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  1. silencio

    RRV returning after 30 years

    You ask on a free and open forum for free advise from members here but obviously didn't the answer you wanted to hear. You seem not to believe how hard it actually is to get a RRV after such a long time. By the way, it doesn't matter how many family members you count who are already Australian citizens living in Australia - your mums and sister have no 'right of way'. You would definitively need professional advise as it's especially hard to reason why your elderly mum suddenly wants to come to Australia. The last thing the Australian Government wants are older people who might become a burden to their health system and they want migrants who contribute with certain skill sets.
  2. I'm afraid it's not the role of the Immigration Office/Authority to guide you on your journey to citizenship. You either have to figure out your personal eligibility by yourself or employ a registered migration agent (they get paid to give migrants professional advise and have a good knowledge). I can't see why your short 1 year wait would derail your life here taking into account that Permanent Residents have almost all the same rights like Australian citizens. Or do you want to work for the Government your are bashing in your post? Would be hypocritical taking into account you left Australia for more than 1 year on a Student visa and are only living here for 3 years in a raw as a PR. You have to wait 4 years like anybody else and please stop blaming others/authorities when it's clearly your own misinterpretation of the law.
  3. silencio

    Contributory parent visa

    There is one thing missing in your questionary. Are your parents meeting the family balance test? https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/contributory-aged-parent-864/balance-of-family-test So you are either an only child or at least 50% of your siblings are residing in Australia? This is the make or break of any permanent Australian parent visas.
  4. silencio

    Where do you draw the line? Anyone In a similar boat?

    If money is an issue one of my friends took on a 2nd job for a certain period of time to fit in her 6 weeks partly unpaid leave to cover for the costs here in Australia and back home.
  5. silencio

    Where do you draw the line? Anyone In a similar boat?

    We have saved up very hard and used unpaid leave (partly) last year as haven't back for 5 years and wanted to stay for at least 4 weeks with our families to make up for all those years. We also wanted to see more from Australia which we did because this is such a vast and beautiful country. Speak to your employer and ask for unpaid leave as many understand the 'special' needs of immigrants mainly because they come from migrant families, too. Our parents were healthy but you never know what life throws at you, it could be a sudden accident etc. A guilty conscience is not helpful as a migrant, try to make up the missed time with Skype, phone calls, WhatsApp etc.
  6. silencio

    Another visa overstayer

    Many people want to migrate to Australia and cannot get a visa because they don't qualify. To allow that woman to stay would be unfair. She already got the rare privilege to secure a 5-year-visa from the former Immigration Minister so she could care for her parents - though Australia already had a sophisticated progam of 'in home care' for her parents in place where Home Support Workers would be paid carers paid from the Aged Care Progam of Commonwealth Australia. Anyway, that a 55 year old woman who stayed 45 years of her entire life n Britain and came here 10 years ago claims she doesn't know anybody in the UK any longer is just ridiculous and only wants to arouse pity. I'm here more than 6 years and are still in contact with my best mates in my home country. Maybe the next step would be to claim that she doesn't speak the language anymore and only understands Australian English *sarcasm off*. Her parents wanted to migrate to the other side of the world and why should adult children feel obliged to care for them like others mentioned before. If possible it would open the flood gates for sure.
  7. silencio

    Grandfather to be Deported After 30 years

    That man seemed to be heavily involved in criminal activities over decades and cruelty again animals - a no-go! Rehabilitation didn't work for him as he continued in drug trafficking instead of learning something out of being sent to jail and pick up a decent job afterwards to may become a positive role model for his grand kids. Deport him as he still has the luxury of being sent back to a Western country/island, actually a famous holiday destination where everyone speaks English very well. Personally I don't want such a grandpa around my kids.
  8. silencio

    Does Traffic offense effects citizenship??

    Has your case gone to court? I would assume yes due to the seriousness with driving without the L plate. Then immi knows anyway and you have to declare it. You have to sign in the citizenship app if you have ever a court case filed against you.
  9. silencio

    Can I get sponsored by family and government?

    This is wrong as most states/territories apply school fees to temporary visa holders. My home state SA for example introduced school fees for temporary visa holders children attending public schools this year when you earn 59,000 AUD +.
  10. silencio

    Can I get sponsored by family and government?

    If you get approval to buy a house in the first instance as the Government doesn't allow this without permisson
  11. silencio

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    This is not the point and only used as an example. The point is that people married to an Australian citizen AND with children and/or grandchildren can get their visa cancelled or refused. The reasons are quite irrelevant as this emotional media story was about a family facing separation due to one member of the nuclear family getting the visa cancelled/refused. By the way, the man is still here without a visa as he didn't flew out to India. There is another similar story where a couple (he's Australian, she was Italian on a temporary visa but working in a full-time job) married in Australia where the spouse visa was not granted and the woman ended with being forced to leave the country as she hasn't got a visa anymore due to the fact that he had sponsored another woman a 2 years before. Though he broke up with that woman before he met the new one DIAC still refused the spouse visa for the new genuine relationship due to technical grounds as people can't get partners sponsored too often in a certain time frame. There are so many pitfalls and risks.
  12. silencio

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    Married to a Australian spouse doesn't mean you are more privileged or getting away with everything. Immi had people deported who are married to an Australian citizen due to all criminal records and other breaches. Most of them had children or grandchildren here . Marrying Australians is not a protection shield and obviously to a marriage belong 2 people so his wife mixed it up as well
  13. silencio

    Can I get sponsored by family and government?

    There is no automatic PR as process for 887 can take a long time and no medicare access, not able to buy a house, in many states school fees for children apply, no support for children etc. The negative aspects on a temporary 489 far outweigh the waiting time for a PR taking into consideration the changes for citizenship which may come into affect in 2018 (longer waiting times)
  14. silencio

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    Quote: You’ve got people who are untrained in determining whether someone is in a genuine relationship making a decision on whether someone is in a genuine relationship,” he said. Untrained people as claimed here - who often are parents themselves - would rather let the dad stay than cancelling the visa. Simply claiming that untrained staff of DIAC doesn't help as it makes it a even emotional story. Bad news sell better for the media anyway and just sweeping the relevant decision making and significant facts in this case under the carpet. Well, if the Federal Court AND Tribunal came to the conclusion that this is not a genuine relationship then this couple must have screwed it up. I also agree with the Centrelink story. Some people seem to not take into consideration that any action will cause consequences. And to put that poor little boy into the centre of that saga is not fair. Why can't the father apply for PR himself? He was here as a student long enough to obtain a degree. What about his work experience after University? Assuming he gained a degree, who knows... I also agree they can live together anywhere together as a family - besides Australia so no need to separate and shift the blame to Immigration when even the courts + Tribunal came to the same conclusion.