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  1. Hi So gutted but I cant make it on Thursday as I have something on in school. would have loved to have come and met some new people. Let me know when the next one is and as long as its not a thursday I should be ok. Hope you all have fun Helen x
  2. Hi Just wondering if there's another coffee get together planned? And if I can tag along? I have been in iluka for a month now and need to start meeting people and having some adult conversation ( have two children 6 and 4). Thanks Helen
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys. Have been and got little pillows for them today and have rethought the huge amount of things i was carrying to entertain them. I had never thought of travel sickness but off to pharmacist tomorrow for some advice... saw some travel bands today whilst out and about are these any good? thanks again - just good to know people have done it and survived!! One last thing is there ever any staff around at perth to help with luggage as going to have a lot and wil be dificult to manage with the little ones prob clinging to my legs by this point? Helen x
  4. Hi I am flying with Emirates to Perth in less than 2 weeks - how scary does that sound, still so much to do!!!!! I am flying with a 6 and a 4 year old on my own and just wondered what tips you had and what to pack in the suitcase and what to pack in the carry on?? Any essentials needed for the flight? Any top tips for entertaining the children? Any tips for the dubai changeover? Any tips would be appreciated. Going to rush off and do something as running out of time - arhhhhh!! Helen
  5. Hi Emily Thanks for the tip about jumpers and cardis - ive been imagining it being so hot the cases are packed with really summery things! Best have a little rethink i guess. space is at a real premium here especially as will have to manage luggage and children without hubby so trying not to take too much. Which is easier said than done once you start! Thankfully my and the children can't bear marmite - foul stuff - so not wasting any valuable case space on that! Fingers crossed for the plane journey - lots of good films for the little ones then? Well best be off as i still seem to have a list as long as my arm to do and its now the easter holidays too, so have 2 little helpers (not)! Would love to catch up when we get there, send me a pm with your details. Helen x
  6. Hi I am heading out in 2 weeks with children who are 6 and 4 - is that any good?? We are also looking NOR, my OH is out there ahead of us looking for somewhere to live. Would be good to have someone to meet up with as husband will be at work and not sure when I will get the youngest into Kindy ( i am confused with the starting dates). How are you getting on, any tips before I leave? Helen
  7. Hi Moving out in 2 weeks and have a place in year one for my 6 year old in school but am still confused as to when my 4 year old will start, his birthday is december if that helps anyone? Also if he does go to Kindy is it half days, two days etc? Are there any groups around to take my 4 year old too as we will miss our friends here and this would be a good way to meet people for all of us? We will be in the quinns rocks area (hopefully - husband is out there trying to find a house as we speak!). Finally daughter does ballet here just basic stuff are there any ballet classes or brownies around too. Thanks
  8. Hi I need some help please - other half has job lined up in Woodvale, so we are now trying to find a nice suburb with a really good primary school for our children 4 and 6. Schools are really important to us and we don't want to move them around lots so any advice would be really appreciated. Only so much research you can do online, really need advice from people over there! Thanks Helen x
  9. HG3


    Hi just wondering if anyone can help me? Things are starting to get real now and suddenly wondered if the children, or indeed us adults, need any extra vaccinations/immunisations to emigrate to Australia??? Thanks Helen
  10. HG3

    decluttering but very sentimental

    Oh this sounds so familiar - my OH and I are having this debate right now! He doesn't seem to understand why I want to keep all their first pictures etc in their treasure boxes. I have decided most of it will have to come with us, I'd rather get rid of other stuff that I could buy again than these irreplaceable things! OH rolls eyes LOL! I may have to conceed that he can throw away their birthday cards as I have kept all they have ever had!:wink: Helen
  11. We got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy: We got our visa today - am so excited! Off to buy something fizzy to put in the fridge for later! However the panic has set in already - so much to do, where are we going to live, what schools for the children?????? AHHHGGGG! Helen xxx
  12. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pleased for you!!!!
  13. BIG BIG BIG congratulations to everyone who has got their visa so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: Just an update on where we are...... Medicals finalised 15.9.11, PCC 16.9.11 and now we wait (not very patiently - relentlessly checking email and Diac site!) Will keep you all informed Helen
  14. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got case officer today!!!!:biggrin: Meds booked for this Friday at Manchester and PCC forms sent off. Helen x
  15. Name: HG3 Date of SMP application: Trade/profession: Dentist Visa type: WA SS 176 SS received: 17/08/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 25.8.11 Visa Filed: 19/08/2011 Co: Medicals: Booked 9.9.11 Police Checks: Visa Grant/Declined? Hi thought I should join too from the August thread! Have medicals booked but still no case officer (have massive case officer envy of some of you guys!!). Keeping fingers crossed here.......................! Helen