email today to say that my 190 visa had been granted, to say I'm happy is a major understatement!!! I have a trip planned for Dec/Jan to complete AHPRA registration, and now validate visa :biglaugh: Not sure when I'll be able to make the move, but as I turned 45 in April, I wanted, well, had to, get the visa sorted. At least I now know that I WILL be able to move!!! Good luck to those still going through the process, really was an amazing feeling to get that email!!
  4. Angekins

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    So happy to receive an invite from South Australia for a 190 visa on Wednesday, really thought time was against me! Have spent today scanning and uploading documents, tomorrow will face the dreaded form 80!! The dream is back on track :jiggy:
  5. Angekins

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Submitted an application to South Australia for sponsorship for a 190 visa......here's hoping they keep to their published timescales of 4 weeks AND that they invite me!! Time is rapidly running out before my birthday in April :eek:
  6. Angekins

    AHPRA & ANMAC processing times?

    Hi all, just to share my information; I applied to AHPRA at the beginning of Oct, received an email from them saying it was there on the 13th Oct and payment taken from my credit card on the 14th Oct. Haven't heard anything else since.....am waiting impatiently!! It'll be interesting to see what sort of timeframe we all end up with! Good luck everyone x
  7. Angekins

    QLD Updated QSOLs 8th October 2015

    Can't make points for 189 due to age. Need three years work experience for points, which I get in December this year, so not able to lodge EOI earlier. Also need to have AHPRA in place for Queensland, although that's now a moot point, which couldn't be applied for until my degree certificate came through...last month! Yes, I can apply for other States, but my first choice was Queensland.
  8. Queensland have updated their list of sponsored occupations and are now NOT including nurses under the 190 visa pathway and are only including nurses with 5yrs + experience under the 489 visa pathway......so that's my dream over for QLD then :arghh: Updated list available at: http://migration.qld.gov.au/qsols-effective-8-october-2015/
  9. Angekins

    telephone Interview tonight - MH Nurse

    Just wanted to wish you good luck, really hope it goes well for you x
  10. Angekins


    If I could go tonight, I'd be heading for the airport now!! But realistically not for another year or so. Was planning on going for the 489 visa with Queensland my preferred State, hence applying for AHPRA now as they need it in place before EOI. However, in Dec I'll have my 3 years nursing experience, so would ideally like to go for the 190 visa as fewer restrictions and PR straight off. But, and it's a big but, I turn 45 in April of 2016, so need to have been invited before that or it's all over.....decisions, decisions!!
  11. Angekins


    Congratulations on the AHPRA and I'm sure your ANMAC won't be much longer, as we applied at about the same time (still don't understand how mine came back so quickly, not that I'm complaining!) I'm still getting everything together for AHPRA, but a bit worried about having to present at the offices, no way I'll be out there before next year and a bit far for a weekend break! What happens if you don't "present" in time? Do you have to go through the whole process again or a modified version? Good luck with the next step in your journey, seems like its all coming together so far x
  12. Angekins

    ANMAC - Timescales

    Received my LOD today from ANMAC, a total of 4.5 weeks since they let me know they'd received all the paperwork. Didn't expect it to be so quick, but no complaints from me! Now onto the minefield of AHPRA...
  13. Angekins

    ANMAC - Timescales

    Can't help with ANMAC timescales, although I'm going to be interested to hear any responses, just wanted to let you know my experience of sending my documents over. I posted with royal mail internationally tracked service on Nov 7th '14 and the packet was only delivered on Dec 16th '14, when I asked at the PO how long it 'should' take I was told 8 working days!!! Next time I'll be using a courier service when I send documents over for AHPRA!
  14. Angekins

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Sent off my application to ANMAC for skills assessment, have everything crossed for a positive result! Now for the minefield that is AHPRA :wideeyed: