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  1. Position available in Perth We are looking to employ an experienced engineer in a supervisory position Requires sound technical and fault finding skills, excellent admin and customer skills Usual benefits of working for a manufacturer, please pm me if you are interested Thanks
  2. We are seeking an experienced engineer to work as a sub contractor in our busy Perth workshop You will have a checkable work history as a domestic appliance or white goods engineer with a manufacturer or recognised service provider and have the ability to work to a consistently high standard. You must have a PR visa and be in Perth or due to arrive shortly For more information send me a private message
  3. rob dc

    Moving to Perth

    The usual 2 will find this soon and give you their well informed and completely unbiased views
  4. We are seeking an experienced White Goods Engineer to work as a sub contractor in our busy Perth workshop You must have a checkable work history with a manufacturer or recognised service provider You must have a PR visa and either be in WA or due to arrive in the near future You must have excellent diagnostic skills and be able to work to a consistently high standard For more info send me a private message
  5. Sorry message timed out - things are a little different here, he may need to apply for some licences depending on experience and where you are heading to. Some products are similar, some we sell here we do not sell in the European market, there are other things we have in the product line up that he will not have worked on. We are recruiting at the moment, a couple of other large companies have also been recruiting recently. I'm happy to answer any questions by email if you pm me an email address
  6. Hi send me a private messaging your partners experience and work history etc. and where you plan to head to, Let me have an email address and I will reply with what we are looking for at the moment. Depending on experience and
  7. rob dc

    Couriering work tools.

    I did this in 2012, tool case full of test meters etc. surprisingly best deal was Royal Mail, tool case weighed around 20-25 kg, found a cardboard box the case fitted in and taped it up, printed address label and customs dec and taped to the box. Took it to the post office and waved it goodbye. I paid for I think 5 or 7 days delivery and it arrived on time at my new office ( had to be signed for ) cost was around 140 GBP plus about another 30 for insurance. You can track on line until it is signed for in Aus. There was nothing to pay when it arrived here as it was all stuff I already owned
  8. We are seeking an experienced domestic appliance engineer to join our team in the Perth metro area This is a full time employed position with a well respected major company Company vehicle, fuel card, phone etc. supplied If you have experience in the domestic appliance industry and are interested send me a private message We may consider applications from a closely related field Thanks
  9. Experienced White goods engineer required for Perth metro area Full time employed position Vehicle, phone etc. provided PM me if interested
  10. rob dc

    Random but factual.

    Victor Meldrew's phone number is 4291
  11. rob dc

    Environmental Health Officers

    Where are you looking at going ? In WA you can register with a web site that lists EHO jobs for local authorities, these seem to cone up quite often though probably unlikely that you would be sponsored. If you have a visa it may be a lot easier, the EHO degree has not been on the WA university course list for a couple of years so no newly qualified people for a while, not sure if it is back on the list now
  12. It's on Paul, was 41 when I left work near the airport at 4.30 pm took the dogs out still hot in the hills
  13. rob dc

    Flying out to Perth January 2016!!

    Take some time to decide, explore everywhere. We thought we would end up near the sea, Butler and surrounds is quite dense living, any new build (as a lot of rentals are) will be on top of your neighbours, nothing wrong with that if that's your thing. We booked a holiday rental for 3 months before we left the UK, tried for a few north but could not find one empty for 3 months so ended up in the hills. Big blocks, lots of space, national parks and state forests, less populated. We bought 10 mins from our holiday rental, easy access to the city etc.
  14. rob dc

    Flying out to Perth January 2016!!

    Well, it will be hot, lovely time to get here. We've been here 3 and a bit years, love it where do you plan to settle ?