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  1. laurajanette

    New to the Baulkham Hills area!!

    Great c u then.
  2. laurajanette

    New to the Baulkham Hills area!!

    Hi W8ENN. Are we still ok to meet at the RSL on Friday night. We probably won't be able to make it much before 7. Is that ok? I spoke with Claire last week and she can make it. Look forward to hearing from you.
  3. laurajanette

    New to the Baulkham Hills area!!

    Hi guys Just checking to see if you are sill free to meet tomorrow night at the RSL club? Or we could do another time if it does not suit? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Laura
  4. laurajanette

    New to the Baulkham Hills area!!

    Hi Thanks so much for getting in touch. Would either of you fancy meeting maybe next Friday night somewhere, probably earlier on, due to the kids? Not really sure where to go as we're still trying to find our bearings!!! But I see the RSL seems very popular. Or we could just meet for coffee at some point. I am generally off on Fridays and over the weekend, if that suits? Look forward to hearing from you soon.
  5. Hi My husband and I and 2 young children, aged 5 & 3 have recently moved from Scotland to the Baulkham Hills area of Sydney. We would love to meet new people within the hills area. If anybody is interested in meeting up, please get in touch. Thanks Laura
  6. Hi there My husband and I and 2 children aged 5 and 3 have just recently moved to the Baulkham Hills area and would love to meet some new people.
  7. laurajanette

    Short term accommodation

    Hi,My family and I are heading over to Perth on Thursday and are staying with friends for a few nights but we are looking for a short term rental or suggestions for a half decent chalet or caravan park to stay for a couple of weeks to give us a chance to look at suburbs etc before taking a long term rental. Any advice would be appreciated :biggrin: Thanks
  8. Hi, we head out in a weeks time to Sydney first for a two week holiday and then over to Perth to set up our new life, whoop whoop, but are unsure what is the best potion for travel insurance until we are registered with Medicare and have health insurance in place. We've looked at a few options but there is not a lot of feedback available for the specific companies that do emigration insurance, we've looked at DU insure and Direct Travel Insurance and wondered if anybody had any advice on their experiences?Thanks
  9. laurajanette

    Rental tax

    Hi My family and I are coming to Australia on a 189 visa and we are renting our uk property. We have completed our application to not pay tax in the uk but do we have to pay tax in Australia? Based on our calculations we won't make a profit on renting and the mony and it'll stay in the uk to pay for the mortgage. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. laurajanette

    Banks and money transfers

    Hi all i've a question regarding opening a bank account and the requirement for a money transfer company. From reading other posts a NAB account seems popular and many mention Moneycorp to transfer the money. Do you need a company like Moneycorp or are there specific reasons why people use them? Thanks
  11. laurajanette

    HELP! Advice needed for AHPRA CV!

    Hi everyone I have just received my 189 visa this week and am about to send off all my Ahpra stuff to the Perth office. We are planning on being in Perth around the end of May. My question is, do you think my registration will be through in time so I can start working in June? I am planning on joining an agency initially until we get sorted? I am a bit concerned I've left things a bit late, and reading all the post about Ahpra, the whole process seems to be a bit of a nightmare!hope someone can reassure me! Thanks Laura
  12. laurajanette

    Visa Granted

    Hi Everyone After 3 long years with many ups and downs our 189 visa has been granted.!! I actually can't believe it, we are in total shock! Just about to open that bottle of champagne and celebrate. Ielts April 2012 Skills assessment September 2012 EOI November 2012 Visa lodged 10/12/12 visa granted 5/3/13 Good luck everyone. :biglaugh:
  13. laurajanette

    Anyone applied for 189 in December or January got a co yet?

    Good luck. Hopefully it won't be long!!!
  14. laurajanette

    Anyone applied for 189 in December or January got a co yet?

    Moving to Perth, hopefully in May. What about you? Have you done your medicals and police checks yet?