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  1. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    First thing to do is check the SOL and see if your skill is on the list, if it is then you need to find out if you have enough points to qualify for a visa - its all on this website http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/sol/#a Good Luck!
  2. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    P.S. - dont let me put you off! its the best move we ever made and worth every penny to get here.
  3. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    Hi Craig I think it was $2100 Australia Dollars, $600 for the first checks and then $1500 for the pratical. There is work about but not loads of it like we thought there would be and not the great money we thought we would get. It's proved a bit hard to get your foot in the door as they seem to favour local tradesmen over foreign ones because they have the local experience - so you have to persevere. But hubby did get work within 2 weeks of arriving and money is ok - not great - though now we're here a couple of months he has made contacts and is finding out about the better jobs - so we are optimistic that it will come good over the next few months. Some people have said its just the time of year and that there will be more work after Christmas? But who knows? There is certainly not an array of jobs to choose from as they always make out at the Ozzie Expo's! We're not going home though!! The quality of life here is fantastic and we're loving every minute of it!
  4. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    Hi Julie, so sorry I didn't see your post to be able to reply. Hope you got sorted in the end?
  5. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    VU are (or where for us) the worst company we have ever had to deal with.
  6. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    P.S. We are in Oz now and no-one has asked my hubby what qualifications he has or asked to see them! They go on previous work references only - in Melbourne anyway.
  7. chev010

    Carpenter technical interview with Vet Assess

    Hi, I'm afraid we had a terrible time with VU, we found them really unprofessional and totally disorganised. They kept making promises and then changed their minds about what they wanted from us. They told us we were ready for interview stage, took our money and then decided no we needed more evidence. They asked for written evidence, then photos then decided they weren't good enough that we needed video evidence. When we sent that they said we needed video evidence of EVERY single carpentry process on their list which is a ridiculous request as a carpenter can't have someone follow him round for weeks recording everything he does. Its not practical. I ended up loosing confidence in them and demanded my money back and then we filed with Vetasses instead. That went much smoother and my hubby had the practical exam rather than the interview so he didn't need all the photos and video evidence. That was last year so perhaps VU have got their act together now?? Keep on top of them and if you start to feel they are dragging their heels then don't hesitate to switch to Vetassess - I spent 9 months waiting for VU to offer us an interview before deciding to switch! Good luck!
  8. Thanks. We were in New York for 5 years and all of a sudden started to feel homesick so we moved back home. We stayed in England for 6 years and then decided we wanted more excitement so headed over here! You never know where life will take you, but its all an adventure! Good luck with the move home, .
  9. I'm sure you'll be really happy here - we love it! If you need any info before you come I'll be happy to do my best to find things out for you - just let me know. :biggrin:
  10. Hi, we love the area! I love the new and modern developents and the whole feel to the area, everyone is really pleasant and it feels like a home from home - just need to build up some friendships now and then we'll be really settled. Theres still a bit of building work going on but that doesnt bother me. Defo need a car though! Are you moving back to UK then? Did you not like Oz?
  11. Hi, we've just moved to Saltwater Coast in Point Cook and would love to meet up with other families in the area, for playdates, a coffee, or BBQ when the the weather picks up! We have a 4 yr old boy who goes to kindy 2 days a week and he really misses his little friends from UK so would love to help him make some new lasting friendships. We arrived from UK about a month ago so its still all quite new. :biggrin:
  12. chev010

    How to check internet in Point Cook

    Hi, we are moving to Saltwater this weekend, can I ask who your internet and phone provider is? I'm trying to set up the connections but haven't a clue who to use. Thanks!
  13. chev010

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Yeah!!! Got our visa grant yesterday and it still hasnt sunk in! Booking flights today for Melbourne so should be there this weekend - cant wait!!! Thanks to all the folks who answered our questions on this formum for the last year and a half!!:biglaugh:
  14. chev010

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Hi What happens when you get the pre grant notification email? Do they tell you when to leave or is it up to you and how many days do you have to leave for? Thanks!