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  1. Hi, the CWA is great - I also suggest joining a choir if you can hold a note ( I’ve made lots of good friends and acquaintances this way and enjoyed a recent choir tour to New Zealand) - and also looking up the U3A in your area - so many interesting classes and activities.There are also Lions, Rotary and Probus clubs in a lot of areas, where you can meet people and help out in your new community. Lots to do once you’ve found your niche. Enjoy!
  2. I wholeheartedly endorse what you're saying about the social life! When you go looking, there is plenty out there to do - and the bonus is, it's mostly done in sunshine.
  3. I can so identify with the anxiety emanating from you patiently ( and at times impatiently!) waiting applicants on the page and all I can say is to hang in there, one day you will get the shock of your life when the email granting your visa pops up on your screen and all then will be worth it. I have been in Victoria since Nov 2013 with my daughter and family and have no regrets.
  4. Oh my God, Moira, that is awful! They haven't got a clue, have they! I am not surprised that you had so much damage - it must have been a terrible shock for you. Thank you for giving me the heads up, I appreciate it - I won't go near them! Hope that you are over the experience and are enjoying life in Australia.
  5. Hi, I live in Clare and am very close to getting my Parental visa. I expect to be moving in the Autumn, please God. Can anyone please share recommendations, tips, warnings with regard to shipping firms, costs etc. I would be so grateful ...nothing like experience to ease the way! Here's hoping and thanks!:smile:
  6. And pass on any advice, experiences, 'don't for heaven's sakes' comments. Many thanks in anticipation!!!
  7. Am so grateful for your responses, guys! Now i have to start the long slog...but you have given me great hope.:biggrin:
  8. Hello, just found you and very grateful for it! Am about to apply for a Contributory parental visa and have found to my horror that I have been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Has anyone any experience please of this in the application process? Is it going to prevent me from being given a visa? I have read the official blurb and it is very 'woolly'. In all other aspects my health is good, but this is a bit of a blow. Many thanks in anticipation!