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  1. Hi everyone Me and my partner looking to move over sometime soon, i was wondering if there many jobs available i have level 3 in business and one in sport and going to do a degree in sport and business. My partner has level 3 in art n design and doing same in degree? Want to see if it be worth us moving there thanks
  2. moko2011

    sport jobs in oz

    Hi everyone i am going to be looking into going oz once ive my degree done and a bit of experience, i am doing a joint honours of sport and business was wondering if there was any jobs for sport out there? and were? also my partner does art and is there any jobs out there for that? thank you :wink:
  3. moko2011


    Is that mechanical/electrical engineering? thats sounds gr8 working helicopters, hope you enjoy it over tere i have a friend who lives in ayr just outside townsville so be gr8 if we could go too but be few yrs yet to get the right experience they all want.
  4. moko2011


    well i hope u enjoy shinner im sure she will answer soon bet she having lots of fun with new mates.. if you dont mind me asking what will u be working as in the airport? cheers and congrats on the move.
  5. moko2011


    http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/4790_2900.htm this website link above is letting you know about the hendra virus, watch ur animals especially horses if u know anyone with one.
  6. moko2011


    surf brit will be flyin now still hope everything go gr8 and let us all know what goes on as were thinking of moving to townsville, cheers
  7. moko2011

    Work for us in australia is a worry!!!!

    I am looking to move to australia with my partner, im training in national dipolma in sport studies and doing sport massage, i also hold a football coaching level 1 badge. my partner is doing a level 2 and going to do a level 3 in electrical engineering. We dont have much experience in the areas but we dont know what visa to go on as are skills arent on the demand list. We are looking to go to queensland around the townsville area anyone have any ideas thanks
  8. moko2011

    Passed blood tests first time!

    Hi do all dogs need the blood tests? who does them? sorry no nt thing abt the dog info before going
  9. moko2011

    They have gone

    Hi hugotheboss was wondering what company you used to go in and visit the dog as we going to be to far away from the kennels to visit are dog, going to kill me as i havent even had a holiday without her.thanks:unsure:
  10. moko2011

    Townsville Calling

    Hi me and my partner looking to move to ayr nt far from townsville,is it easy enough to get rented property and jobs well at minute im waiting on email to see if my partners friends company going to take me on through a sponsored visa
  11. moko2011

    Help.. Which Visa?

    175 :- that a independent migirant visa, 176 :- that a sponsored skiled visa, unless you have a company going to sponsor u then ur better for with the 175 but they are both on the skilled list.
  12. http://www.thehomepage.com.au/Rental/townsville?gclid=CIOX3PzknaoCFYUY4Qod-iy_5g http://www.townsvillepropertycentre.com.au/property_details.php?searchtype=resrent&pid=1851538 http://www.raywhite.com/qld/ayr these are some rentals in queensland
  13. :biggrin: Hi all just wanted to ask if anyone in or near AYR near townsville, as we have friends there and there trying to help us with sponsorship with burkedin community to go live there www.bflexi.com. Anyways if anyone could let us know what they think of the place and if they have had any problems with anything. thanks all :jiggy:
  14. moko2011

    Is this a good idea.

    Hi me and my partner are looking to move to qld bt we were looking at doing a temp yr visa first then getting a job and seen abt sponsorship that way?? is it a gd idea?
  15. moko2011


    Hi we are looking to move to australia but we are going ayr as my partners friend lives there,what is the situation with jobs, i can do admin and bar work??